Practical Enlightenment: The point of realization

There comes a point where a choice has to be made.

For those living the truth of their experiences, who have found stillness. Who have settled into the Heart of Darkness and found the pure Light shining beyond. Who have moved into that Light-that-is-not-Light, that is more, that is All, that is Source.

The choice has to be made, then, what to do next. For many ensconced in traditions, the pathless path is more-or-less clearly laid out for them in advance. More immersion within experiential exploration of alternate states of awareness. Directed meditation, seeking stillness, cultivating silence. Finding the space to be alone, time in the wilderness. Time spent settling into a space of being separate from the world, releasing all material desires, wants and needs and becoming alien to experience, to life. For those who practice certain disciplines, there is the choice to cultivate heart-based compassion and empathy. For those who practice other disciplines, remaining dispassionate and apart is the goal.

But there is another choice. A choice made to reengage the world. To retain one’s connection to loved ones and materiality and to live ensconced within this new form of awareness fully conscious of one’s decision-making capacity and agency in the cultivation of an awake and aware lifestyle of engaged enactment of personal destiny. The in-breath is a drawing in of awareness, where the void is witnessed, contemplated. The act of existing within the stillness is a zero-point coalescence of will and intent, from which all potentialities lie before the Seeker with no boundaries, only endless choices all leading to the same end. The outbreath is the expansion of awareness, the application of intent and will as the world is re-engaged.

It is at this point that the decision to be made is culled down to its bare essence and all choices become no choices at all. Where life directs the score, each instrument playing its part. The difference being, one instrument has become fully conscious and aware of its enactment of a collective destiny within the constraints of the sheet music guiding all participants, constraining free will choice to a set arrangement of notes and keys, within which there seems to be little leeway for free-will exploration.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Life then becomes a jazz arrangement of extemporaneous riffing, the sharps and flats providing an infinite variety of permutations of the score, within which the conscious and fluent instrument can flit and soar through scales of kaleidoscopic variety, hitting the rests and key changes with easy familiarity, foreseeing the chord shifts, the orchestral movements, crescendos and pianissimos, becoming a director within the directed, achieving a state of freedom undreamed of by instruments still bounded by the score.

The point of decision. The Point of Realization that few know where you are. Who you are. Even those who are closest to you. Not necessarily from want of trying, although that can be at issue as well, but from the want of experiential knowledge of what you have become, where you have been and where you are going.

The inability of others to understand or even believe your experience becomes meaningless in this context. Their scoffing, derision and disbelief become points of interest and consideration, but do not bear the weight or possess the capacity to affect your internal sense of beingness and purpose. Your choices to retain or release life agreements with friends and family become contingent upon the choice you make about how you will travel through the Now moment, creating the future in line with the highest destiny possible and according to the infinite will and intentionality of that Source that is now a living and vibrant part of your lived expression.

Experiencing Source is unmistakable. Yet, delusion runs rampant. The blackness behind the eyes and an intense experience of love can often be mistaken for something greater. But the source-field itself is much, much more than that. Once you return from it, nothing is ever again the same in every facet of your being. There are signs and characteristics that accompany the experience. These are expressed in every wisdom tradition the world across and possess an internal consistency that speaks to a very real state of being.

If you inform others of your experiences, be prepared for their disbelief. Be prepared for their derision. Be prepared for the limited engagement of their reasoning faculties and their seemingly sudden distrust of who you have become, despite whatever past you may have experienced with them. Even more importantly, be certain, yourself, of who you have become, what you have experienced.

You know. But even so, what you have gone through may not necessarily fully be what you think it is. Ego’s involvement – or lack thereof – here is paramount. Enlightenment is scaled, harmonic whole notes progressing to higher and higher states of resonance and vibration. There is no beginning and no end.

Self-analysis and constant examination and control of the thought processes is required. For your own edification, research. Go into the traditions, into Hinduism, mystical Christianity/Gnosticism, Islam/Sufism, Buddhism, aboriginal traditions the world across. Find their tales of enlightenment and compare them to your own, always seeking to minimize the ways in which ego can sabotage the journey of discovery, attributing to the self that which stops all progress dead in its tracks, as its grandiose leanings entrap and glorify experience to the extent that further progress is blocked. Understand that the journey-that-is-not-a-journey is both an accomplishment and a bequeathment, and that the resultant paradox is not at all. That Grace and Free Will are one and the same.

Cultivate self-knowledge. Understanding of the patterns you left with Source and those you may still choose to express. Your life path, before and after. Cultivate peace. Cultivate empathy and dispassion simultaneously, embrace the world and your experience as that which is part and parcel of the destiny you have been born to live. Humility and gratitude, life lived in the Now and peace, filled with opportunity abound. Synchronicities present potentialities unseen for those still lost in the past and future and the vagaries of egocentric engagement. The paradox in this situation is, that these travails exist for the enlightened and the unenlightened alike. Choices have to continuously be made. In every moment. In every situation.

What often seem to be bad choices from an outside perspective, when made from a deeper consideration of the possibilities and a life path, become opportunities to achieve higher states of being through what seem to be the lower nature of the senses and the world.  This reality can be, and is, another trap for the unwary. Another paradox situated at the crux of the journey of personal spiritual evolution is that, once the mountaintop has been reached, one must then return back down into the valley if the path is true, engaging the world and oceanic humanity much as one did previously, but with the conscious choice to express that infinitely expanded awareness that has become a part of one’s lived reality.

In these days and times, enlightenment remains real, as it always has been. The incarnation of many souls that have been here and elsewhere before, living lives of heartache and joy, of pain and tragedy. Making choices over and over again, eventually and laboriously moving higher with each iteration of the consciousness spiral, preparing the way for subsequent lifetimes up and down the time-stream, each designed to highlight certain lessons for their inevitable transcension.

The crass and material nature of our reality seemingly minimizes spiritual development and popular opinion remains, as ever, opposed to its expression. But the wave of consciousness evolution continues, despite the naysayers and worldly mendicants of pyramidal control matrices and power politics at the personal and collective levels. When the darkness achieves the heights, in its turn, the light must shine forth. Those who have released the burdens of incarnation and become the expression of light in this world must shine forth in all their brilliance, being fully who they are. One becomes the All and the world changes.

It is the Way.

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  1. Great writing Rahkyt, it brings to mind the Zen saying “At first, I saw mountains as mountains and rivers as rivers. Then, I saw mountains were not mountains and rivers were not rivers. Finally, I see mountains again as mountains, and rivers again as rivers.”

    1. Hey Jenci. It is always a pleasure to find your words, the company of your soul has been missed. A beautiful saying, so relevant. The subtleties of the ‘return to the world’ can take so many words to explain, these types of koans, filled with meaning are so much more relevant. Bless, sistersoul.

      1. Thank you too. I am very much ‘apart from the world’ these days. The path of negation is showing up all as illusion and that is OK, it’s just where I am at, at the moment. That said, this ‘return to the world’ is very important too and even though it is not my experiential perception at the moment, I do understand intellectually that the illusion itself is not really separate from Reality. It’s a great topic.

    1. Brother Bob! I have spent time with those pictures in the past and agree, although I did not reference them particularly, they were in the back of my mind as I wrote. Perhaps it is you who referenced them to me in the past, or some thread on PA. Either way, a definite help-meet, pictures encompass so many truths that the multitude of words might take forever to express! Thank you for sharing the link here, for those who visit to peruse! Blessings always!

  2. Thank You soooo much for writing this, it’s energy will reverberate on and on forever now. Plus I keep forgetting exactly who/what I am and need reminding from time to time.
    Let’s keep the energy moving forward….Rob

    1. Hi Rob, always good to see your moniker here in my feed, I hope life is treating you and yours wondrously. Reverbration is most certainly our destiny! Moving onwards, exactly. Blessings to you and yours!

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