The Gatekeepers: Choice and the evolution of planetary consciousness

Currently, the world is experiencing a separation. A fundamental schism in the orientation of its population. As the cosmic energies continue to ramp up with the movement of our solar system through the galaxy and our planet responds in a multitude of disturbing and mysterious ways, human consciousness is changing on the individual and collective level. Many people are experiencing this in their daily lives. Among those who are bearing witness to and ushering those upon the cusp of Higher Awakening through the portal of Gnosis, are the Gatekeepers.

The orientations of consciousness mirror the higher and lower vibrational extremities of energetic expression. As there is infrared energy and ultraviolet, as there is utter night and the most brilliant of days, so human experience encompasses the deepest abominations of evil and the highest perfection of good. This knowledge of duality is one of the most basic tenets of reality that Seekers must appreciate in order to intuitively grasp the deeper implications in the dance of Ages and materiality. As expounded upon by the ancient Mystery Schools of the near-East, African and Meso-American spiritual traditions, the Greek philosophers and Eastern Gurus, clear and unequivocal  principles of reality continue to guide the expression of consciousness in all of its forms, from the stars, the planets and the mineral kingdom to the plants, the animals and the guiding material consciousness of the incarnate human form.

The most salient effect of higher energetic suffusion of Terra’s biome and consciousness cosmic in nature – in addition to the known effects of shifts in electromagnetic standards upon psychological and physiological states – is an exacerbation of mental and emotional extremes of expression. At the current time, people are choosing their orientations. For those whose entire focus is upon worldly gain, issues and concerns, their mental and emotional states are grounding even more firmly upon those pursuits. For those whose entire focus is upon spiritual gain, issues and concerns, their mental and emotional states are elevating even more firmly upon those pursuits. Between the two extremes lies the crucible of destiny, free will, choice and action, which is the realm inhabited, consciously, by the Gatekeepers.

Every orientation has its oppositional counterpart and there are those of divergent experience whose energetic balance is equal, on either side of the fulcrum between Dark and Light. Those whose experiential revelations have brought them to the point of realization, of Gnosis. There are two forms of awakening, one worldly-based, one otherworldly-based. Both encompass the mental and spiritual realms, but in manners appropriate to the overall energetic orientation of the aspirant. For those whose energetic resonance is positive in nature, the Revered Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels and benevolent Extraterrestrials act upon the astral and material planes to create synchronicities, guide non-physical forces of time and space in the confluence of destinies congruent with the Light. For those whose energetic resonance is negative in nature, the Profane Ancestors, Corrupt Guides, Demons and malevolent Extraterrestrials act also upon the astral and material planes to create synchronicities, guide non-physical forces of time and space in the confluence of destinies congruent with the Dark.

With the imminent reversal of the earth’s magnetic poles expected at any moment by scientists the world across, the mysterious activity of the sun – with its magnetic poles currently out of sync and the number of sunspots during the solar maximum under-performing according to their prognostications – inexplicable climate anomalies, continuing geophysical warning signs and the desecration of the planet by human consumptive patterns and industry, it is apparent that the solar system and Terra herself are on the verge of fundamental transformation. Within the crucible of this time and space, events are occurring which are affecting the collective human consciousness. These physical and energetic shifts in the orientation of our solar system and planet are manifesting within human culture as attitudinal and cultural sea-changes, meta-narrative and paradigmatic shifts happening at the interpersonal and individual level of thinking, acting and being.

Simply put, people are becoming more of who they are according to the sum accounting of their thoughts, words and actions. This necessitates a divergent expression, according to orientation. And within this contextualized generalization of overall evolution, the dichotomous and ever-swinging balance of collective expression is moving in the direction of the Light after millennia of being firmly ensconced within the pendulous, oppositional influence of the Dark. In speaking of energetic shifts of this magnitude, it must be clearly understood that these movements occur over large spans of time, correspondent to the solar systemic and planetary rotations, wobbling and cyclical perambulations of multiversal, universal, galactic and solar imperatives. We now live within the luminous pinnacle of an energetic confluence of cosmic proportions and correspondingly meaningful consequence.

This is the space of choice. The place of separation, wherein those of oppositional orientations draw further apart in their interactions upon the material plane. And, upon each side of the energetic nexus marking the mid-point between extremities, the Gatekeepers stand, ushering those approaching their individuated choice-points through the fraternal portals of positive and negative decisions and the manifestation of destinies commiserate thereof.

The Gatekeepers stand out. Within the designation of Modern Day Mystics, those Gatekeepers of a positive orientation are those who have been to the Mountaintop and have returned for the sole purpose of helping all sentient beings.  Traditions call some of them Saints, Gurus, Shamans, Medicine Men and Women. They are visibly distinctive in their manner, their bearing, their forceful energetic signature.

Often, they can also be anonymous, purposefully staying out of the spotlight, hidden from the public view. They may be gas station attendants, baggers at the local grocery store, construction workers on the street, any of an infinite variety of situations that bring them into contact with others. They are ensconced within the day to day happenings of the world, engaged in labor directed toward the edification of and service to their fellow men and women. They are generally affable and intelligent, empathetic and mysterious. They engage people at their current level of understanding of the nature of the world and themselves, gently and non-obtrusively querying their field and self-knowledge in order to determine what is needed to help them achieve personal transformation.

They sometimes provide information or opportunity – sometimes both – for those who have arrived at the terminal of decision and who have awakened within themselves the potentiality of making the fateful, free-will choices pertaining to path and destiny, the manner in which they will travel from that moment into the future. They are often non-committal and mercurial in behavior, for they are not bound by societal norms, rules and regulations and their words and actions may seem out of sync with generalized standards of social acceptance and appropriateness. And yet, their purpose is to serve the needs of those they interact with and not everyone is attuned to Love and Light. For those of oppositional orientation, once that recognition has been made, they are left by positively-oriented Gatekeepers to follow their own paths into the Darkness, there to meet Gatekeepers of the oppositional orientation and their fates, writ large in the stars.

It must be made clear at this point that Gatekeepers are not information-mongers or freedom fighters. They are not those who shout out against the ills of the world, or who mount campaigns against companies and institutions, who march for ideals, and get arrested for conscientious reasons. They may be found within the collection of individuals mired within these circumstances and causes, but they are not there to serve the greater, abstract purpose these associations ostensibly stand for. They are there for the people. They are there to help those within these causes to work through the mental and emotional detritus of their lives, to find the deeper stream of living wisdom flowing in the river of consciousness, beyond the limitations of belief and knowledge.

Gatekeepers are, energetically, beyond the pale. They feel different, their eyes shine with an otherworldly light, their expressions seem to evoke the ineffable, their words to be only limited indicators of communication that delves far deeper than first realized. They cannot be minimized, for their wisdom and intentions are far more inscrutable than the often petty descriptives used to deride and negate their efforts. In the end, Gatekeepers cannot be encompassed by mundane definitions and perceptual limitations.

Despite the apparent obviousness of the current world-wide transformation, many are still in denial. Many still believe that things can and will continue on as they are, with the acceptable disasters and slings of fortune and fate that have typified planetary evolution now for many thousands of years, continuing to be slung in ever unpredictable but still normative manners of occurrence. There is an unwillingness to recognize that the changes that are occurring now are unique within the current Age, and that the general human understanding of what is going on is woefully inadequate.

In large part, this is the fault of each individual who does not engage in a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. The Mainstream Media (MSM) is complicit in the continuing cover-up as it pertains to planetary physical and psychological shifts, as it is aligned with the prevailing forces of negativity which still hold sway over the masses, although that control is diminishing by the day. But with the advent of the Internet and the increasing din and furor created by newly awakened scions of liberty and awareness in the Alternative Community, there is no excuse for continuing ignorance.

Those who choose that ignorance, are choosing the Dark. They are choosing the comfort of what they deem to be the lesser evil, the known world of horrific inequity and remorseless consumption, over the perceptive greater evil of an unknown future and the potentiality of a world of more sustainable and equitable conditions. They are knowingly and willfully subsuming their energies within the greater collective dark forces, supporting the continuance of the world as it is in order to protect their own perceptive self interest against the greater interests of the world population and Terra herself. In these times, this stance is unsupportable by the energies, and yet, those who choose them are fulfilling a destiny that is equally as valid as that of those who choose the Light and futures of positivity and love.  The pendulum does ever swing, as as the Light is ascending by the second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, century and millennium, so will the Dark, many, many years from this time.

The Gatekeepers, then, act as planetary scions of opportunity, standing before the doorway to higher knowledge, providing the keys of access to those who are prepared to step over the threshold into a new state of increased illumination and vibratory potency. While, often, the Gatekeepers will not profess to who and what they are, for those who are upon the cusp of greater understanding, their purpose and orientation will be clear. Their every interaction is designed for elevation, for helping those they meet find out more about themselves through the medium of mundane and psychic exchange, evocating immersive auric entanglement in the fulfillment of karmic relationships many lifetimes in the making.



  1. I am very interested in the German coat of arms you have on this page. The one of the black crow with yellow background. What do you know of it? Thank you

    1. Hi Amaia, there is a deep history to such things. Your dedicated exploration of the narrative will provide you with all of the answers you seek. Bless.

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