Current Energetics 20.06.2013: Energetic sacrifices and the Solstice

There are big, material changes currently under way. While these changes are occurring, there are correspondingly imperative campaigns underway at higher dimensional levels to clear the way of past negative influences that have guided the course of this planet’s evolution for far too long. Even so, all is as it should be. The energetic sine-wave of oscillating cosmic forces is about to reach its apex on the 21st of June, 2013, which will result in a free-fall of institutions, paradigms and belief-systems that will seem incredible and nigh unbelievable to those who have not been paying close attention.

At the macrocosmic level of culture, in the Western nations, the mainstream media (MSM) continues to deploy the non-news as if it is the most important reality when, in fact, its offerings are generally the least important aspects of our reality. Still, some things are worthy of note. The stock market has fallen dramatically. Gold prices have dropped through the floor. The Supreme Court refuses to rule on certain issues of extreme ethical importance to the future of the USA. A heavily advertised trial based upon racial intolerance is about to begin. The POTUS is out of the country – in Germany no less – and issues of social importance, such as equality and equal rights, are being debated strenuously. The man who played an iconic psychopath on television has died.

All of these issues combine in order to create an energetic miasma comprised primarily of fear and loathing. While seeming to be disconnected on the surface, to those immersed within the electromagnetic field of WiFi and media, the effect is one of constant and underlying dread that is further consolidated by the morbid concentration of the MSM upon a constant flow of contention, a negatively shifting reality, imminent personal and group danger and potential cultural catastrophe. This is in a very real way an energetic sacrifice, where the emotions of the residents of the USA and the West in general are manipulated in order to steer the collective consciousness of the Eurocentric nations in a direction amenable to the machinations of the Powers That Be. This energetic sacrifice is concentrated through carefully designed media presentations that produce an emotional response in the millions of people watching, which results in a wave of energy that bolsters the power of the Elite and allows them to work dark spells meant to further dis-empower and enslave Terran Humanity.

At the personal level, for some, the dramas are on increase, while for others, they seem to be lessening. The division of consciousness that is currently under way has picked up steam to the extent that those of differing orientations seem to inhabit very different worlds. While they continue to inhabit the same material, 3D reality, they observe each other from afar, direct interaction becoming less and less a factor in their lives. Those who embrace the accumulative and capital-centric meta-narrative of the West are engulfed by the problems emanating from such a concentration, their self-centered and materially-oriented worldviews immersing them in episodes of drama as this paradigm collapses. Those who embrace the dispersive and holistic, world-inclusive meta-narrative of the Indigenous and Post-modern coalescence of consciousness continue to see their lives shifting for the better as their efforts due to meditation, selfless giving and empathy begin to manifest better lifestyles, seemingly as if by magic, around them.

For those dedicated to the shift in consciousness and the empathic resonance to the increasing light quotient inundating the planet, these times are re-charging, even as they continue to experience emotional highs and lows and personal dramas generally initiated by those within their immediate environments still caught up in the lower-vibratory resonance of material culture. The synchoncities and blessings continue to accumulate, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that pure intention, dedication to a higher Source and an attitude of love and giving does indeed result in material rewards commiserate with the level of personal empowerment.

This particular solstice is yet another energetic portal – one in a particularly important series dating back to mid-2012 – through which lies the full ascension of the forces of Light, beyond which lies the further manifestation of institutions and cultural processes that will mark the Shift of the Ages and the Dawn of a New World. Because of the influx of cosmic energy and the inevitability of genetic shifts that result in consciousness evolution, there is little chance of failure. And yet, the battles must continue to be fought and the enemies vanquished in order for the times to fully manifest. This will occur, this is now occurring, at every level of consciousness manifestation proceeding from this 3D reality back and up to Source itself.

This is no longer a time for fence-sitting. If you are among those still uncertain about who you are and what your life is about, now is the time to make the choice. The time to follow your heart’s desire and to release the patterns of the past and the failed beliefs of stodgy and sterile institutions mired in worldly concerns. Now is the time to let go of who you were and to become who you know you are and to choose your destiny based upon your own highest intentions and internal knowing. Sacrificing selfish concerns in order to dedicate your efforts to the salvation of this planet and your fellow constituents of Terran Humanity is the highest calling that will result in a future undreamed of that is much, much nearer than you think.

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