The Savage Garden

What is it about faking the funk that is so attractive? Why are there so many false gurus? Fake teachers? Pretenders to states of being that they do not truly possess? Perhaps, as with all things, there are scales and variations, shades and variables along a cross-section, wherein all experience and potentiality must be expressed, in order to manifest the complexity necessary to fully flesh out this Savage Garden of life and love, death and hate.

Immersing self within the ocean of experience is why we are here. There’s a meme in the alternative community that speaks to this. We did not come down here to experience universal love, since we already are that. We came to experience messy love, human love. To know pain, to know desire, to go through all of the trials and tribulations that we encounter.

But there comes a point at which we’ve gone through all of that. Over and over again. When we’re sick of the traumas and dramas. When the tropical blooms in the garden of delights lose their euphoric smell and the fetid stench of the grave wafts upwards and into nostrils flaring wide with fear and abject realization.

The way this existential crisis manifests is spiritual first. We experience a deep-seating knowing of what is resonant and what is cacaphonic. We have this awareness within us, but we are still immersed within the karmic ebb and flow of our past actions. We remain caught up, living in the rhythmic swing of action and reaction. We still have personality traits and mental constructs that support dichotomous modes of thinking, speaking and acting.

That is when we are drawn to make the changes in our mental processes. Because we recognize at a very deep level that our thoughts are not reflecting what our spirit is informing us about. This is a hard part. Trial and error as we have to learn how to subvert the mental process by being able to access the deeper, spiritual reality that we’ve now recognized. The discursive mind continues its ruminations and extremities, screaming in our heads loudly and shrilly, we become confused and make more karmic errors. But now, since spirit has awoken, karma occurs almost instantly.

The desire to seek after “God”, to allow that spiritual self to become more of an active part of our lived self is the impetus toward seeking. Meditation, paranormal experiences, the full gamut. While that desire is itself a part of the illusory sense of being here in the world, in materiality, it serves its function as does the ego in directing consciousness as that internal battle continues, deepens, often resulting in the onset of the dark night of the soul, as our deepest spiritual sense of beingness finds itself at odds with the lives we find ourselves living at the point of realization.

As emotions come from thoughts, we find ourselves pulled back and forth between extreme expressions, until, at a certain point, stabilization occurs.

The shifting of vocal expression then follows. We begin to “talk the talk”. We’ve gained some clarity through our studies, our desire has brought us to a point of intellectual resonance with the deeper spiritual truths. We are beginning to shift our lives away from the way we lived before. We realize that we cannot talk bad about people, but we also realize that that means that we cannot think bad about people either. Realizing that we can control our thoughts is a revelation that continues to deepen that shift in vocal expression. We begin to experience the material backlash from friends and family. The societal meme reacts as well, as we are now coming out of alignment with culture. This visceral reaction sets us apart and we begin to see the consequences of thinking and speaking truth.

Then actions change. They must match our words. Our thoughts. Our deeper spiritual resonation. And the shift is complete as we have now separated ourselves in every way from the paradigms of the day. The greater, human streams of material culture, intellectual thought, religious tropes.

All of these things can be faked to an extent. Chimpanzees can pretend to be gorillas. House cats can aspire, in the civilized confines of its neighborhood haunts, to the leisurely majesty of the lion. People can say things they don’t really mean or know. They can act in ways that are mimicking what they believe are the ways the people who have really had these deeper realizations act. But it cannot last. And it can be sensed by those who have actually gone through the entire, painful, process of reawakening to what we always were in the first place.

People want short-cuts. They want to skip steps. They want to be that because it looks so good. To take on an appearance, to shift the perception of others towards a desired end, for a specific purpose, usually avarice or some form of hubris. it feels so good to be admired and worshiped, and yet, it is a vain and ultimately damning facade, for the hard work must eventually be done – in this life or another – and it is a fearsome process. This type of pretense only makes it harder.

Those who aspire to the heights denied them by their own blinded eyes are revealed to be petty pretenders when in the presence of the true Seeker. They are revealed to be awash in the blood of envy, the bile and stale vomit of the lustful and vengeful, the murderous and damned. Their very words herald their doom. They say, I am already that, so why strive? Why desire? There is nothing you must do, nowhere you must go. You are already there.

Denying the necessity of the steps leading up to that point. The experiential knowledge informing the dharmic road, formulating one of many of the vined and hushed paths of karmic intention through which those true Seekers have stalked the prey of realization in this life and others. Awakened to the true desire beyond desires within them that then leads them through the underbrush of lower chakra challenges, into the clearing of higher chakra revelations. But they do not, cannot realize through undeniable and absolutely necessary experience, that desire only takes one to a place past itself, at which point, real awakening to the deeper spiritual nature occurs in the space between desire and non-desire, action and non-action.

How can you know something, truly, if you have not lived it? How can you speak of a path, truly, if you have not walked it? How can you lead others on the path, if that path itself is not who you are? Pathless and infinite, eternal and non-existent, it echoes with the strides of the ones cultivating souls as light as feathers, rising upon wings of gold beyond the canopy of trees, obscuring the rushing, hooting cacophony of the garden below with the clear, bell-tones of the harmonic symphony of the spheres, sacred geometric perfection transcendent and welcoming to those prepared for the Divine embrace.

They know it. Inside. As do those who witness their mockings and travesties of faux-consciousness. There is an internal barometer within most that tells us when we’re not right. Or when we are not where or what we say we are. Or act, in public places and spaces, like we are.

That guilty and covert self-knowledge is writ large upon their faces, as clearly as the mark of Cain. It is apparent to those who have already taken the path through the garden. Or who are, at least, somewhat further along it than those seeking to fool God, who is not mocked nor deceived. The house-cat’s mewling cannot be mistaken for the lion’s mighty roar.


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