The Question of Intent

Who are you?

Why are you here?

What is the reason why you have been born into this life?

If there must be a reason, then there must be cause and effect, the reverberation across creation of endless streams of intent, manifest within the context of materiality, the expression of consciousness upon the worldly plane. This world. The skies, the vegetation, the animals, even the rocks. All of manifest creation is the expression of vibrations, of information, consciousness. Science confirms the ancient belief that all is indeed resonating at different frequencies, the space between atoms filled with the cosmic song of manifestation, different modes of consciousness all co-existing, intermingling and undergoing their own experiential versions of reality.

Upon the human plane of existence, consciousness expresses itself along a plane, upon which differing aspects are Cartesian points on a grid ranging above and below a median point. That median can and has been called the Middle Path, upon which the Seeker can bypass the extremities of polar opposition between Dark and Light, making their way beyond the Dharmic road of continuous reincarnation and immersion within the Vale of Tears, this wondrous journey we call life.

Many choose the Path of Light. Many others choose the Path of Darkness. Both paths come with karmic repercussions of cause and effect that keep souls continuously reincarnating in order to settle the accounts of lifetimes, interacting with the same souls over and over again in repayments of debts forgotten, lost in that space between lives, only remembered upon reentry through death into that Greater Reality with many names, as recounted by generations of Seers and Mystics over countless millennia.

We each must determine for ourselves who we are. Why we are here. Nobody else can tell us. Nobody else’s visions of our lives will suffice in the fulfillment of our own individuated destinies, we are fully responsible for ourselves, none others in that sense of maintaining relationship and fraternity within the context of greater forces beyond the ken of human reckoning. As we do so, we experience the ups and downs commiserate with our karmic debt, life brings us what we deserve, in each and every instance. Nothing that occurs does so in a vacuum and whatever we receive in life, we have indeed brought it upon ourselves in one way or another, in this life or one previous, or even following, upon this planet, or even another, in this universe, or some other, an infinite distance away, yet just as real and vibrant as the one we currently inhabit.

Reality is far beyond what we normally consider it to be. The imagination is much more than we wish it were, for our own mental stability and peace of mind. Quantum science tells us that there may be infinite universe out there, coexistent, proceeding from a creation point, exploding outwards into a multitude of expressions, each different from the other in sometimes minor and sometimes major ways. Realizing that our wildest imaginations could be and probably are real in some other place can immediately result in the shutdown of mental exploration for fear of commitment to some form of mental rehabilitation, if others become aware of our boundless ruminations.

In this reality of ultimate experience, where all things that could be are available to us immediately upon expressing the merest thought, potentiality becomes a promise, probability an expression of multiversal law. The dream of life, the illusion of reality is a projection upon an infinite void of many names, the profound silence and peace of which underlies every single thought and expression as we traverse the fantasy world around us, certain that every step, word and interaction is real.

But reality is subjective. Countless scientific experiments have proven it so. The paradigmatically improbable can occur within our own personal view and, depending upon our experience, can be immediately verified or denied based upon our ability to confirm or discount what we have witnessed with our own eyes. Living in the realization of this basic scientific reality can be daunting, at first. In the course of events, others will invariably arise to contend and counter, claiming the fundamental stability of reality, the base consistency of our shared experience, perhaps not realizing that even collectively, illusions are held by many that create realities that span decades, centuries, even millennia.

This agreement we share does indeed make our reality appear solid to our eyes, to our hands, to our senses. And yet, for many – not for all – traversing the spheres of consciousness is a magical journey, beset upon all sides by sublime meaning, divine coincidences and indescribable events that discount the pessimism of realists, bound and determined to make the world less than it is, to generalize experience as if we all were the same in what we see, hear, feel and generally experience.

Nothing could be further from the Truth. Who you are is who you decide to be. Who you must be based upon your decision to fully manifest the totality of your being during the course of your life. Why you are here is in fulfillment of your promise to yourself, to God, to Creation itself, to be, to exist, and to manifest according to your highest intentions, if you so choose to do so. And so it follows, that the reason you have been born into this life, is to live. How you live, how you manifest, how you fulfill your destiny is your choice in each and every instance. Situations arise that give us the opportunity to either confirm or deny what many know inside, and have known for their entire lives.

That they are more that they seem to be. That the world around us, the rat race, the economics, the politics, the gossip, the backbiting, the drama and the negativity, are necessary conditions provided our experience for the express purpose of creating conditions necessary for us to delve deep within and find that hidden source of Light – or Darkness, depending upon the orientation of the Seeker – that opens up portals around us, revealing the next few steps along the Pathless Path Written In The Sky, leading to the destinies of our choosing. beyond the fields of Right or Wrong.

Intent. That source of impetus that lies at the very heart of each of us, is the core of who we are. Achieving the clarity necessary to direct the laser-like focus of consciousness beyond the shifting overlay of thought and emotion allows the Seeker to determine intent, determine the broadest outlines of their destiny as events in the world collaborate in order to manifest that intent in the way most suited to their own personal experiences. Denying parts of us in order to suit others, or even because it may seem to be in service to some outer form of censure and limitation is to promise ourselves another turn upon the Dharmic wheel, another incarnation and a repeat-performance. The dance of lifetimes shall continue, as long as we choose to deny who and what we are to those around us, but most importantly, to ourselves.





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