The Kingdom

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. It was a kingdom of all the world, filled with souls of light and dark from every nation and country. The kingdom was built over many decades and centuries, its guiding tenets incorporating all of the major ideals that embody the highest form of humanity.It was a shining city on a hill, a beacon for the world to aspire to. And yet, its foundation was built upon despair and shattered dreams, the blood and bones of the multitude.

Its shining spires and domes reflected and reached up and into the sky, glittering and fey, its power extended across oceans and seas, under the earth and beyond the atmosphere of the planet itself. Its people among the richest and even its poor consumed the castoffs of the rich, enjoying a quality of life greater than their counterparts lost amidst the squalor and deprivation of the favelas, hoods, barrios and ghettos of the world. The citizens of this kingdom were well educated and filled with the spirit of freedom. From coast to coast, this transcendent energy of desire and fulfillment expressed itself as the highest and lowest dramas of human potentiality as souls of light and dark contended within the arena of manifest destiny. Competing, in the end, for the very spirit of the kingdom itself.

The priests of the kingdom conspired with angels and fairies, with aliens and demons to achieve technological and spiritual supremacy, their dark arts bent toward the consolidation and maintenance of power and privilege. The people themselves hewed to the side of their own choosing, gathering in churches and temples, grassy knolls and forested eaves to direct their intentions toward their own or greater ends. Always and ever, freedom to choose between the Light and the Dark implicit in every mind, body and soul of the citizens, the guiding imperative directing destiny down its own inscrutable pathways to an inconceivable End.

In time, the mountain of viscera and sinew, of agony and pain upon which the kingdom had been built rumbled with the aching of the planet herself. The oceans began to rise, weather became unpredictable, earthquakes and volcanoes threatened material stability. The priests of the kingdom consulted their oracles and directed their intention ever more toward the breaking of this spirit of freedom within the breasts of both the souls of light and those of darkness. The kingdom roiled with dynamism, conflict and change shifted its cultural expression across the years, decades and centuries as the ghosts of humanity accompanied their descendants to the kingdom, from wherever they came all around the world.

The ancestors, revered and reviled, gloried in the expressions of their progeny, acting to support and to deny desires, exuberant as generations loved generations of differing genetic imprint, resulting in the formulation of something new upon the face of the earth. The potpourri of experiential knowingness and the coalescence of genomes at multiple levels of consciousness conspired to break and remold consensus and tradition, making the kingdom an exemplar in pure energetic potentiality, loved, hated, feared and envied all across the world. 

Foreign and alien gods and goddesses merged, engaged in love and combat. Minor and major battles were fought within the kingdom and then projected outward as the kingdom’s inherently synergetic nature sought its completion in the total remaking of the world in its image. Within each citizen of the kingdom, this spirit of freedom raged, brilliant and transcendent. Each individual was the kingdom and the kingdom was each individual. During the kingdom’s last days, fear and hatred were how most of the world viewed the kingdom and many of those who lived in it. But citizens who expressed the highest ideals of the kingdom in thought and action were loved and cherished, ambassadors of the highest human potentiality possible as related through the ideals and proclamations of the kingdom and the spiritual tenets its higher aspects embodied. 

The kingdom’s last days saw many miracles come to past and the holy books and traditions of all the worlds people forecast its demise. Despite the contradiction and paradox of its birthing, the comingling of human experience resulted in the union of opposites and the rebirth of a phoenix from the ashes of its own demise. Red, yellow, black and white, female and male, conservative and liberal, agnostic and gnostic alike sacrificed mind and body upon the alter of freedom, forging a strength of spirit never seen before upon the face of the earth. Humanity on the brink of a quantum leap in spiritual evolution was born and waits, nascent, until its moment of full flowering in the bright sun of a new day’s dawn.  

The oceans continue to rise, the mountains to rumble. The outcry from the meek threatens the heavens with their desolate plea while the austere and mighty prostrate to their alien deities. Desperate and draconian final solutions are whispered ear to ear in the halls of the mighty while, in the streets and homes of the kingdom, in the gathering places both physical and astral, collectivities collaborate, building a new consensus in opposition to the genocidal and death-centric plans of the cabal. The spirit forged in opposition, sharpened in the flames of consciousness evolution, girded by the strength of continents and ancestral lines inclusive of all of the human families simmers and boils in the dark matter of the zero-point field, approaching the moments of unbridled manifestation upon the planes of materiality.

Heaven and Hell pause, collective attention held, pent in awed contemplation as earth and her children prepare for the final and most painful and joyful thrust up and outwards, into that which is to come. A rebirth of the soul, as above so below, the micro and macrocosmic united for a brilliant instant of incandescent growth before beginning the next cycle of the eternal spiral higher and more clearly perfected as representative of that greater Kingdom awaiting beyond the skies and the stars, its ethereal Citizenry gazing back and down through time and space as the celestial choirs resound with the bounteous music of the spheres. 



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