Integrally-compromised mindscapes blind eyes awash with modern-day lies, multimedia messages, electronic passages inscribe across digital skies, musical muses produce tunes for nefarious uses, Illuminatic power brokers stoke the flames of mass hypnotic robotics, hypnotizing the soulless, while hybridizing the blessed.

This test of the Emergency Broadcast System rests purely upon the ability of the Awakened to arise from their slumber, while ponderous multidimensional entities open hexagonally-opposed eyes to the wonder that lies just outside of the range of perceptually visual sight.

Implants sublimate rebellion, genetically modified poisons produce neutered stallions and mares, these tares are choking out the wheat, the seeds of their own destruction planted by their willing seduction by oscillating rhythmic fellating, orgasmic spastics bursting visions of the fantastic, artificially-produced kundalini highs produced by free, pornographic tactics, stroking the libido of souls without credos, psychopathic gatekeepers, leaders without morals, Big Brother’s spies, technotronic tendrils knowing all that goes on inside minds fried by lustful sighs.

Saturn rises. Priests cloaked in darkness hearken unto the imperatives of the ringed-planet, emitting standard frequencies and sequences of hypnogogic tonics, designed specifically to imprison your mind. The Priestesses of the Moon indulge in ancient rituals, the obituaries of the meek speak of millenia of pain, aeons of bloody rain, sardonic laughter of the gods and goddesses rumbling and tumbling through situational catastrophe like volcanically-inclined manic depressives off their meds, looking for a way to get out of their own heads.

Plasmatic cords of energetic waves infiltrate the cores of our endless days, producing a time-dilation effect, arithmetically perfect, geometrically sublime patternings of space and time, the choruses of the aligned crescendoing in perfect harmony, oscillating with the design of the Cosmos, planets, stars, galaxies far, universe beyond multiverse beyond omniverse the curse of modern life, a karmic reward for sins undreamt, spread across eternity, the paternity of our pain soothed, by the maternity of the same.

The Great Mother soothes, the Great Father broods. The Divine Architect’s remorseless logic countered by the Creatrix’s boundless love, As Above, so below, the Story indeed does go. Entertwined with materiality spirits bound by destiny go about their lives, mostly unaware of the depthless infinity that lies inside. Demonic transhumanistic entities bet on continuing blindness, the inability of the majority to initiate freedom-oriented intentions, the stakes being too vast to comprehend, too meaningful for self-limiting automatons to recognize the call to ascend.


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