The Supernal in the Mundane

Expectations disappoint. Because life cannot be predicted. Too many variables, originating from too many separate signifiers within a life that encompass the entirety of creation.

Infinite streams of causality that coalesce and manifest within a life in what seem to be, on the surface, the most mundane of manners but which is actually the most magical and perfect of effects that any one of us could possibly imagine. Living through the days realizing that there is magic in no-magic, that the natural is the supernatural, that beneath the sometimes boring and often tedious surface glamour of life as lived lies a wondrous and intimate connection with the Divine that supersedes all imaginative forays into potentiality than our limited intellects – bound by the constraints of experience and training – can possibly conceive of.

I’m not at all sure what I expected. I remember reading, imagining. I recall the yearning to transcend, to move beyond ego, to no longer be constrained by my own personal shortcomings and circuitous patternings of thought and behavior. And, while kensho does indeed highlight these quirks, once life settles back in, in months or perhaps years, the definite change is indeed all-encompassing and includes every aspect of lived reality. Chopping wood, paying the bills, dealing with the children, the parents, the people on the job, strangers in the stores. Life in the modern West continues on, with one seemingly minor change:

It does not matter. None of it. And yet, it does matter. All of it. Paradox reigns and, within it, lies the secret of navigating life’s turbulent streams and channels in peace and contentment.

This is not the detachment of the psychopath. This is, instead, a well of intense and continuously upwelling compassion that seems to arise from a source unplugged, accessible at any instant and applicable to any situation, conversation, or even thought. This source is, of course, Source itself. Succeeding Kensho or Satori events only deepen this connection, this realization that the indwelling stillness underlies the mask of personality and intellect, that while engaging the world in all of its intensity and connection, that inner peace remains stable and constant, despite the momentary acceptance of the neuro-peptide swell of emotivity. This innate quality of mental and emotional stability, midway between the extreme polarities of expression acts as the balance between modes of expressiveness, resulting in the inexorable return to center, in sometimes frighteningly swift shifts and here, the terms used are descriptive in the mundane sense rather than actual, experientially.

The lower body’s mechanisms resulting in the release of chemicals remains intact. The difference becomes, choice is then paramount, rather than the dictation of biological determinism.

The experience of others emotional extremes becomes more notable as the energetic phenomenon of cording and intimate quantum connection takes on an experiential reality with the realization that not all of the emotions that we as living beings experience are ours. Managing one’s own expression and living within the Truth of Beingness that necessitates the individual fulfillment of destiny and intention is a scintillating beacon that comes from that core of blessed stillness within. A pure, shining, light of darkness that has no limitation, no beginning and no ending, constantly accessible, existing just beneath the thoughts and experiences of the never-ending Now moment.

Multiple experiences result in Deepening. Further Centering. The process is endless. Unpredictable, and, yet, as remorseless as evolution. A Return, and yet again, a firmer Grounding within the Present. The merging of the Supernal and the Everyday. The small, normative moments possess the capacity for intense and blissful experience. The larger, more dramatic moments are capable of producing the most enduring and resonant calmness even while the coursing tide of emotions roils beneath. Choice.

Empathic resonance and the direction of attention and intention becomes a flexible tool in the engagement of other souls and the determination of the requirements of the moment. Each interaction becomes an exercise in finding the truth of that connection and manifesting the highest outcome possible. This vibratory exudation resonates with those of similar orientation and even those of an oppositional nature, resulting in the clearing of one’s own field and surrounding environment and life changes as a result. Tragedy and Triumph are seen as One. Only the peace, the stillness remains, while the world continues to turn and we engage in those aspects of life necessary to fully be who we are.

The supernal in the mundane is the exquisite beauty of life itself. In its highs and lows, in our decisions to and decision not to. To do, or not to do, as one’s Life Purpose determines. Always cognizant. Awake, Aware and Alive, in every sense of the word.

The Enlightenment Series

1. The Great Gathering

2. Practical Enlightenment: The aftermath of Kenshō

3. The End of Forever

4. Practical Enlightenment: Living in the World

5. Practical Enlightenment: Processing the emotions of other people

6. Practical Enlightenment: The vale of tears

7. Practical Enlightenment: Dealing with instant karma

8. True Awakening: The conservation of energy

9. Practical Enlightenment: The Point of Realization

10. Practical Enlightenment: The coalescence of destiny

11. Practical Enlightenment: The silent Sage

12. The Supernal in the Mundane


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