In the Wind: Tribulations of peace

Sometimes you shift so hard you don’t recognize who you were yesterday. As you gaze at yourself in the mirror, a stranger’s face stares back at you. Words fail or become automatic, not reflective of the truth of you. You find yourself going through the motions, watching yourself from some dark space behind your own eyes, as if observing the escapades of an actor on television. You find yourself, eventually, in the wind, blowing through the days like a ghost, shimmering through lives mirage-like, leaving only what seem to be ephemeral impressions in the wake of your passage.

Despair may threaten. Rage, depression or surrender. But these emotional travails obscure clear thought; fear rises, cycling through memories and fantasies obscure clarity and lower vibration. But with Knowledge of Self, calmness pervades. As outer situations seem more desperate and meaningless, the chorus of inner dialogue blends into a rising, overwhelming ocean of silence. And peace.

Rising vibration, sure knowledge of the Truth of life and existence, become a lived force of Being instead of just words written on a page or screen, or released into the void by distant sages. The inability of those without the experience of this clarity to understand its genesis and implementation gives rise to the realization that some knowledge is not for everyone, at least, until they achieve a state of mind and spirit that allows them to understand it. A state of mind which is the invariable birthright of all of humanity, given time and space, the conditions of incarnation and karmic transcendence.

Living within that silence does not negate the patterns of thought and habit gained over a lifetime. How do you suddenly stop thought? How is it possible to not follow a thought, inculcating others, in the endless waterfall-like cascade of impressions that typify the thought processes of oceanic humanity? Why is it necessary? What imperative causes some to seek this inner stillness while others do not? These are the questions that echo in the mind of Seekers once they reach the stage of realization. Of total divorce from past patterns of thought and behavior, letting go of the strictures of limitation that have previously defined their belief systems, words and actions.

Practices conducive to stemming the flow of impressions abound. Traditions planet-wide provide the means and the ways to access the stillness, to engage the realities beyond the mundane for those inclined toward such. Fostering the mental state corresponds to the gradual honing of the physical state in conjunction, as clarity of thought necessitates clarity of physical Beingness as well. Health, higher resonation, vibratory states of being, spiral body, mind and spirit, into higher material expression of potentiality and the fulfillment of the highest of destinies. The thoughts that have previously bedeviled the thinker are realized to be ephemeral and vacuous objects floating upon a still ocean of silence, to be left to their own devices and returned to that perfect calm of the formative void from whence they originally arose. They echo within the mind, slowly becoming less and less insistent with time, until, one day, you find yourself with only that silence for company.

Nobody understands but those who do. Nobody can, until their time to, arrives. The time of the coalescence of knowledge and wisdom, the cascade of love, empathy, intellect and determination.

All becomes one, the false separation between modalities of expression fail and the interconnectedness of all of reality becomes living knowledge. The inevitable breakdown of the social self commences. Those who thought they knew you previously, realize they never did. Family, friends, distant observers of an inner process that manifests itself in often dramatic and desperate outer terms. But the surface is just that, like a still pond, upon which the wind ruffles waves, evoking impressions of turbulence roiling throughout, while the reality is one of pervasive peace that pervades, just beneath the surface.

The true state of Beingness.



  1. Great to see you writing again, Brother! Indeed, the discipline of silence will not appeal to most, but for those who have tasted such peace, there is no other option.


    1. Bredren. I hope you and yours are doing extraordinarily well! There is absolutely no other path indeed .. perhaps that is why they call it the pathless path? 🙂

    1. Hi Betty! Thanks so much for writing and for your continuing presence! I’m afraid I neglect my blog roll also, since I rarely write poetry anymore it is nice to be able to post here on this page specifically dedicated to it during National Poetry Month. 🙂 Hope you are well!

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