Practical Enlightenment: The coalescence of destiny

Stillness reigns.

The world bursts with activity around you. Your eyes take in the movement, the brilliant colors, the aural tapestry of sounds emanating from disparate sources all around, none taking precedence, all co-existing. The wind upon your skin, the feel of your muscles tensing and flexing, the breath moving in and out of your chest. The feel of the ground beneath your feet, each step deliberate yet automatic, the body doing what it does without conscious intent.

No thought. No discursiveness. No chatter running constantly beneath the mantle of consciousness. Only openness, as stimulus enters through the senses and the body navigates the world seemingly of its own volition.

But it is not. It is obeying your commands. Commands not made consciously, not made by sending sub-vocalized commands to the feet, directing them, to the body, as you navigate roads, grass, trails, sidewalks, open doors, climb stairs. Still … silence.

Still, synthesis. The world’s expression flowing through you, as you navigate through it effortlessly and smoothly, as if you were indeed a part of it.

Eventually, a thought does arise. A raccoon passes, you smile. The memory of a raccoon you saw in the past passes through your mind. Then it dissipates, fades away, and, once again, there is silence. Your journey continues, your walking meditation is the way you navigate the world as your mind reposes in silence, the oft-seemingly uncontrollable mental dialogue you were used to is gone. In the Now, the thought processes occur and they are followed as necessary, The mind ascends from the depths of non-discursiveness in order to conduct the business of living, to engage in the world, to interact with others and to live as a component part of the essential reality shared by us all.  

This state of being has become a regular part of your lived expression. In the midst of daily life, suddenly, the mind stills. You have entered the state of non-discursiveness. Your presence increases exponentially in this state, as your senses are all open, the intake of material stimuli coursing through you as if through a bottomless cup, everything registering and yet nothing disturbing the flow of information. In the silences of that fundamental peace, the resonance of spirit is aligned with the flow of life and you are there, you are here. Within this state, there is no past and no future, there is no thought of even the Now, there just Is. Just existence. Just being.

It happens more and more often. Accompanying the state of peace is a corresponding resonation of joy, which is the steady-state harmonic implicit in the co-resonation of individuated consciousness with the zero-point field of Creation itself. By plugging in to life, the mind, the body, the spirit become more and more the vessel through which the Divine manifests its will upon the material plane. The rarification of the human spirit is a distillation of being, an alchemical process conducting through time and across space, proceeding in tune with greater trends and processes that span multidimensional systems. The Coalescence of Destiny approximates the innocuous, the mundanity of a life lived in search of the magical compounded within the moment of discovery, as the deepest secret is discovered in the space of your most intimate understanding.

There was no journey in the first place. No destination. No goal. And yet, the journey was long. The destination, almost inconceivable. The goal, prodigiously attained.

All the paradoxes of life are not. All just is.

Truly understanding – and by so doing, living – that Truth is squaring the circle, tying the gordian knot, completing the circuit of life’s möbius strip.

The Enlightenment Series

1. The Great Gathering

2. Practical Enlightenment: The aftermath of Kenshō

3. The End of Forever

4. Practical Enlightenment: Living in the World

5. Practical Enlightenment: Processing the emotions of other people

6. Practical Enlightenment: The vale of tears

7. Practical Enlightenment: Dealing with instant karma

8. True Awakening: The conservation of energy

9. Practical Enlightenment: The Point of Realization

10. Practical Enlightenment: The coalescence of destiny


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