Programming the American Software

How does one program an electronic device? If it is a remote control, you press a series of buttons which then result in that remote performing certain actions when you later press a single button. That single button has become the trigger for a series of actions that remote has internalized. If it is computer software, comprised of many programs each designed to perform certain functions in relation to the whole, it has also been programmed overall to carry out many interlocked procedures and subroutines at the pressing of a single key or button. The concept is the same.

This is also how people are programmed. Over many years of our lives, we learn many little things. We learn the Pledge of Allegiance, we learn certain general historical facts, we learn how the governments of our countries work, we learn about the social compact and nationalism. We learn religious principles, social principles, we learn experiential principles pertaining to our own lives, that we then internalize. Whether these facets of information that then comprise our body of knowledge and understanding are true are not is not the point. The point is, that we learn them. That we each possess them to a greater or lesser extent.

When we reach adulthood, all of this information remains within us. These are the procedures that can then be called forth when certain buttons are pushed. According to the wide diversity of experiences and orientations, these programs within us place us in larger collectives made up of others similarly programmed, which then comprise a greater form of “software” which could then be called American. If you are Liberal or Conservative, you have slightly different sets of buttons born of life processes particular to your own experience but generalized enough so that other cadres similar to you share them.

Once your button is pushed, all of the events and memories and lessons associated with that button fire the experiences along synaptic connections associated with elaborate and intertwined neural pathways and agglomerations of knowledge that birth series of thoughts and emotions that then direct words and actions.


It is impossible to overcome this programming if one is not aware of it. Quixotically, it is impossible to even recognize the existence of programming unless one is aware of their own ability to be programmed in the first place. Awakening this awareness is one of the first steps toward achieving freedom of spirit, freedom of mind, freedom of existence. The American software is unique in the world and those programmed with it perhaps stand as good if not a better chance of hacking it than those in other parts of the world, due to the relative youth of the nation and its individuated and collective insistence upon personal freedom, even though that has always been the challenge for this nation, rather than the reality.

For all people, everywhere, freedom is a basic human necessity that invariably breaks all strictures that may be set in place to restrict human possibility. Following that inner-directed pathway into an undetermined future is the brave path of the Seeker, the one who knows that they do not know.



  1. marvelous.”!!”
    what a wonderful treat.
    reminds me of the
    movie ‘the wall’ by
    Pink Floyd
    as the headmaster scolds
    the student for writing poem s.
    ‘poems, poems everybody’
    thanks for writing this !!

    1. The energies these days are quite high … for some, it is sending their moods in the opposite direction, while for others, it feels like the sky is the limit. 🙂

  2. The remote was intentionally thrown into the fire-pit by me, as it melted and disappeared a weight was lifted off my shoulders, and the implants have started popping out of my skin, my soul has regained control of itself, now the controllers are perplexed and scared of the yet unknown future for them ! Karma is going to be a real bitch for some people to endure very soon !

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