Practical Enlightenment: The silent Sage

A thought:

Enlightened Sages are often silent.

This is for a reason. The silence is a cultivation of that space of Being beyond egoic externalization. By remaining so, they are able to exist within that space with little interruption from the mind. It is also a side-effect of having few thoughts, as such, to verbalize. Just Being. Existing.

Sages, Gurus, those who make the choice to externalize and verbalize in the attempt to help others find their own experience of enlightenment, has always been, is, and will always be problematic. Words are by nature limiting. Funneling thought and experience into predetermined forms. How can words approach the perfection of the limitless? Express the ineffable experience of totality? They cannot.

And yet, we are entities predisposed to communication. And, in a space such as that we co-habitate currently, the Internet, words are the primary mode of expression and, therefore, subject to misunderstanding, misinterpretation, purposeful or not-so, and sheer incomprehension. Depending upon the speaking and/or writing skills of those attempting to share information, or experience, all of these interpretations manifest, often, within the space of a single conversation.

Buddha’s first impulse was not to teach. Jesus stayed out of the public for 20 years before he did and was promptly executed upon speaking and acting. Many of those who speak up now do so within the safe space of devotees who surround and protect them. Others do so from the space of video creation or the written word, on blogs and websites devoted to spirituality. These videos, Satsangs, essays, all serve the purpose of cultivating an actual physical space between those who have experienced enlightenment and those who have not. Those who believe what the enlightened say, and those who do not.

Enlightenment remains a dangerous business.

People do still kill the messengers. If not necessarily physically these days, due to the many methods by which they and those who follow them act to protect them, then by social censure, argumentation, character assassination, derision, minimalization.

There are, not many – in comparison to world population – but a substantial number of people who are enlightened who do not advertise it. They have known all of the fancy words, phrases, descriptions, prayers, mantras and koans not as symbols or mental constructions but as experience, as actual, lived life. They walk around every day interacting with people on their jobs, on the streets, even online. They talk, they laugh, they play with others, listening, advising, experiencing, sharing consciousness deliberately and with the highest intention in mind, to help other people to realize what lies beyond the petty dramas and events that circumscribe awareness and limit possibility. Their peace and inner stability is palpable to others as both a physical field and also a mental force that imbues their written words with added meaning, their connection to something beyond, noticeable. They may not claim the word enlightenment, but they live the experience every single day.

The proof of it is sometimes visible in their actions, sometimes not, from an outside vantage point. Because they have free will and choice, their actions are determined by the necessity of the moment and the realization of the experience as lessons, as co-creation between them and those they interact with. Beyond good and evil. In service of Source, the highest Love, of which human morality and virtue are but one side of a dichotomized expression, both of which are necessary for the full materialization of higher purpose.

It is often thought that self realization is something that can be actualized by seeking. By meditating, by praying. And perhaps that is so, if, after the course of many lifetimes, a soul reaches a point where it has experienced all it has needed to, and, in the current lifetime, engages in these practices. But then, for some others, very suddenly and perhaps seemingly out of the blue and with no previous experience or interest in these areas, something happens to wake them also from the dream. To present them with incontrovertible evidence that they are much more than they might have consciously admitted to themselves prior to that event. Often, the “consciously admitted” part of that is only the ghost of societal indoctrination, or Mara, fencing in the herd whispering softly yet insistently in the attempt to keep the psychological constraints in place.

Because they really did know it all along.

Enlightenment from this perspective can be considered a birthright, and also a form of grace. Something bestowed upon an individuated consciousness field in recognition of a certain state of clarity that has been arrived at, not always by conscious effort, but also by what may seem to be synchronistic happenstance. A near-death experience, a shock to the system resulting in an extreme case of cognitive dissonance, an astral encounter of such force that it tips one into the furthest reaches of conscious experience. But in the greater scheme of the infinite and the eternal, the journey has been long and the desire of many aeons of individuated spiritual evolution has culminated in the Now moment, which is all there ever really was in the first place.

So the journey ended, before it began. The search resulting in finding what was sought in the very place one entertained the thought to begin searching. Like Dorothy and her ruby slippers, lost in the Land of Oz, home was available all along.

And this might seem paradoxical. Magical. It may seem to invalidate effort, to inculcate a sense of futility in Seekers. Another koan, or story, meant to obscure rather than reveal. Available and able to be interpreted only by those in the space of being to comprehend its meaning and exercise their divine right of free will in making the choice to Be. And for that to be the full expression of their connection to the All.

The comforting realization at this point must be that, even in order to bear witness to these ideas, to be able to watch the videos, to read the books, to be able to mentally craft the synaptic network necessary to comprehend, one has reached a stage where one’s development – as laid out by the remorseless dream of Source in its manifestation of materiality – has reached the next stage of its own realization. And even if one serves as the warrior to put the spear into the side of Jesus, or the questioner who prompted Buddha in derisive disbelief, or the one to dismiss the advice of that weird, quiet bum on the corner who accosted you with unsolicited but relevant advice on things he could have known nothing about, the time has come for you to move forward, and deeper, to settle into spiritual space already inhabited, already known at some level, deep within.

And none of this, really, requires the Sage to speak. The world requires movement, change, material beingness. Different levels of awareness are the condition of incarnation. Identification is not necessary. Labels, titles, are not important. Only the experience is. The realization. It is predestined.

The only question is, at what point do we each make the choice?




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  1. You do a very fine job of finding the correct words to describe it…It’s your gift from source/light/universe, and it’s a beautiful thing . Shine onward and outward !

    1. Hi CD, it is gratifying to see your words. Your presence and good will is greatly appreciated, I hope this response finds you and yours well and prospering. Many blessings, my friend!

  2. good one.thank you for sharing such a good article and keep sharing the information like this in the upcoming pages. The relaxed mind can think freely. the meditation and yoga can help in this up to some extend.

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