Experiential Beingness versus the Illusion of Enlightenment

There is a space of being that can be accessed. Within this space, the All is encountered. Many people speak of it, but few truly know it. And yet, it is there. It is available for each of us, if we but open ourselves to it.

And yet, that is easier said than done. Because what it takes, is surrender. What it takes, is release. Some people call it a journey, some people call it a path. Some people call it a gift, some people call it a blessing. Whatever it is called, though, its Essence remains the same.

This indescribable Essence is the Source of All That Is. Some call it God. Some call it the Void. Some call it Heaven, some call it the Zero-point Field. And some, call it Source.

It is the fulmination of all religious, spiritual and ethical practices. It is the underlying unity that girds perceptive diversity in belief and understanding. It is the pre-existent Reality, upon which all lesser realities are based.

Once it is experienced, it cannot be re-called. One cannot undo it. One cannot forget it. It becomes a part of you. It becomes you. It Is What It Is. It is the I Am That I Am. It is the Multiplicity of Unity. The Many in the One.

Knowledge is one thing, experience is another. Through knowledge, many think they know. Think they have achieved something, that they have become … Enlightened. But knowing, as it is generally understood, is not the same as Being.

Knowing, the epitome of mental inquiry, the heights of intellectual prognostication, is a step along the Way, but is, simultaneously, a trap, a dead-end, a stagnation in the back-waters of spiritual progression. It actively serves as a blockage, an impenetrable wall through which experience cannot be individualized and growth cannot be attained. Information energizes discursiveness, feeds the engine of thought production, obscuring that which lies somnolent yet presciently aware, imminently omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent.

Experience lies in silence. In going within. In contemplation. In knowledge of Self. The Self beyond the self, the small, personal “I” that seeks glory and fame, that jealously guards knowledge and shares pittances in hopes of accumulating dusty and spoiled accolades to be gathered and admired covetously, while projecting piousness and bombast to the world.

True Enlightenment lies beyond the profound silence that arises from the experiential juxtaposition of joy and pain, happiness and grief. There is a portal that opens then, revealing a wondrous vista of Light and Darkness, of the Infinite and the Eternal. A well of Souls that are One, yet Many, within which consciousness is subsumed, and yet existent, awash with Compassion, Empathy and Love.

This is more than the darkness that lies behind the eyes. This is more than just a mundane feeling of happiness when contemplating the Divine. More than wishful imaginings seeking to claim something not yet known, although fervently desired, beyond all else, except for desire itself. Only and invariably, suffering is the fruit of this tree.

Instead, this is direct, experiential and transcendent Awareness. Full immersion within the Formative Void, it is Nirvana, it is the utmost Beingness, wherein the One becomes the All. This is God, born within Self, shining like a spotlight through self, obliterating all lesser illusions with its illimitable glare. A burning flame of utter Awakening that leaves in its wake only clarity, a certain emptiness of personality and an openness to the Now. To Life, to Living, to Love.

Beyond religious dogma, beyond spiritual truisms, beyond pithy quotations, there is Gnosis. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, I leave these words.

The Enlightenment Series

1. The Great Gathering

2. Practical Enlightenment: The aftermath of Kenshō

3. The End of Forever

4. Practical Enlightenment: Living in the World

5. Practical Enlightenment: Processing the emotions of other people

6. Practical Enlightenment: The vale of tears

7. Practical Enlightenment: Dealing with instant karma

8. True Awakening: The conservation of energy

9. Practical Enlightenment: The Point of Realization

10. Practical Enlightenment: The coalescence of destiny

11. Practical Enlightenment: The silent Sage

12. Experiential Beingness versus the Illusion of Enlightenment



  1. Right, those claiming some sort of “enlightenment” have at best experienced the idea of enlightenment, which is nothing like real liberation. In fact, such a presumption is an impediment to it. Why is that? Because the claimant still retains the mark of a self, a person, a separate and enduring being.

    At any given time on this planet, there are a mere handful who have attained liberation in human terms. In other words, they are no longer afflicted by the poisons of ignorance, greed, envy, hatred, and selfishness. We typically do not hear of them, except in rare cases, such as folks like Ramana Maharshi.

    However, no human being has ever attained real Enlightenment while incarnate, simply because the human bio-vehicle is not configured to handle that level of luminous intensity. Even a small flash of true Enlightenment would incinerate the vessel.

    I elaborate more here:


    1. Speak on it, Brother Bob.

      Of course, I concur, fully. The kenshos and satoris that have been experienced by some I consider to be reminders, a deepening of the connection between us and Source.A further opening and awakening. Choosing to remain in the body is a surrender to physicality and the continuing barrage of experiences that we choose to undergo. But, after those experiences, we do so with a greater understanding of why we have made this choice and progress further and further along the stages of personal growth.

      “Experiential Beingness” works for me. 🙂 Thanks for leaving the link! To those reading, I highly recommend my brother Bob’s blog for even more in-depth explorations of this particular topic.

      Many blessings in return!

      1. The appreciation is certainly mutual, Dear Brother! Your unique and thoughtful service to the awakening of the collective is a bright flame in the dark, a beacon lighting the way home.

        Much Gratitude!

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