The Obama Phenomenon: Alternative knowledge, elite machinations and the fulcrum of destiny

There are greater energies at play currently than those we pay attention to. The culmination of many thousands of years of human history is here. The phenomenon of Barack Hussein Obama cannot be taken out of the context of the history of Western Civilization, the American Experiment and the continual coalescence of global society. It is also important to add the lesser known aspects of the control matrix to the equation. The mind control initiatives, the economic restructuring of the West and the world consolidating the hegemony of a Western-based global elite to the detriment of the rest of the planet. The question of the gold, the technological repression of Nazi International, their known adherence to mystical streams of power-mongering, and the continuing world changes. The potentially continuous presence and influence of extraterrestrial interests. All of this is reaching a peak now.

That Barack Hussein Obama is president now is not an accident, accordingly. That there are no accidents at all has to be taken into account as well. Every choice that the power elite make to support and to train individuals to take the reins of power is made very deliberately with all eventualities taken into account. The question that has been asked continuously is, why? Why would the Powers-That-Be (PTB) choose an asset that could so easily be taken down? Why does it seem as if they are putting themselves out there – with the continuing “whisper-campaigns” fomenting tales of his homosexuality, drug usage and questionable past – perhaps risking global exposure of their existence and mind-boggling manipulations? What is the real purpose of Barry Sotero’s presence in the White House at this critical juncture in time?

In response to these questions, some people make mention of a “race card”, although I am not certain how they are using it in this context, as if it is possible for culturally and societally-marginalized people to wield power within a system that is fundamentally designed to prevent them from doing so. The only way the “race card” can be wielded is in support of white hegemony and continued dominance and if its use is referring to the strong potentiality that a white backlash is expected against Obama and blacks and other minorities in general, it makes more sense. And, even this kind of mass manipulation is supported by the system. In fact, the system was and is designed to respond this way, as people react, en mass, to nigh subliminal suggestions that awaken often un-recognized evocations of prejudice that they then generalize in application, which then results in collective repression of the offending segment of society to the detriment of the entire society.

I do not negate this idea. In fact, it may indeed be a contingency. But, if it is a contingency, it is one that is secondary to the primary thrust of the reasoning that brought Obama to the office of POTUS. That reason has to do with the energetic shifts and the necessity of that energy being balanced. Some might call it karma, some might call it reaping the whirlwind, some might call it an expression of Newton’s Third Law of Motion or even some form of expression of quantum-based genetic entanglement. Whatever you call it, it is all in reference to the fact that a reckoning is here and the global elite know it. Since the primary sin of this primarily Western global elite (with their pawns and poodles ensconced in capitals of commerce around the world) has been the dehumanization of large segments of the planets population, this ongoing trauma requires resolution. Planetary resolution. Balance. The increasing insistence of the East and South upon equity is the rising tide which the Elite must deal with and have been fearing for many decades and centuries.

The end of formal slavery in the Americas following the Haitian revolution in the late 1700s and early 1800s, the rebellions in N. America throughout the early and mid-1800s culminating in the Civil War. The immediate repression then represented by the black codes, the formalization of the Federal Prison System and what we now term the Prison Industrial Complex, the onset of Jim Crow and Segregation, all led up to the freedom movements around the world in the 1950s and 60s, resulting in global Decolonization and the Civil Rights movement. This context then led to further co-optation by way of repressive educational and economic means, white flight to the suburbs, the movement of jobs away from black populations, the infusion of drugs and weapons into the urban system, the increase in police dominance in these areas and even further race-based profiling.

The continual focus upon racial issues, the continual insistence, even upon modern generations, to uphold the tenets of exclusion and preference – utilizing age-old tropes based upon long-disproven stereotypes that have found new life with more formulaic and yet still atavistic recollections of what must now be understood as racially collective memories – expresses itself across generations. Its origins and continuance stem from the programmatic efforts of generations of European elite for the specific end of creating the mass social and psychological conditions we are now experiencing. They expect the support of a certain segment of society against what they see as a flood of diversity, come to challenge the dominance of white supremacy, and – as they have programmed so many to believe across the entire color spectrum – all white people in general.

In this greater context, Barack Hussein Obama can be seen as an offering. From their perspective, a controlled one, one that they can pull back and destroy at their convenience if things in any way go beyond the eventualities that they can and have planned for. He is an acknowledgement that every single one of the racist standards about intelligence, sexuality and demeanor is wrong. Even if his mixed heritage is invoked, the stereotypes still come crashing down as the gradual realization of what most know intuitively, that people are people, becomes more and more a direct expression of popular culture and the general understanding of human nature as consistent across all ethnic types.

So who is this man, Barack Hussein Obama? That question can be answered in a multitude of ways. One of which is to look at where he has come from. As a child of mixed heritage, it has been determined that, on the female side of his family, his lineage is directly tied to that of some other luminaries of American political life. Most markedly, Richard Cheney and George W. Bush. 8th cousins to the former, 11th cousins to the latter. His ancestry on this side of the family include a Great-Grandfather, William the Conqueror and his descendants, Henry the 1st and 2nd, as well as Mathilda, Empress of England. His paternal side is more difficult to trace precisely, as the information coming from Kenya is not forthcoming. And yet, the tales arising from former childhood classmates of Obama, stating derisively that he claimed royal blood, can now be seen in a new light, given these genealogical revelations of recent years.

Given the questions in regards to his parentage on the parental side, perhaps it might be easier to speak in a general way on who he must be. I will proceed by examining the overall breakdown of his genetic structure as standardized by recent genealogical testing results and what is currently known about the potential population to which he belongs, either African or Black American. According to an article disseminated by the genetic testing company DNATribes, entitled Modern Mixed Populations in the Context of World Genetic Structure (SNP), the following conclusions can be made based upon a general analysis of Black American DNA when compared to ancient populations around the world.

Figure 2: MDS plot of randomly sampled African-Americans and individuals from 
African and West Eurasian regions. Native regions that are most similar to modern 
African-Americans are circled in red.

While this comparison of the Black American genetic structure to that of an ancient Egyptian population may seem spurious at the moment, its meaning will become clear as we proceed upon the course this discussion has revealed. The following image from a related DNATribes article, Last of the Amarna Pharaohs: King Tut and His Relatives, focuses the issue even further:

Given the contextualization of Power Elite machinations, my focus upon these two aspects of Barack Hussein Obama’s lineage should be clear. For those not privy to the more far-flung regions of conspiratorial theorization, the idea has been put forth that Obama is, in some way, a genetic manipulation or cloning of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten. While this assertion may seem outlandish and unbelievable, there are some aspects to this contention that are well in line with what are known esoteric understandings and alignments of the global elite factions that have controlled the world for centuries if not millennia, and who may have been responsible for the crowning of the boy king and his current enthronement upon the seat of world power.

The Akhenaten Dynasty’s roots were African and, therefore, Black-oriented, despite the mainstream media and many, many, many others insistence upon the Pharaonic Dynasties being European-oriented and Caucasian in nature. The evidence for that becomes more and more flimsy and evident of wishful thinking and willful ignorance by the hour. Whether Obama’s father was Malcolm X, the Kenyan or the Black American philanderer, part of his roots do go back to Africa, the same as the Pharaohs in question. And so an understanding of who his people are, where they come from – and, in support of the more general point and also indicative of where we currently are, why the world is the way it is, and what ancient dramas are playing out now – it is important to don the mantle of resonant awareness by intuiting the thought and reasoning processes of Illuminati generations that have been steeped in the lore and knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions, potentially since time immemorial. How they think, how they plan, what they consider to be real and not, is of the most paramount importance in these considerations.

My conclusions, based upon this evidence and intuiting the long-ranging plans and machinations of the elite factions, as well as being able to intuit and energetically “read” current world events and situations based upon my own research and knowledge, are that the Illuminati forces are attempting to “hijack” destiny, to use Obama and his genetic potential in order to forestall their own reckoning. Given the state of the world today, White Supremacy as a global system of command and control is done. Over. Finito. That is as it should be, as these days, the world is rising against it in a tide that cannot be overcome by any but psychopathic, genocidal means.

If they cannot continue to control the planet under the guise of White Supremacy, they intend to destroy it. Make it uninhabitable by those who would continue to coexist here in a new way of being and interaction with the planet. In the context of Obama, his genetic structure does mirror those of ancient Egypt, while those of Black Americans in general do as well, being extraordinarily similar to that ancient peoples by way of West, Central and Southern Africans in the days of the Pharaonic Dynasties. DNATribes has other articles that support this. The key aspect of this, is that Obama also has ties to these same controller factions, as evidenced by the genealogical research that has been shown to tie him to the royal families of Europe, as he has been found to be related to Cheney and also Dubya going back some generations.

And so they believe that this insertion of their DNA into the African-based genetic lineage of a large proportion of the human family now imbues upon them the ability to control him and, through him, that selfsame population. And, so far, they have been right, to a large extent. By so doing, they also seek to control the outcome of this ponderous rise of the “3rd World”, and their past, present and near-future efforts are geared toward the preservation of their power base and the continuance of their consolidation of their own economic and political hegemony through military, cultural and political means, thereby insulating themselves both physically and socially from the inevitable crash of the world system and the quite possibly inevitable institution of newer, and more equitable ways of governance and living.

Many individuals are very well aware of the ideas and knowledge systems that form the foundation of my current analysis. The fascination of the Elite with and understanding of genetics, their seemingly fanatical insistence upon keeping their bloodlines pure. And despite the common and biased belief that mixed blood leads to impurity, their deeper understanding of bloodlines and how their mixture can lead to the actual, physical incarnation of specific genetic families, shows the depth of their understanding of how these ancient passion plays can best be reenacted in the modern world.

We are also well aware of the origins of these bloodlines, and their ties to these ancient kingdoms of Mesopotamia and, also, Egypt. The revelation that these Dynasties and bloodlines were, indeed, of African origins is actually quite revolutionary and will cause some to squirm in discomfort at the very thought as well as the inevitable conclusion that these self-same issues that were so dominant so long ago have continued to be of importance to this very day. That the controller factions realize this and have always known it places the continuing subjugation of Africans in general and Black Americans in particular in a new light. It reveals the baseline resonance of their fear and explains why so much time and effort has been spent in assaying the continuance of structural mechanisms designed to foment the absolute control of those who seem to be at the very bottom of the world hierarchy of racial lineage.

That Obama has been placed in the position he is in, presents what seems to be nigh undeniable proof of their recognition of this.

Now, to travel a bit further down the rabbit hole. Concurrent to the themes of economic, political and cultural domination, it is necessary to examine another, even more fantastic aspect of the current stream of alternative thought in regards to the phenomenon of the Obama rise to power. It becomes necessary to engage the higher dimensional and spiritual aspects of our illusory, holographic reality and to synthesize this information in the search for a new and deeper understanding of how the controller factions believe the world order to be currently delineated. It is necessary to delve into those extraterrestrial realms of potentiality, since the information is “out there”.

To go beyond the mundane understanding of even genetics and sociological evolution, the potential Star Ancestry of the many disparate ethnic components of the world population – having been manipulated so extensively in the distant past and prehistory of the human race – has resulted in a potpourri of distinct ethnic populations, which we call racial, even though there is only one human race, and many ethnicities of varying colorations. Neanderthal, Devonian, the unknown Neanderthal “cousin” that existed only in Africa and whose DNA imprint is present only in those from certain sectors of West and Central Africa – as well as the other, and perhaps still unheralded early human predecessors that predate Homo Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Sapiens – attest to the fact that our perceived differences are the result of a continuous and ongoing coalescence of the genetic lines of distinct precursors to modern humanity that may indeed have originated in other spaces and places, but who have now found themselves here on Terra in order to continue this “grand experiment” of a universal nature, resulting in a unique and extraordinary evolution of a universal and inter-related human family that is quite probably not repeatable anywhere else in this galaxy.

To incorporate the wisdom traditions of the Ages within my analysis, it is imperative to point out at this juncture that it is ancient African – as well as other world ethnic groupings – wisdom that the Incarnative process is continuous amongst soul groups. Meaning, that recycled souls that enter the bodies of certain genetic lines continue to do so over and over again, across many millennia. The span of time and space is no barrier to the choices made at the higher level of interdimensional manifestation beyond the bubble of time and space limiting human understanding and easy recognition. As a result, souls who enter these genetic lines and inhabit the bodies of, as an example,  today’s European Elite, continue to do so as it is the propensity of those bloodlines to rarify due to their insistence upon racial purity, despite the fact that there truly is no such reality. To draw the inevitable correlation, and to emphasize the nature of Elite machination and thought process, it becomes clear that, in their understanding, Barack Hussein Obama possesses a certain DNA bloodline that links him to the ancient Egyptians, but also to more modern European royal lineages, which is, for them, the perfect opportunity to co-opt their inevitable demise by creating an avataric “Manchurian Candidate” that spans the genetic potentiality of a large segment of the world population and that allows them to control the destinies of the world through him as the nominal figurehead/priest king, while they control his puppet-strings behind the scenes.

It should be clear by this point that certain factions of the Elite think primarily in terms of energy propagation and manipulation. In terms of global populations and in terms of time, spanning, again, millennia. Because of that, the Obama phenomenon cannot be interpreted outside of the longer, and larger, context. Implicit in this understanding is the realization that they really believe that we have reached some sort of culminitive point in history, and that Obama is a lynchpin figure in the continuance of their domination of the world. It is difficult to imagine, at this point, what current figure in American politics can succeed Obama and don the mantle of the Presidency next, or even if the world-wide system of governance we currently enjoy will continue to past the current time-frame. This particular span of moments in time seems to be an apex point of some sort, a time when all of these long-term plans are coming to resolution and realization, where extraterrestrial, terrestrial and higher-D plans are focused and set upon shifting the balance of world power in one direction or another. Much of what will happen in the coming decades is being created by what seem to be petty political machinations currently in progress. The United States, as the crucible of elite power and the instrument of hegemonic dominance is the focus of these efforts, and what is happening Here and Now is key to determining how things will play out in the near and distant future.

To delve into one particular stream of events, many who follow current events believe that Obama was war-mongering for Syrian intervention. And yet, there is evidence to suggestion that this was, in fact, a ploy designed for him to appear hawkish particularly for the edification of conservative business, political and certain ruling cohorts, with an implicit understanding that- in a true tip of his Machiavellian hat – these factions would reflexively rise against it just because it was him putting it forth. The invocation of the American people and a potential vote, bringing each senator and representative to the full reckoning and visibility of the American polity, sealed the deal. The result was, no intervention in Syria, an olive branch awarded to Iran, and, now, the rising focus, again, on Bibi – Benjamin Netanyahu – in Israel and a concentration, yet again by the mainstream media and conservative factions unwilling to concede, on the dangers of another Iranian nuclear reactor. In addition, the distance that the Kingdom – Saudi Arabia – is currently creating between their interests and the Obama administration is quite striking, given their previous public perception of lockstep agreement with American policies, as exemplified by well-publicized images of leisurely walks in the park and hand-holding intimacy with Dubya, at least. The care with which these old Zionist forces are approaching current events and simultaneously engaging in their own independent aggressions reveals their tentativeness in raising these issues with Obama at the helm of the American juggernaut, which seems to be indicative of their uncertainty as to which side he is truly on. That they represent certain factions of Elite control tied in with the European Illuminatic forces that are most implicit in the genocidal and Nazi International paradigmatic ends should also be apparent to those who have done the research.

What does this mean? That the issue is not as “black and white” as many might have it be. Obama’s DNA is indeed diverse, and that control the PTB may think they have through genetic imprinting and programming may be creating a psychological, genetic and spiritual conflict within him that they cannot control, especially if he is as intelligent as he seems to be. Genetics are a limited means of control, as they can be overridden by will-power and intention, as also is well-known in the alternative community.

So where does this leave us, as a global population, observing in disbelief and dismay as seemingly incomprehensible and and random events occur around us? The information presented in this essay is outrageous. It is beyond the limitations of normative mainstream acceptance. And yet, it includes data points that have been corroborated over a period of many decades and centuries and that also explore implicit conditions and understandings that are supported by the stated belief systems and observed cultural paradigmatic memes of a substantial proportion of the controlling Elite population. A more expansive understanding of these issues is much, much more synthetically inclusive of other realms of reality. But this manner of processing information is also much more demanding and world-view shattering than most people are comfortable attempting. The resultant cognitive dissonance is infinitely out of alignment with normative patterns of control and command and, therefore, collective belief systems.

They placed Obama in power because they had to. Because the cards, the stars, the Multiverse, told them they had to. They did it to attempt to alleviate the balancing of energies, to make amends, like so many corporations and institutions have done in recent years, for what has been a gross violation of human sovereignty and profiteering on a time-frame and scale that has never been seen in this Age before.

It is difficult to judge great destinies in the Times in which they are being lived. There are so many examples of this across the span of history. The impact that individuals – even under the force of compulsion from other interests – have upon our collective fate and destiny. How President Barack Hussein Obama is seen by many people is not necessarily indicative of what is truly occurring. The aging process that Presidents experience, which ages them beyond their years while in the White House, is reflective of the psychic strain of higher dimensional impulses that must be immensely draining to the life-force.

The darkest manipulations of the controller factions cannot come to fruition. Issues of sacrifice, of assassination, of world-wide censure and the destruction of the Obama phenomenon is part and parcel of the potential employment of this hoard of data-points and gossip and conspiracy and scandal that is swirling around in the backwaters of the collective world consciousness in regards to who and what this man truly is. In the effort to control him and his words and actions, every possible outcome must have been explored. From a successful and august presidency to censure and disgrace and, even, death by lone gunman.  The very idea of Barack Hussein Obama going “off the reservation” and raising an army of the conscious against the machinations of the Elite factions must be giving his nominal controllers conniption fits, and may in fact be causing them to lean toward pushing the “self-destruct” button, which may indeed be why all of the information in regards to Obama’s questionable bonafides moves with ever-increasing rapidity toward mainstream public consumption.

But, the controllers are also are increasingly realizing, to their dismay, that pushing that button may set off events that they have no way of controlling in any way, shape, form or fashion except through the most draconian of their alternative plans. Awakening the emotional and material potential of Africa and African-descended peoples, to list only one of many possibilities, remains a strategy of very last resort, especially if they can regain control through other means. But I also think that their desperation is peaking, which may mean that it is once again on the table, if reports of recent assassination attempts foiled are credible. Engaging the karma of centuries and millennia from the limited and circumscribed perspective of even organizations with archives and genetic memories spanning a similar timeframe is a formidable task, one rife with the possibility of failure, especially when orientation and intent is not in alignment with the Light.

An Obama, out of the White House, yet still alive, must be their most terrible nightmare. If he is not President, alive and no longer beholden to their control mechanisms, his proven ability to marshall the energetic bulwark of a large proportion of the world population is an eventuality that they cannot countenance. Barack Hussein Obama is not a stupid man. Little credence should be given to the insistence that he is lost without his prompter and other efforts at minimizing his agency. Perhaps, rather, the script those prompters reinforce conflict so much with what he really wants to say, that he has been left fumbling and stumbling whenever there was a malfunction. This discomfort was most apparent in earlier years of his presidency, rather than currently. Then, he was unsure of himself. He may still be to an extent, but it appears that he has come to some sort of epiphany and is moving, deliberately, toward that end, whatever it may be. And, whatever scandal they may have in place to effect his removal from office, cannot be something that is not already in play and that many in the alternative community, are not already aware of. Otherwise, why the extensive setup? These tales, floating around for so long now, firmly established and existing just outside of the purview of the mainstream?

This is not a popular opinion, or even a consideration, among many. Even in the Alternative Community. I have never observed this particular collection of ideas discussed together in any venue. Before the possibility of a martial removal of President Obama from the office of POTUS could come to fruition, many other plans would have to be firmly entrenched, corroborated in their efficacy and success, which is not currently the case. The controller factions are now desperate, for so many of their recent plans have fallen through the floorboards that they are unsure of the infallibility of their overall strategy. The extremity of their fear has led them to disassociate with the modern middle-middle and lower classes and more questionable ethnicities within the artificially formulated “white race”, which has unemployed and marginalized many who, decades ago, would have enjoyed a higher standard of living and the comfort of at least a nominal superiority, which is part and parcel of all pyramidal systems of control going back multiple Ages. They have gathered power and wealth in the attempt to insulate themselves against that which has now arrived. The reckoning.

It is a direct expression of the fundamental teachings of all mystical systems, that nothing comes without cost. That you can game the system but you must eventually pay it out. That underlying matrix of spiritual knowledge that the Elite have been involved in for many centuries has allowed them to consolidate power against the inevitable global backlash, and they have done what they could and what they have done is impressive, if analyzed objectively. Their recognition of the importance of genetic lineage and their tacit admission by action of the multidimensional importance of current generations of Black Americans, as represented by the ascendency of Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency, is testament to the validity of many of the potentialities offered within this screed.

They recognize that positive, oppositional energies have gained force and momentum in the past year – since the winter solstice of 2012 – and that their victory is not assured. The previously assured stance they projected leading up to last year has been shattered by recent events and so the prospect of actually going through with it, eliminating Obama, releases so much energy, can result in so many unpredictable factors coming into play, they cannot be at all certain that it would pan out according to their plans.

And that, is good news for the entire world. A part of the perceptive “immune response” of Gaia herself – and higher D forces – manifest through the collective consciousness of all of good conscience who desire a world of justice, peace and equity, in action.


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