The Heart of Compassion

There is very little use in bewailing our fates. While a large part of the lives we live consist of events that are seemingly thrust upon us by outside forces, within the confluence of occurrences co-created and empowered by the choices we make every day, free will is the state of Being that reveals the razor-thin path before us, leading to the highest potential outcome.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do. Often, that is the case. When we rely only upon our minds and intellects, the choices seem overwhelming. It is at that point that we must listen to another voice. One that lives inside many and speaks in silence. One that evokes magnetic resonances attuned to the higher consciousness within which we all co-exist.

That voice, is coming from the heart. The heart, co-resonant with the very essence of creation itself, that beats in tune with the heartbeat of the earth, which itself resonates to the music of the spheres, the cosmic dance of creation that is continually ongoing, evolving, shifting, changing to the nature of our expressed desires and willed outcomes.

It is often said that the heart will never lead you wrong. Whether that is true or not in your own life depends upon whether your heart has been hardened or whether it remains open. Life, pain, heartache awaken our defensive mechanisms, the urge to suppress the heart’s urgings in favor of our mental ruminations and intellectual prognostications. We silence that voice, often, after our hearts have been broken. And then, thereafter, we speak from our minds, augmented by thought-produced emotional fields that we call the heart.

But they are not.

Reawakening the heart can be a difficult task, when it has been shielded and removed from the immediacy of lived experience. Under the guise of protection, we have disarmed our most potent weapon against the trials and tribulations of life. An open heart is compassionate, is empathic. With an open heart, we can feel the pain of others, we can put ourselves in their places and become them, instantly knowing where they are at, because we can feel it.

For those afraid of the power and majesty of this openness, such an action is the height of folly. And for the fear that drives these thought processes – the fear of being hurt by others, of being open to the pain of giving your love, your heart, to others – hardening the heart even further is the best-case scenario as internal power is concentrated and corrupted, turned upon itself to feed vainglorious fantasies of selfishness, greed, lust and corruption.

Breath into your heart. Feel it expand. Again, feel the love of those whom you love, surrounding you, filling you as a white light, shining brilliantly like the sun. See the light expanding from you to those you love, and then to those they love, spreading out infinitely to encompass the entire world.

This is the heart of compassion. Our connection to humanity, and the Divine. Claim it, it is your birthright and destiny. A gift straight from Source, to be manifest in the world for healing’s sake and a blessing to all who embrace it.

Our fates are our own choice. Even within the maelstrom of world and life events. Claim your power and use your intentions to manifest the highest potentiality possible for your life and those you love. We are, indeed, the world.


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