The world is changing. There is little doubt of this. Systems millennia in the making have reached the apex of their expression and now seem to be disintegrating beneath entropic forces that remain obscure to the majority in their causes, but which are very clearly recognizable in their effects. As the current inhabitants of Spaceship Earth at this time and space of its journey through the Cosmos, humanity and the biome are witnessing the onset of a period of fundamental shift that has not been seen in a world Age or, perhaps, never before. As such changes – at the micro-cosmic scale – have occurred before, our ways of interpreting what is happening now is necessarily skewed by historical experience.

Revolution is a cycling of experience. A return. A new beginning, mirroring the natural cycles of nature. As a fractal expression of consciousness, the cycling of human cultures within a world Age is also repetitive. Movement, growth, stagnation, revolution, over and over again. The dynamism of nature and culture requires shifting expressions of the natural world, human thought and civilization and we have based our conceptions of past, future and even the Now upon the false belief that because things have been a certain way that they will continue to be that way.

In these days when the planet is acting in a way that it has never done before in the modern and historical periods, its evolution comes to mean something different, in the lives of all who inhabit this planet, as well as the planet itself. The shift in the manner in which people will deal with the upcoming transformation of the world itself in the era of Global Warming and the human desecration of the natural environment is imminent. In addition, the transformation of embedded cultural expressions in the areas of politics and economics here in the States and in the Western nations in general has the potential to be different from the manners in which it has occurred in other nations like Egypt, Syria, et al.

The nature of the West is different. As an agglomeration of individuals springing from many cultures the world across and not necessarily beholden to the hatreds and grudges of sectarianism as holdovers from their countries of origin, a new template guides the manifestation of larger, macrocosmic patterns. The West – the USA in particular – has the potential to evolve, not revolve and, by so doing, become an exemplar for the rest of the world. Understanding the nature of the United States is recognition of the fact that the nation has, since its inception, been a model. A tainted model, yes, as all things human must be, but it remains a place where some people in other nations would still, unto this day, sell their eye-teeth to come to while others observe the nation from a distance in fear and dismay.

Living in the Belly of the Beast inculcates a certain perspective. In my decade and more living in countries overseas, I have been able to observe the nation from without, to see how others see the country and its people. Their viewpoints are correct, for the most part. Americans can be greedy, materialistic, shallow, loud. Our music can be offensive, aggressive, our politics hegemonic in nature, our culture crass and overbearing, our economics, predatory. And yet, somehow, still, the nation remains magnetic in its influence around the world. The American perspective is not American exceptionalism. The Western perspective, at its core, is not European or White exceptionalism. This said, despite the many of limited insight who claim it to be so. It is higher and, yes, based upon Masonic-cum Templar-cum Mystery School principles imbedded in this nation’s origins and continuation, dealing with life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. The brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.

This might or might not have been the original intent of the founding fathers. That is, for it to have become the lived expression of all Americans and people all over the world, as an idea and a transcendent acknowledgement of the ultimate connection of all humanity. Whatever the case may be, the ideas spread, and the war against controller interests continues unto this day, despite appearances to the contrary. The cultural influence of Native peoples, of the enslaved Africans and those from the Pacific Rim became part of the overall consciousness of the nation, creating something new, something unique upon the face of the earth.spread throughout the populace as an overall way of living, adopted by all members of all groups, in and out.

But we, as humans, tend to have very limited perspectives and an understanding of the butterfly effect and the visceral reality of quantum entanglement, connecting us all at the most basic level of communication and resonance. Quite probably, the founding fathers had some understanding of the cycling of Ages and the cusp upon which their endeavor stood as a hallmark in the annals of human history, and realized that these ideas and the underlying Truth they evoke were inevitable, despite the evidence of their lived experience and the state of the nation and the world at the time of the nation’s inception.

On the surface, Westerners, particularly Americans, appear docile, hypnotized, sedated. But when you talk to people around the country, you begin to realize that there is a common core of discontent, of suppressed intransigence with the current order of things, even among many deemed asleep by the Awake and Aware community.

To put it simply, people here are waiting for a sign. The panopticon of technological control that currently surveils and threatens those of the West, the cameras, the internet monitoring, the limitation of potentiality by the hardening of class lines, the continuing efforts to divide by ethnicity, all seem overwhelming when viewed from without. But from an internal viewpoint, and as evidenced by the increasingly evident programming in the mainstream toward the introduction of Alternative technology, magic, Armageddon scenarios and the revelations of secret orders and controller factions, fundamental change has arrived.

They are preparing, attempting to program, for it, as best they can. But these uncontrollable forces will be released and something different will indeed occur, this time around. The revolution will once again become evolution, or more, and we will shift upwards, into the expression of something different. Such strategies as permaculture, divestment, off-grid living, non-participation, are all possibilities that will indeed become more widespread. But what continues to fly below the radar and is rarely mentioned in discussions of this type, are the world changes and how that may influence and affect the outcome. The earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, rising sea levels, degrading air quality, degrading ability of the oceans to maintain life.

The only thing that is certain, is that nothing is certain. Nobody knows, no matter how fervently they may claim to, exactly which plans the elite will enact, and when, or what is going to happen to the sun, the solar system or the planet.

Whatever happens now will happen in a spiraling fashion, not a circular one. Is there even a word for that? After about 5 minutes at the etymology dictionary, I choose Exvolution, comprised of “ex” which, among its meanings is included “upwards, from, out of”, and “volution” from the latin root “volvere”, “to roll”, implying a continuous movement not implicit of a return but a new movement upwards and onwards.

Dynamic exvolution is representative of the spiraling state of shifting natural and cultural forces that are not returning to a previous expression, but, instead, manifesting something new, unique. As the new cycle deepens and extends through time and its expression materializes in space,  this process will again take on aspects of evolution and revolution, as must ever be the case. That is, until the next period arrives, wherein the spiral once again ascends, bringing new potentialities into being on this never-ending journey of consciousness of which we each are integral and fundamental parts.



  1. Very interesting, son…….. As usual, your scholarly bent is really up there, but your momma is real proud of you……keep up the great work!!!!! Let me know if cousin Hotchie is on your email list and I won’t forward your stuff to him. Love you, see you soon, momma


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