Current Energetics 02.08.2013: Sextile sins and coronal crosses

You’ve been blasted, you’ve been taken out, you’ve been knocked down and you’ve been laid to rest by what seems to be the most intense experiences that you’ve ever had. The last couple of days have been typified by fights, arguments and disagreements that seem to have arisen from nowhere, but, instead, represent long-simmering disharmonics that have plagued your lives and that have lain fallow until the exact confluence of the Grand Sextile and a corresponding energetic blast of solar energy birthed through Sol that has innundated the planetary sphere.

You wonder how this was all possible, how you have been able to make it through these difficult times, and the answer lies deep within you. It is the answer you have hoped for, the answer that you knew was there, the answer that makes all of your rhetorical questions moot.

That you chose this. That this was what you came here for. That this is the culmination of many lifetimes of effort for some, or the representation as a mission fulfilled for others. All of the trials, all of the tribulations are exactly designed to bring you to a space of BEing that purges you of the impurities that have bedeviled your lived experience. You have been given the opportunity to face your lies head-on, to confront your inner demons by way of others, acting as mirrors within which the visage you show the world is revealed to be false, nothing but a personality construct that crumbles when its weaknesses are revealed.

There is the opportunity to take in this lesson and to make it a part of who you are, to change the behavior patterns that brought these weaknesses to light and to grow from it. There is also the opportunity to ignore it, to remain mired in the self-perpetuated lies that guide your life and to continue on down whatever path your own personal lies have led you to. For most of us, the choice is clear. To move forward, to accept our weaknesses and to grow from them. But for others, it is not so clear. For those others, seeing past the lies is too painful, too much work to accomplish without destroying everything that they have spent a lifetime building.

These times are important. Abundance and unlimited growth lie just around the corner. But that corner exists in a fun-house universe and stretches out into infinity as you attempt to turn it, getting further away with each step. Putting a time span on something, attempting to tell the future, to predict what will happen and when becomes a fool’s game, one that only the deluded and the egocentric engage in. Outside of time and space, eternity and infinity are the habitat and range of vast beings of unfathomable consciousness, of which we are infinitesimal slivers, limited in expression and intent when compared to the higher realms of Self and Source.

The abundance of self-fulfillment underlies every thought, every intent, every word, every action. Its manifestation is dependent upon a full acceptance of the role that you play in life, which includes the responsibility of moving past one’s issues finally and for good, integrating lessons into lived expression and manifesting the highest potentiality of each instance, thereby engaging the Flow, that living, conscious awareness that brings synchronicities into being and guides a life connected to the highest Source of All. Being exactly who and what you are destined to be.

Making the choice to accept our role in this life, to engage in the mundane actions of living that seem so meaningless but that are really meaningful is the choice to live a destiny much more important than realized. Enjoying the suffering, the pain, realizing that they are the fastest pathway to spiritual growth and the very reason why you decided to incarnate here is accepting life as it comes and living in the Now moment, fully cognizant of the Present, living in that vast space of BEingness resonant in fulfillment of the requirements of Past and Future, engaged in microcosm for macrocosmic purposes.


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