A Thought

I had a thought yesterday.

That succumbing to desire in any instance, for any reason, makes one susceptible to desire in all of its forms.

To live in this world and to accept the responsibility of maintaining one’s life and commitment to others, to desire to make money, to desire to take care of children, to desire to love one person over another, is to leave the door open for all other desires to continually manifest within one’s life.

That door, kept open, is the Pandora’s box of experiential immersion and leads one continuously through the matrix, recounting the same tales in slightly different forms, revisiting the same lessons, at a slightly higher iteration. A honing process of sorts ensues as the presence enlightened makes choices prescient with deja vu, wandering in amazement as the differentiated scenery of life’s passage takes on familiar hues and tones, sans deep, emotional intermingling within the experiences themselves. 

Successive events bring further clarity, further sieving of egoic detritus, sometimes slow like the dripping of stalagtites, sometimes immediate, like the rush of a waterfall crashing into the ocean of creation itself. 

Yet, the process is its own end. Desires melt away of their own volition, even despite the mental insistence of perceived necessity and any concern for societal or familial censure. Once the pathless path is consciously embarked upon, its continuation is guided only by the inevitability of the consciousness evolutionary process. 

Just a thought.




  1. “God is in himself so exalted that he is beyond the reach of either knowledge or desire. Desire extends further than anything that can be grasped by knowledge. It is wider than the whole of the heavens, than
    all angels, even though everything that lives on earth is contained in the spark of a single angel. Desire is wide, immeasurably so. But nothing that knowledge can grasp or desire can want, is God. Where
    knowledge and desire end, there is darkness, and there God shines.”

    ~ Meister Eckhart

  2. Great Thought. How then, does one release ones attachment to desire, while enveloped in a world animated by it and being constantly bombarded by ever present increasingly seductive and compelling exhortations to desire and need? How does desire just “melt away of it’s own volition” in that context?

    1. Some might say that the cessation of desire cannot occur while life is present. Even the Buddha did not achieve it during his lifetime. Others might say, that those who most closely approximate it are those who are no longer fully human, in that they are clear vessels whose God-light shines through them, no trace of ego or personality remains. The many prescriptions to lessening desire are to be found in traditions around the world, and include a variety of practices which compliment one another. But it will all depend upon where an individual is in their own consciousness evolutionary process, as far as determining how deeply these practices will take hold and produce results.

      1. Hmm… indeed. Or perhaps its just a matter of recognizing the oneness of it all, that we are one with all existence and therefore desire of anything is just an exercise in masturbation? LOL! i know incomprehensibly easier said than done in our present shared reality.

      2. All is true, all is real. I can easily see where you’re coming from when that higher perspective is entertained. I suppose it all depends upon where one is coming from. 🙂

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