Travelers of the Soul

You never know who you’re going to meet.

Other Travelers, along the Way.

How you’re going to affect their lives, or how they will affect yours.

Lives intersect seemingly at random. The person at the grocery store, met eyes and a few pleasantries. The car passed coming out of the driveway, your chance meeting on a road resulting in a pause, a hesitation in their journey. Thousands and millions of souls encountered along your journey, our journey.

Paths crossing, interacting through space and time. The acquaintances and the folks at work, the close friends and family. Greater and lesser degrees of zero-point geometry, non-local interactions of the sacred and profane intermixed, building intricate networks of causality that spiral out in increasingly complex patterns of manifest destiny.

Choices. Mingling bio-energetic auras, the electromagnetic emissions of the heart, body-consciousness of sub-quantum, zero-point interactions, nodal emanations of undetectable energy creating complex relationships between individuals, groups and the greater matrix of our shared reality itself. Each moment, each decision resulting in further permutations, infinite and unknown.

It is no wonder that life is hard. Lifetimes of personality development shape our individual expression and we interact with others based upon who are are at any given moment. The social mask provides the gateway of understanding, of belonging and difference, while the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent observes dispassionately through eyes alight with the flames of forever.

Science shows us that steady-state heart resonation displays the most constant state of being as the body’s electromagnetic sheath pulsates with health, wellness and frequencies of peace, joy and happiness. The cacaphonic discord of pain and suffering shapes lives through unrelinquished stress, dwelling on the past, worrying about the future, leads to shortened lives and dis-harmonic states of being.

Cultivate peace of body. Quietude of mind.Those we encounter in our travels find peace in this resonation and conflict can be lessened, leading to more beneficial interactions with all whom we meet. Taming the passions – to those prepared for such a state of being – clarifies intention and action. Simplifying thought simplifies life.

Each moment carries a contest of its own. Through our interactions with others, we meet the challenges of personality and spiritual development. Through our own examination of our inner life we face our own personal demons and angels and choose which way to go. Whichever way that may be, may it express the truest expression of your heart.

Causality in the form of the divine manifest looks mundane. Looks like the daily grind. But it can feel like the pathway to Eternity if you see it that way. Each moment can be a revelation of self-discovery and growth, each interaction with other Travelers, each experience the crowning achievement of a lifetime, spiraling up into the future consciously aware and prepared for whatever comes next, present in the now moment and living according to your deepest held ideals and understandings about the world and your place in it.



  1. Superb. Thank you. So beautifully expressed, nothing new but a restatement of what we have all experienced, what you give out will be reflected back.

    Sent with goodwill Delivered by drone


  2. Thank you for the wisdom and inspiration of your posts – always uplifting. It’s good to be re-minded of what we know deep down. It’s so easy to forget, as we get caught up in the trivialities of life. Blessings to you.

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