Energetic Cording and Letting Go

Sometimes, you just have to let some people go. The particulars of your decision are not as important as is the realization that the time of your direct, mutual interaction is done. There comes a time when it is realized that there is little to be gained by maintaining a connection that does not serve your own personal evolution. When it is understood that there is little to be gained by continued engagement. There may have been disagreements, fights and even hatred. There may even have been no real discord at all. But that recognition of a lack of mutual resonance – a cacophonic, vibratory disharmonic – was and is enough to warrant a shift in direction that does not include that individual.

Trust, in that moment of choice, that the other person feels the same way. That they have sensed the lack of connection as well. Move on, move higher, move beyond. Do not look back except to integrate the experience and the lessons, applying them where necessary and being thankful for the opportunity to share growth with another soul on a parallel – but divergent – journey through space and time.

Sometimes it is not clear when the incision in the relationship should be made. In those instances, where there is doubt about whether or not the relationship should end, it is important to examine the reasons why the first impression is being reconsidered. If it has anything to do with material factors, job, money, prestige, or emotional entanglements like mutual friends, family or history, release those considerations and consider the matter anew from the point of your realization that the relationship no longer works.

Once the clarity of the moment has informed your contemplation, it will become clear to you exactly why the decision to sever the psychic cording has arisen. The process of psychic cording refers to the ethereal connections we make to other people, from lovers to family to friends, acquaintances and even enemies. It is an energetic form of quantum connection that is dynamic and instantaneous, communicating emotions and impressions on a constant basis that keep us subconsciously tied to those so corded. It is a method of channeling energy and having that energy channeled from you. It is always a choice.

That choice is one that can be made consciously but that demands intention in its full resolution. Energetic cording can be severed by willful visualization and emotively-powered fulmination. See the cording severed. Feel the connection dissipate into the aether. Intend no ill, just conscious, deliberate cessation.


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