The Echo of Tribal Mind


People get along, until the structures and institutions of society get in the way.

I’ve been around neo-nazis and noi, kkk and black israelites. One on one, you can generally reason with people. You can see how there is a thin line between love and hate by recognizing the common human condition that forms the people we divide ourselves up to be. Who we are to the world versus who we are to ourselves.

Alignment with the tribe forms a large part of our identities. Societal structures form a part of the person we show the world. Some labels we get to pick others are picked for us.

From family to friends, neighborhood and city, state and country the entanglements and labels grow more convoluted branching out to collude with and combat similar and oppositional frameworks and structures of other minds. This web of co-creative complexity coalesces in the expression…

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