Current Energetics 17.07.2013: A minutia of consequence

As the cosmic energies continue to ramp up, there arrive points of personal revelation that highlight the areas of our lives where we still have work to do. At this stage of the game, we feel as if we have been through the wringer, washed out and hung up to dry on the clothesline of life, as if there is so little left of who we were that there could not be anything further to reveal, anything more to work on, any more dark corners to bring to the light. And yet, at the macrocosmic level, as the world around us continues to shift in alignment with the increasing consciousness quotient of oceanic Humanity, at the microcosmic level we find that we still remain connected by choice to some instances of personal dysfunction that, not coincidentally, reveal that we are fractally related to all that is occurring at greater scales of occurrence.

Current space weather conditions are stable, mirroring the plateau effect upon consciousness that finds us ruminating upon how far we’ve come and how we perceive the distance ahead to be. For the most part, we are cognizant of the reality that we are not the same people that we were 3 months ago, let alone 6 months to a year ago. Despite this revelation, it seems as if everything has changed and yet nothing has changed. Perhaps our individual lives have changed beyond recognition in response to the ramping up of energies during the past 7 months. Our locations, our jobs, our economic situations. The method of this shift has occurred in quite synchronistic and seemingly magical ways and has been so natural and seamless that the supernatural has taken on the cast of the mundane. We risk taking everything for granted, which, energetically, is one of the biggest mistakes that can be made. An attitude of humble gratitude, secure in the knowledge that we are recipients of  supreme benevolence and thankful for all that has occurred in our lives, is mandatory in order to continue along the path without awakening the egoistic pratfalls of pride, complacency and entitlement.

In the world as a whole, the energetic plateau we are currently experience is witnessing a grounding in of the higher consciousness. The freedom movements have not halted or lost steam, they have continued to grow in intensity and focus as the masses of people around the world recognize the influence of small cabals in their lives and fortunes and refuse to bow down to the controller methodologies any longer. The revelations of economic misdeeds and political secrets continue to come to public attention. It seems as if the ability of the cabal factions to keep their secrets has come to an end. These times are times of truth and justice and court cases that have been based upon unjust laws are contributing to the division of the people and the separation of consciousness as those who support violent means to ends find themselves on the side of the old system of command and control, racial domination and political hegemony. While those of the new consciousness find themselves aligned multiracially with others of a similar resonance factor, looking forward and participating in the formulation of new ways of interacting and being in the world, coexisting and seeking the answers to the world’s problems in holistic and sustainable ways.

And so now we find ourselves at the crux of our personal issues, standing there in search of solace as the crossroads of life beckon, the choices available to us narrowing down to responsibility, preference and orientation. Who are we going to be? What is most important to us now and going forward? Who are we, right now, manifesting our realities in this Now space and time? The search for the answers to these questions reveals the few issues left to those who have traveled the path of consciousness to the heights implicit in this moment, in the vast span of time, a minutia of consequence, and yet, so meaningful and fast in the evolution of human potentiality. So simple and basic, the recognition of foundational limitations seems now. The thought arises, is this all? Is this it? Is this what has been holding me back for so long? And like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, recognizing in the end that the way home was with her the entire time, the issues that seemed so desperate and ingrained dissipate into nothingness, as illusory as life itself.

This choice-point seems even more poignant than all that has come before, and it is. Standing in the blasting furnace of cosmic energy, spirits flaming with fiery iridescence we ride the wave of synchronicity and destiny in search of the elusive. Recognizing the perfection of our imperfection, becoming comfortable in the crucible of paradox, finding the peace in acceptance of our frailties and doubts we come to realize that the journey is the destination and that we have already arrived.


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