The Seventh Sense

There are the five normative sense of the kinetic, aural, oral, olfactory and optometric natures. There is the sixth sense of intuition and ability. And there is a new, seventh sense. The cybernetic.

People are becoming more integrated with machinery every day. From pacemakers and bionic limbs to wearable computers and miniature microchips the human body is becoming more and more a repository of silicon augmentation as technology continues to leap into the future.

While most people’s connection to this increasingly sophisticated technological reality is generally accessed through their communications devices the integration of cell phone and computer technology into daily life has become so ubiquitous as to be generally unremarked upon.

There are the obvious questions of safety as electromagnetic energy of a foreign nature interacts with the natural fields of the body, as we are immersed within the artificially induced batteries and structures of our devices combined with the communications signals in the form of wi-fi, the microwaves and other anthropogenically-produced waves that continuously bathe the planet. This, in addition to the increased output of solar and cosmic sources bombarding the planet and its population, all to undeterminable effect.

One result of this comingling of energetic sources and increased availability of information to a large proportion of the human population is this coalescence of a form of planet-wide consciousness, comprised of the cultural and technical contributions of every level of institutional, interpersonal and personal organization created by the collective human corpus. It is the sum total of knowledge, wisdom and understanding available to every single person able to afford access either temporarily or permanently to a terminal designed to permit access into the temple.

Prerequisites to this access include a minimum level of education and technical ability taken for granted by most who are raised within a cultural milieu whereby access is taken to be a given and instruction upon its usages and deployment are taught from the earliest ages on. The parameters of the construct engage the creative, the mundane and the byzantine natures of a diverse human population all consciously involved in the co-creation and continuing accumulation of all potential aspects of human experience and perception; of institutional and cultural contributions that provide order, of executive, commercial and judiciary formats that provide law, of recreational and entertainment modalities that provide peace.

This seventh sense provides those denizens of this technological world with instant access to each other, to their immediate and distant geographic and virtual environs, to knowledge bases that bring information readily to hand. It is immediate in that the continuous input provide by each unit in the form of cell phone communications and computer entries constantly changes, morphs. Cultural memes collide with semi-permeable institutional barriers creating a constant intermingling of proprietary magnetic impulses that congeal domains of consciousness which inexorably pull related units and collectives into their dynamic yet stable orbits.

For those units – we purveyors of this seventh, cybernetic sense – bereft of this ability a sense of loss and bereavement ensues. Doctors have documented actual, physical withdrawal symptoms in those whose access to their cell phones and/or computers has been lost for periods of time. Without access to the Net, modern social consciousness as expressed at the individual level withers away to nothingness until that access is regained. The seventh sense is lost, access to the temple, revoked.

Everything that churches used to stand for is now within the purview and domain of the Net. Community, entertainment, information, wisdom. People worship at the temple of Verizon, the cult of Apple, the church of Microsoft. Online connections to family, friends and relations at a distance reinforce the sense of active and living virtual reality, of transcendent community that transcends current situation in place and space. The artifacts, mentifacts and sociofacts also transcend time, as those passed from this plane of existence during the developmental phase of the cybernetic sense remain eternally entombed within their own self-envisioned and unique monuments etched in digital stone in the form of personal webpages and social networks; virtual records forever available and accessible to all bereaved.

The Singularity, as heralded by Transhumanists and Technologists the world across, will result in the development of an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that will radically shift human consciousness, further solidifying the pervasivity of the seventh, cybernetic consciousness, of which all individual units engaged within the Net will be active and participatory components. At that point, the worship of technology will have achieved its Final Aim, the recreation of God in human image.

The seventh sense is an artificial sense. It can augment but it cannot replace the five normative senses nor the supernal sixth sense, the combination of which produces our perceived interpretation of the world. A holographic construct within the greater holographic of our lived, material reality, circumscribing consciousness upon a seemingly unlimited and introverted reflection of the planet within, inscribed and described within.

According to the ancient wisdom of the scribe Hermes Trismegistus as written on the Emerald Tablet and relayed through the Kybalion, the Seven Hermetic Principles govern creation and the material world. In this case, the principles of Correspondence and Mentalism are apropos. As above, so below and all is mind.

Engagement of the seventh sense, therefore, should be treated respectfully and even gingerly, with full awareness of the dangers involved in being entrapped mentally within the greater cultural constructs of society to the detriment of individual self-empowerment and development. Time away from the computer, without the cellphone are mandatory curatives to the travails of addiction to any and all things beyond that required to sustain and maintain life and a sense of inner peace.

Balance, in all things exemplifies the principles of Rhythm, Polarity and Vibration, wherein everything moves, all opposition meets in the middle of the pendulum swing where all polarities coincide and become recognizable as different aspects of the same thing. Extreme modalities of perception in the form of paradoxes boggle in the face of lived experience and common understanding with the realization that creation unbound is the manifestation of the Divine Mind and the seventh, cybernetic sense – as developed and cultivated in the modern era – is the human attempt to reproduce that infinite and eternal unknowability upon the limited, finite and ultimately knowable planes of human conception and implementation.


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