True Awakening and Knowledge of Self

What is it that you cannot let go of? What is the thought, or series of thoughts, that continues to cycle over and over in your mind, affecting every aspect of your life in ways observed and unobserved? Is it something that happened to you as a child? Something that is occurring now? Something that affects you individually; your family, culture or racial group? Something that does not allow you to see beyond the illusion of circumstance to the core of your own self and that shared Self that is Spirit, our bequeathment from the Eternal and Infinite Source?

There is a simmering anger that is apparent beneath the words of many, whether written or spoken. An anger that is birthed in fear. What the fear is related to is always lower-chakra oriented. It is concerned with the lack of material comfort and security, with procreative and personal expression. The relationship between anger and fear and how these related states contribute to egocentricity, pridefulness, arrogance and self-righteousness is directly inverse to the expression of those who have reconciled their fear and anger and have moved to higher modes of spiritual expression, such as empathy, compassion, joy and love.

While there remains a succinct need in the world for righteous action and bold stances in thought and speech, the source of the energy that fuels those thoughts, words and actions is invariably either uplifted or degraded by the emotions that underlie them. If one speaks and acts in a righteous cause but that speech and action is fueled by lower, cacaphonic emotions, those emotions will inevitably corrupt their participation within that cause and derail it to the benefit of those who oppose. If one speaks and acts in a righteous cause and that speech and action is fueled by higher emotions, those emotions will inevitably support their participation within that cause and will benefit those whom the cause is most concerned with.

This is not esoteric experience, it is most mundane. It is every day, common understanding – for those with the capacity – to recognize the difference between higher emotional states and lower emotional states. To know that a smile feels better than a frown. That kind words feel better than harsh words. That negative actions have negative consequences, and positive actions have positive consequences.

The Institute of HeartMath and the fields of Quantum Biology and Consciousness Studies have established beyond a doubt the physical and mental effect of higher vibratory emotional states when compared to the lower. They have studied and revealed the secrets of the electromagnetic emanations of the mind and the heart, and how our body and immediate and distant environments/connections respond when engulfed by either lower or higher thoughtforms, and how the difference between them is the difference between health and dis-ease. We are connected by quantum entanglement to all else in existence and beyond, and, especially, with those with whom we share a strong bond or connection, be that bond positive, or, negative. As a result, what we feel, affects others. What we say, affects others. What we do, affects others.

Whatever it is that we cannot let go of, is that which we need to bring out of the shadows and bath in the light of unrelenting examination. Whatever the personal connection we have to some original experience that birthed the cold knot of fear and subsequent anger within us at some point in our lives, we must root it out, examine it, reconcile it and move past it, in order to be able to live our lives according to the highest potentiality possible. However minor we think that incident might have been, rest assured that it is continuing to affect your life in ways you’ve never considered, and poisoning the good will emanating from your heart and spirit with ego-driven maliciousness and spite that you’ve worked hard to keep from conscious thought, let alone the awareness of others. Whatever it is, it must be dealt with.

Until we recognize that true Awakening is Knowledge of Self, and find the courage within ourselves to examine our innermost fears, we cannot even pretend to want to help others. One cannot love another, really, unless one first loves themselves. The work must begin and continue through till completion.

As a start, and in order to isolate emotions and examine them, breath in and make your anger and discontent visible as a red fog, filling your body. Feel it roiling about within on the in-breath and then release it with the out-breath, visualizing your body filling with a pure, bluish light. As you repeat this breath exercise, you will feel your body calm, your emotions stabilize, your mind approaching clarity. Look within and find the knots of anger as your body clears, find the orbs of redness, where they may lie, down near your root chakra or above it somewhere, then concentrate on those final remnants of dysfunction and breath them out, feeling your body getting lighter and lighter, more joyous and connected to your truest and most innermost Self. Cherish and hold this state for as long as you like, then, open your eyes and bless the person or people closest with the peace emanating from you now physically, mentally and spiritually.


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