Terran Vice: A game-show for the Ages

What’s your vice? Is it food? Money? Violence? Sexual or emotional gratification? If so, you are in good company. Most people have vices, acknowledged or not. Those who acknowledge their vices are often comfortable in their expression and revel in the manifestation of their deepest, darkest dreams and desires. Those who keep their vices unacknowledged, who do what they do as deep, dark secrets to be kept from the world are uncomfortable, as the faces they present to the world are masks that skew even further into distortion as their bad habits settle in over a lifetime.

If you’ve paid attention to people with vices, public and secret, you will have noticed that their physical appearance begins to take on the expression of their vice as they live it. It shows in the gleam of their eyes, the twist of their lips, the flick of the tongue, the suggestiveness of their gaze and bodily movements. Their word choices and tone, the unconscious habits of communication and expression that we each exhibit. The subconscious ability we all possess to read body language, intonation and the psychic capacities to connect with other people’s energy bodies inform us of their orientation and we may experience discomfort in their presence, knowing something is off, even if we do not know exactly what it might be.

There is another kind of expression of vice as well. Some people’s vices are unacknowledged, even to themselves. These people engage in mentally, emotionally and physically destructive behavior and engage in stupendous psychological maneuvers whose sole design is to hide the truth of themselves, from themselves. But it is an impossible task. Even though it is possible to keep recriminatory thoughts below the level of direct consciousness, the stream of experience builds inexorably towards a culminative point, wherein we are forced to face ourselves and deal with the consequences of our actions in traumatic and destructive dark night of the soul periods of self-examination.

Every scripture and spiritual tradition in the world preaches moderation. To avoid excess in all things. From Christianity to Islam, from Hinduism to Buddhism and to include aboriginal and native traditions the world across. Indulging overly much in the pleasures of this world lead to sensual satiation and the defilement of the original Temple, the human body, the vehicle that provides for our passage through materiality and the gateway to higher understanding.

Overcoming our penchant for indulging our sensual urges is among the hardest trials to overcome in a life. Most people do not succeed. Those who come close, must continuously be on guard against shifting from one vice into yet another, the list of 7 deadly sins is as good a guide as any: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

Success, and transcendence of our psychological weaknesses that provide these states of excess with fertile ground within which to gestate, are possible for those who cultivate mental and spiritual mindsets that guide their lives in patterns commiserate with the highest stages of being that humanity can access. The list of 7 virtues is as good a guide as any: prudence, justice, temperance (or Restraint), courage (or Fortitude), faith, hope and charity (or love). Making the choice to cultivate the characteristics of one list over the other is the choice to take conscious control of your life and by so doing, manifest within your reality the highest capabilities of of human moral, ethical and spiritual development.



    1. Hey Bob! Long time no read! Hope life is treating you and yours wonderfully! Where are you hanging out these days???

      Btw, I have actually seen that movie. It is very interesting, and very Archontic. 😉

      I was excited to see it come out, when the trailer first opened, and when the movie was placed online I watched it. I thought it did a good job of introducing the concept of multidimensional entities that thrive off of our mundane existence. As good a job as any type of media-based offering could do, without getting too deeply into the real depths of the matter.

      1. Greetings, Brother! These days, as far as writing goes, I am sticking with my blogs, and spending a lot more time off-line, out in the garden and enjoying it. Great to see you are still active here!


  1. Another great post. I agree that the seven sins are a good general guideline for vices to be on guard for, though I’ve always felt that they can be emotions that are natural to feel at times and are more effectively kept in check if acknowledged rather than suppressed, hidden, denied, etc. (as you also pointed out). For example, if one experiences injustice is it not right to feel wrath towards the perpetrators at least at the moment but not dwell on it for life? The seven virtues (except maybe love) might also be problematic if practiced excessively or misguidedly. However, it’s hard to argue with your greater point that it is better for all of us to cultivate and spread positive, virtuous mindsets.

    1. Hi Luther, thank you for your comment! I write assuming a certain orientation of my readers, but, of course, that is not necessarily the only orientation. Because the world proceeds from dichotomy, negative expressions are also valid as a manifestation of consciousness in all possible permutations. The world is as it is and that is ok. All blessings to you and yours!

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