It’s a Family Affair: Straying from tradition

It is very difficult to break the mold of tradition. The hold of mores and habits, of relationships and, love.

If we are born into families that observe certain beliefs we are bound by education and love not only to our families but also to those beliefs. If, as we grow and evolve into our own people, we find that those ideas are not the path we wish to follow in life, severing the connection to the system of belief can include severing the connection to our families as well, to a greater or lesser extent.

The internal battle can be intense as the mind copes with cognitive dissonance. Holding an ingrained belief that has been contested by new understandings – information proving beyond a doubt that the previous knowing was incomplete or even incorrect – can prove difficult when the cost of accepting those conclusions can lead to a choice between all one has ever known and something new and unknown. As the mind struggles to reconcile the conflict, the strength of familial bonds versus the strength of the new understanding results in an ideological and often spiritual striving as each side vies for primacy within the mind bound by tradition and the mind unbound by a new understanding.

Memory is powerful. It exerts a hold upon us that bind us in time and space to a certain expression of personality familiar to those closest to us. When we change, grow, evolve, people around us often see it as a betrayal. They can tend to see the rejection of their belief systems as a rejection of their love. The resultant pain of arguments, disagreements and fundamental opposition between ourselves and our loved ones may then result in what seems to be irreconcilable differences. But each must live the truth of their lives, no one else can do it for us. We are beholden to a higher power to exist in the totality of our Beingness exploring the potentialities of our incarnations to the best of our abilities.

Those whose families can continue to cohabitate within the space of love despite fundamental disagreement in regards to primary belief systems are the exception rather than the rule and, for those blessed with such families, gratitude should be constantly extended. For all others, plagued by despair and anger, recrimination and self-doubt, continuous reflection upon the rift in familial relations can result in a self-doubt and timidity in moving forward into a new space of being.

Until our past is reconciled with our present, there can be no real personal growth. Those demons of anger will hide behind the shadow of thought, growing larger, extending tendrils of decay into every aspect of lived expression, until they are dealt with. Within ourselves, we are responsible for making the choice to truly forgive and move forward, leaving the animus behind. And while it is good to reconcile directly with alienated family members, if they have not accepted you unconditionally as blood of their blood and, therefore, deserving of their love, then moving forward with the highest intentions may be the only clear path.

Responsibility is owning your expression in thought, words and actions. How others respond to those, how they interpret them and react, are their own responsibility. Release what you own and be free. Feel the weight of the pain, the suffering, the emotional turmoil lift from you as you make the conscious decision to move forward in trust and anticipation. The Metaverse responds to high resonant vibrations, which are only available through the internal choice to live in love, peace and gratitude.


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