The Space of Love

Someone famous once said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But is that really so? When the one you love is distant from you, is that what it is that you are feeling, when they are not within your sight, within holding and loving distance? What about when the ones you love are distant? Family, friends? What does this do to a heart?

Modern life in the Developed/Western countries is now more mobile than any life lived by any person at any time in the past. Our not-so-distant ancestors lived in the same location all of their lives, knew the same people, were born and died in the same place. Their love was local, connected to their families and friends. As time has passed and global society has become more and more interconnected, through the Ages of Discovery, Imperialism, Colonialism, and Neo-Colonialism/Globalism, to have lived in the same location your entire life and to know the people you grew up with is a luxury that few can lay claim to.

What does this do to love? How does not having the ones you love immediately available in the physical affect us energetically? It sends tendrils of ectoplasmic connection to different locales around the world, out from us into the aether, is what it does. It creates spidered-cordings of greater and lesser intertwining, weaving and flowing seamlessly through the quantum vacuum of Akashic/Morphogenic/Zero-Point space, interconnecting hearts and souls in families and collectivities of Love, of Intention, of Beingness that span the world in degrees of separation; sigils and symbols of one, big, human family, interconnected at the energetic level while separate at the physical.

Because of our mobility, many of our hearts are split. We sit and watch TV and our minds are upon someone a thousand kilometers away. We see something that reminds of of someone else and we are then five thousand miles away as our minds go to them.

We are not present.

Where our minds go, so our intent and our energy goes. When we journey mentally, we are simultaneously journeying energetically and connecting at the level of quantum, biological entanglement, instantaneously, with those whom we think about. This is so normal for us that we barely think of it as spirit, as magic, but it is the way that it is.

But we cannot move forward, consciously, upon a spiritual path, if our hearts are split out. We must find a way to collected the shattered pieces of our heart and to reunite our Love as one holistic expression of Beingness, beyond the ability of situations, distance and heartache to return us to the halls of suffering, the battlegrounds of regret and dismay.

How is this done? There are many answers. Your spiritual systems provide the Way, if you but seek them out. From the Metaversal core of Law, the re-centering process is one of recapitulation, of finding, releasing out and returning your essence to yourself, while, simultaneously existing concurrently within an abode of peace and love, emanating forth unconditionally, not only for your loved ones, but for humanity, life, and Creation in general.

But this is a difficult choice for many. And rightly so, we came here to this world to experience. To live. To love. We love our parents, our siblings, our children, our friends. It is a very personal love, a very intense love and, in many ways, a very selfish love. Most are not ready to move beyond the personal space of love into the Multiversal space of Love.

But for those who are, remember your personal love. Go deep into it. Feel it engulfing you, immersing yourself with the feeling of being surrounded by those you love, as if they were all present, around you now. Own it, cherish it, feel it deeply and hold it tightly within. Remember, and then, release it. release it to God, to the Multiverse, to Creation, returning it from the selfish love of the ego and personality complex to that greater, infinite and eternal sea of Becoming that is the Formative Void, the original, Space of Love. Open up then to that greater, interpersonal Love that is heralded by that old, ancient quote from many traditions, God is Love.


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