The Unknowable and Ineffable

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. ~Matthew 24:36

Many people believe that they know what is going on in the world.

They avidly watch the evening news, read the newspapers, browse the media sites online keeping up with recent events in politics and culture, drawing conclusions based upon their own understanding and the trends of the day. The mainstream media presents memes depicting certain themes they desire the masses to internalize and, subsequently, materialize. Alternative media does the same.

And yet, despite the prognostications of those who believe they know best, their predictions rarely come true, their dire outcomes evaporate back into the wishful nightmares that seem to typify the oft unspoken desires of many. The extraordinary detail to be found in many expositions concerning the confluence of past, present and future upon any topic bearing upon the matter of humanity’s fate often defies description. The varied and fantastic prognoses of those who have taken upon themselves the mantle of prophet seem to lead those who query down a rabbit hole of phantasms, ghosts, demons and even angels hell-bent upon the utter destruction of Terran consciousness from the manifest matter of Creation itself.

The idea of the world existing in some kind of matrix-like relation to the greater reality of the Cosmos, comprised of infinite universes and dimensions, layers and agglomerations of consciousness and potentiality, has migrated from the purely alternative and awakened consciousness paradigm and is currently threatening sleeping and mainstream consciousness with a bombardment of books, television shows and movies that present the structure of alternative belief systems in the guise of fictional narratives.

Of course these memes are structured with very specific outcomes and thought directives in mind. Human supremacy, concentrated violence, cultural, political and racial aggression all underlie the overtly entertaining and colorful multimedia presentations of stories designed to evoke very specific states of mind and emotion. States that lie quiescent, dormant for the most part, until triggered by external events. The timeline is indeed a human one, designed and carried out by larger accretions of consciousness formed over many hundreds of years, intent upon maintaining elite domination of the world through the voluntary acquiescence to an agenda non-life oriented in nature.

All of the institutions of society play their part. From sports to government, from corporations to churches. The same powers and principalities invoke the remorseless and ponderous force of millennia of capital accumulation applied against the natural will and intent of a significant number of the planetary population who are aligned more with the idea of a sustainable world than with the consumptive and death-oriented agenda of the elite. Those inhabitants of the so-called developed countries are immersed within a sea of electromagnetic confusion, vapidly entranced by the dancing mimes of illusory entertainment, bodies malnourished by fast and processed foods, unstructured water and medications designed to diffuse consciousness and debilitate the body.

Those who consider themselves awakened are little better off, isolated and paranoid, confused by the preponderance of information and the apparent inconsistency of diversity,  as fantastic vistas of potentiality compete for relevance and perceptive reality. The extra-terrestrial question, Dark Ops, political gamesmanship, cultural and material genocide, the origins of humanity and our destiny. Themes that swirl and compete in consciousness for domination, the synthesis of a multitude of topical areas utilizing right and left-brained modalities of lateral thinking successfully achieved by some few, yet fatally flawed by the inclusion of deliberately falsified data and information purposefully skewed to favor certain agendas over others.

Considering the fateful importance of clear and concise thinking, immersion within the streams of information competing for ideological and material dominance, the only sane response is continuing and applied concentration upon the modalities of perception themselves.

The instruments of our immersion, the temples, prisons of our consciousnesses.

The body and mind remain the lenses through which our spirits and souls interact with the material world. Clarity of intent, clarity of perception, clarity of speech and action rarefy the experience of the Seeker.  Through the mechanisms of chaos synchronicitous events coalesce around thoughts, words and actions, weaving a tapestry of seamless interaction between the experiencer and the experienced, the Seeker and that which is sought. The deliberately confusing potpourri of information settles into the still, zero-point void of the Absolute from whence it arose, presenting vistas undreamed to those who seek also that return to the form of original consciousness, that point of knowledge and ignorance, of birth and death, of creation and destruction.

Too many speak of helping humanity when helping only themselves. Many are presented upon the worldly stage, interchangeably in energetic signature, in the guises of guru, shaman, priest and preacher, misleading those who are willingly misled. To each who truly seeks comes the answers sought, finite though they may be. The completion of one path leads inexorably to the beginning of another. The wheels within wheels, spirals beyond spirals, cycles infinite and eternal in conception gird our daily sojourns, mired as they may be in minutia and the dramas of our lives.

Attempting the interpretation of the world itself while still encapsulated within the limited consciousness structure of the individuated and divided consciousness is to present bias in the guise of the ineffable, to assume the knowing of that which is unknowable and inherently respondent to and, in many cases, subjected to the very instruments of perception itself. The uncontrolled emotive sheath, the undisciplined mental, the unknown soul constrained, these are the barriers to explode through to achieve the clarity necessary to perceive – even so, in a very limited fashion – the barest outlines of what is really going on.

Knowing is a continuous process. Ignorance is the default state of egoic existence. Pride, hubris threaten ever; only gratitude, openness and pure intention can pierce the locks girding the Portals of True Understanding, revealing the star-swept vistas of eternity beyond. No matter the prognostication of the street-corner prophet, the peaceful ruminations of the Sat sang-bound sage or the rabid denouncements of the internet conspiracy monger, no limited consciousness constrained by their own attachments to materiality holds the keys to the pearly gates, nor the favored ear of the ineffable.

While some do indeed see beyond the veil, are capable of abilities beyond the norm, these powers – called siddhis in the east – often present those possessing them with more problems than solutions. Daily adherence to the tenets of personal transformation remain the key to discernment. These same directives, as laid out by every, single ancient spiritual system known to humanity, provide the answers, while leaving the ultimate questions to that which possesses the ultimate answers. That of which we are ultimately conceived, ultimately returned to and ultimately inseparable from.

Clear, live and learn. Or, as the old folks say, let go, and let God. All is proceeding as per God’s plan, no matter how that term is defined or by whom. Pay attention to your part in it and situate yourself accordingly to find the answers relevant to your life and destiny. No part is too small. Every actor holds the spotlight for their part in the play, a production both infinitely variegated and boundlessly intricate.

Smile, play your role and rejoice in every moment. Paradox rules. Nothing is important or meaningful. And yet, everything is. Let the fear of the unknown die stillborn in your breast, for not even the angels of heaven know more than you do about what is to come.




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