Bespoke Organisms: Centaurs, Minotaurs and Fauns, Oh My!

“In short then, the synthetic biologist seeks to build a bespoke system (such as an organism) by re-designing an existing system or constructing one from scratch using parts taken from nature or specially designed. This approach can lead to organisms, networks and systems with properties not found in nature (such as bacteria that produce spider silk or cells that change colour when they divide).” ~ Synthetic Biology, The Royal Society

The way is clear, then. Using discipline-specific terminology, the transgenic agenda is laid bare, the work of centuries of scientific endeavor now enshrined in US law by the recent decision by the Supreme Court to clear the way for companies to create biological organisms through synthetic means that, for all intents and purposes, are living creatures made from copies of the genetic structure of natural beings.

This hearkens back unto the days of mythology, no longer just the febrile dreams of the fantastic indulged in by opium addicts and mescaline fiends, but instead, endorsed and corroborated as factual reality by science and the highest courts in the land. For the biotech companies, the implications are enormous. Cyborgs and highly specialized organisms of the animalistic persuasion, pumped full of synthesized human genetics to add intelligence, nominally employed as sub-human servants conditioned to the will of their Corporate Masters.

The potential for abuse is obvious, as is the potential for the genie of organic life to be released from its lamp and create an entirely new class of species that are ‘synthetic’ in nature, but whose genome is a mixed potpourri of animal, plant and human, designed for very specific purposes. These purposes can include the militaristic, the economic, the social. The sky is no limit and the febrile imaginations of the insane masterminds bent upon playing God leave no heresy unturned in their search to transform the world into their version of utopia.

The popular preoccupation with cyberpunk culture, artificial intelligence (AI) and computers that may take over the world and destroy humanity, as put forth by the mainstream media and the movie industry in recent years seems in this context to be a diversionary tactic, designed to divert people’s attention from the real agenda, which will result in the creation of a class of beings that are, arguably, non-human and, therefore, inferior and naturally subservient to humanity.

How would you feel about purchasing a servant, a quarter-dog, for servility and loyalty, a quarter chimpanzee, for dexterity and strength, a quarter arachnid, so that it might have four arms, and a quarter purple pansey, for a nice, brilliant coloration, designed specifically to your taste? How about a talking dog or cat, to keep you company on those cold winter nights? Or spider/moth hybrids that can knit you the clothing of your choice in no time flat?

Sound like a dream? A fantasy? A terrific nightmare of insane proportions?

It is all of the above.

And it is the future.



    1. Hey there, brother. Yes, was time to take a hiatus, had to finish my dissertation and then recover from that. LOL Hope life is finding you and yours well and prospering! Bless!

      1. Congratulations on the completion of your work, hope it all turned out well for you! Will be looking forward to your insightful offerings online, now that school is behind you!


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