The Multiverse’s Tool

Sacred Words and Rhymes


What is it within you that pulls, ever pulls, inexorably guiding toward some inscrutable outcome, that sets heart afire, steers life among paths, branching infinitely yet brilliantly lit by one, shining destination? Who lit the fire that inspires, releasing aspirations of potentiality unbound branching heavenwards, lightning-tongued whips of flame questing high like birds, the byproduct of alpha-wave conditioning, on the verge of total neural-network de-partitioning, synthetic holism realized, third eye, shining bright.  

It seems obscene to dream of such things. Opposition in full disarray, the battle stalls on multidimensional fronts, legions of angels and demons pray while humans slay each other like cattle, the wars between the gods providing context and the stall for us all. Dreaming wanderers ponder the mystery of the ages but the bills need to be paid, the children’s way lightened, examples provided in a changing world of ceaseless instability, as destiny unfurls and…

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