The Outliers

If you behave in ways considered abnormal people will consider you strange. If, when others are laughing, you are crying. If, when a certain response to words or a situation is experienced, another is expected.

Normal is a point on a bell curve, indicative of an average distribution representative of an abstract statistical conception. Who is normal? Of the 7 billion plus humans on this planet, surely some individuals fit that designation perfectly. But most do not.

And then there are the outliers. Those outside of the normal distribution of personality types. Mental instability and spiritual awakening can easily be conflated. Those representative of both states sometimes display similar characteristics. A lack of adherence to societal mores and norms. Unpredictability, spontaneity. But the detached calmness of the psychopath is not the detached calmness of the Yogin.

In reality, one is the misfiring or lack of firing of certain synaptic connections, specific sections of the brain do not work in the same manner as those of most people. The other, is the practiced ability to unconsciously produce a peak state and remain within it, no matter the outer stimulus.

The ability to be peace, to manifest and represent presence is gained through hard experience. Traversing the Dark Night of the Soul, experiencing the depths of pain and heartache and coming out the other side, transformed. Embracing death, that of the personality and the body, and experiencing the reality that death is merely a transformative state, and that consciousness reigns eternal.

True knowing can be witnessed in the living of a life. The state of a soul, revealed by the bodily motions, the movement of the eyes, the unconscious habits. For those of sensitive perception, the resonance of an aura, the emanation of grace. Imperturbability, consistent peace, neither happiness nor sadness predominant, resonant, steady-state cycling around a median energetic nodality, dancing through the brambles of life unscathed within by the thorns without.

Strange, abnormal, are political statements when applied to human behavior. Indicative of an illusory norm produced by collective agreement. Adhering to that norm limits potentiality, bounds the boundless within cultural confines designed to control the inherently infinite and eternal expression of spirit through form.

The outliers skirt the boundaries of potentiality, some trapped by physiological and psychological limitations, others transcendent of such. When either are encountered, the experience is always memorable. But the outcome reveals the true nature of the interaction by its deeper lessons and meaning.



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