Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

There’s an old saying that many of Judeo-Christian heritage know. Sometimes you have to “Rob Peter to pay Paul”, in reference to two of Jesus’s disciples. Its basic meaning is simple, in order to maintain, one has to manage ones resources in a way that results in some things being left undone. It is a vicious cycle that far too many are caught up in these days which causes stress of the type that is pervasive and seemingly pernicious.

Given the state of the world economy and the national economies across the world, the difficulty of finding employment at a level necessary to sustain a family, it seems that the old feudalism of the dark ages has returned to the world. The gap between the rich and the poor continues to rise and, despite the many technological advancements made in the last century, the plight of the human family has seemed to worsen in many ways rather than improve.

Advances in travel, in conveniences, in health have all resulted in longer lives in general for certain populations in countries around the world. And yet, at a certain level of  aggregation, it seems clear that the great masses of humanity remain mired in the issues that affected our forefathers and mothers and their forefathers and mothers before them. The political systems that currently constrain human potentiality mirror ancient standards if not in name than in effect and the Elite of the world continue to prey upon their subjects in as predatory and ruthless a manner as ever.

The manifestation of these truisms in the lives of everyday people are in the provision of bread and circuses for the serfs, of meaningless entertainment and the quelling of the base desires and wants in the attempt to keep the populace sated and relatively content beneath the jackbooted heels of those that control. It is the ancient way, and the result is lives of limited possibility and achievement, for far too many.

Having to concentrate primarily upon the basic  needs of life precludes searching the higher planes for answers that speak to the spirit, the soul. Being stressed by the daily grind results in a yearning for higher meaning that, often, is satiated by institutions that siphon off that energy for their own purposes, which are often counter to those of the supplicants themselves.

We are left praying, begging God to save us from this world, knowing that at some level, this is not the way things must be, but is the way they have been since time immemorial. The human condition, one of pain and heartache, suffering and sadness, interspersed with intervals of joy and peace, is oceanic and shared by all. For all the world, desire leads to suffering, which produces strain upon the body, which in turn leads to shortened life-spans.

Living with this low-level stress constantly results in health problems which can contribute to larger problems like diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Figuring out how to live in this modern world with all of the travails of the Working Poor requires us each to determine what is truly important in life. In order to deal with this constant stress, a conscious decision has to be made not to worry, not to let the problems that beset you take over your thoughts and cause you to respond negatively.

Difficult to do, but necessary. Living according to the scriptures and “Letting go and letting God” releases stress from the body as one lives in the Now moment, letting things come and go, releasing the outcome to Divine Will and fate.



  1. “From what has been illuminated to me the fate of the planet, as well as the species of mankind lies primarily in the hands of those who exercise the will to act. Whether actions produced from selfish gain or material control and dominance, or actions produced from united awareness, wisdom and love, it will reflect significantly on the end result.
    God allows all things. Destruction as well as life.
    Intellectual civilizations elsewhere in the cosmos have fallen, planets stripped bare of natural resources and nutritional elements for life. Species who have become dependant of neighbouring species who have waited till such circumstances arose to manipulate whole races into servitude in exchange for food, water and technology. Portraying themselves as saviours yet with just the same discrete motives for control as has existed for billions of years. So too are much the same eyes being cast upon Earth and its inhabitants.
    If humanity does not step up to the responsibility of nurturing planet Earth back to health and stop annihilating its rich resources then others from elsewhere will take it from you by orchestrated persuasion. In which case humanity will forfeit its future placement of becoming a respected leader in the cosmic trade circuit. Humanity will simply become a worker hybrid race harvesting for more advanced and established settlers and traders. Such traders, who hold planet Earth in such great esteem will not stand idly by and allow humanity to destroy something which has taken so long to be created. So the likely forthcoming future is either one of sub-racial servitude, or one of great change in human consciousness, where humanity fulfils its promise and potential to unite in love, wisdom and reinforced action.

    The Earth itself will continue to exist, in its current state for millions of more years. During that time it will go through many different cycles and shifts which will change the surface landscape, oxygen composition and water displacement. Sea levels will continue to rise and fall. Some land masses which are now populated will fall into the ocean and other land masses will rise again. Weather will continue to undergo different cycles and display mutating conditions. Many species of fish, animal and bird will become extinct causing a chain reaction across the globe. Remaining life will be forced to adapt to new diets and environmental changes, which will alter states of behaviourisms and instincts. Inter-species mating will increase. New species will spawn.

    Planet Earth is not the only planet that is home to human beings. In comparison, Earth is relatively young to other habitats where other human exist.
    As humans on Earth evolve, their biological features will adapt to the changing environments which have come about due to their own actions. So cells will mutate to accommodate changes in air, water and diet. As well as changes in surface temperature. It will also develop new cell structures that have greater capacity to send and receive information on more levels, or frequencies, than they currently do.

    Earth is a very beautiful planet, from any perspective. People simply need to acknowledge this beauty and allow it to become part of their lives. People need to reconnect with the spirit of the planet and rediscover what is most important in physical life. To awaken the awareness within their cellular memory of the deeper sentient connection between man and nature. To look beyond their mundane miniscule self orientated lifestyles and invest their hearts and souls into harmonious conscious living. People need to wake up from their deep sleep and start living the life they aspired to create for themselves all so long ago. Then, and only then, will the brothers and sisters of humankind extend their will and love to planet Earth.

    Both humankind, and outside races have had a hand in the orchestration of human DNA. Once the ‘Gods’ from above did so to safeguard their status of power and control. To limit the amount of energy spectrum receptivity the biological organism could process, preventing humanity from developing higher spiritual functionality and multi-dimensional capacity. Yet developing it in other areas to allow development of the biological brain and other functions which would allow it to adapt to and dominate the surface environment. Yet more docile and less aggressive.
    Once the Gods had left, in a manner of speaking, certain groups of humankind took it upon themselves to attempt to replicate genetic modification. Horrific mutations occurred and hybrid creatures were born to live but short lives.
    There are, as we speak, beings of alien origin upon and below the surface of the Earth. There are beings who exist deep below the ocean surface in various locations around the globe. There are beings who exist underground in various continents. There are beings who exist right under your nose, yet are able to bend light in such a way as to appear invisible. They are not, as such, all conspiring and plotting against humanity, but rather acting independently from one another within their own intentions and factions.
    Whether or not humanity still walks in servitude for another race is purely dependant of perspective and perception. Some facts draw some convincing evidence for one side and some for the other. There is simply so much information and so much which is taking place. So much which changes from one potential to another. The question which must be asked on an individual mind, is what is it ‘I’ choose to believe? What is it I choose to accept? What do I choose my own destiny to be?

    There are many different races which are both observing as well as interacting upon planet Earth. While there are those who remain hidden, and who observe the spiritual awakening from a passive position, most of the others are races seeking to expand their trading routes and resource stockpiles. These have little interest in human beings themselves, despite what some people think, and their intentions are focused upon the resources which Earth has in abundance. These are water, elements , botanical and biological resources and energy. Rather than see these resources destroyed by human beings, these beings will do just about anything to protect the potential these resources pose. This will either come about through unseen intervention or cooperation and planetary trade. Human beings will never see interstellar war upon the planet from an invading race since such races understand that much would be lost through such a course of action. It is within their capacity and with little resistance they can still get whatever it is they want working behind the scenes.
    This is not to say then that humanity is fated to some servitude relationship for some interstellar race. That line of thinking does nothing in your favour. If it is that humanity can demonstrate their ability to act on their responsibility to coordinate themselves in a harmonic peaceful way to benefit all life, in all forms, and harvest their own world in a way which is both respectful and self-replenishing, then other races will be persuaded to adopt less clandestine activity for an up-front interstellar trading agreement. Humanity should seek wise council to this effect for entering into such trade agreements has, in the past, led to subservient situations between other races elsewhere. Humanity needs to quickly enforce and impose their own rights of will and governance of Earths resources as a singular race, instead of fractured nations, and forge a self-governing system that makes you become independent and free from corruption and dependency. If humanity becomes dependant on outside assistance then there will soon follow loss of much liberties and diplomatic leverage.

    As to your reference of God, and what God can and cannot do, that would depend on your interpretation of what God is to you, and how God is experienced in your reality.
    If, as I have said, that which God is allows destruction as well as life, then there would be no intention of intervention on the part of God to initiate either. To suggest that God would choose one thing over another implies that God has an ego similar to man, therefore is prone to flaw, similar to man. This philosophical view of God is then flawed. It is the process of certain universal laws, which animate the current universe which produces life, and thus takes it. Do not limit that which God is to the mere foundations of law of a singular universe. Should it be that one planet, or one race be extinguished in physical state, then this is a result of universal law in motion, not the result of a personified God figure choosing one thing over another. This is why humanity must accept full responsibility for its fate.

    There are many names for these laws, in many languages and cultures. Some say there are 7, some say there are 12, others perhaps more. The real number is around 52 in essence, which are revealed through the process of awareness. They correspond to one another and work in harmony with each other.
    Here are 10 of them which you will relate yourself to in some way.
    The law of attraction. The law of vibration. The law of connectivity (or Oneness). The law of manifestation (expression). The law of cause and effect. The law of equilibrium. The law of free will. The law of polarity. The law of change (motion). The law of proximity.
    There are subsequently sub-laws which extend from these, such as the law of sequence which is experienced via the law of change. Such laws are experienced differently depending on relative awareness within those laws and your ability to bend yourself around them. Yes, some may say you cannot bend universal laws. Yet such laws operate differently depending on what frequency you exist within. Currently humanity is significantly influenced by these laws because of the frequency they occupy.

    Power, control and greed flourish far beyond this solar system. Where there is a shortage of something and an abundance of it, there will always be manipulation involved. This stems from survival and preservation instincts of biological organisms on many planets, and amplified by fear, belief and self-importance. Because such instincts are commonly produced in life forms it is common sense to conclude other races experience the same disharmonious behaviours in their societies, and subsequently have both ‘good’ eggs and ‘bad’ eggs, or as the case apparently is, fractured groups.

    The universal laws have often been interpreted as ‘Gods will’ by tribes all over the world. What they really saw was a force in effect which was greater than their own ability to create themselves. Yet this is not the will of God in effect, but merely the energy matrix program functioning by itself as it was set up to do. Humanity can either bow and become subservient to the laws of the known universe, or they can ascend their frequency state and learn to bend themselves in such a way as to manipulate such laws to their own whim.”


    1. Thanks for sharing this, Bob. This corresponds to things I am aware of but are beyond the scope of this particular post, which is directed toward an audience concerned with the needs of the moment, and living a spiritual life despite the prevalence of worries and stress caused by the daily grind.

      On my phone, the msg sent by email with your response, there seemed to be more content following what is currently here and that I wanted to respond to, but it seems to have disappeared.

      Good to see you, hope all is well with you and yours!

  2. Greetings Dear Brother! I checked on my computer, and the whole message does appear — an astute analysis by a seer named Sparrow, which seemed quite relevant to your consideration. In any case, much blessing to you, and deep bows for your continued efforts to raise consciousness!

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