An Earth Day Reflection on the Time and the Choices Available to Terran Humanity

Currently, there are a number of alternate timelines playing about a Central Timeline that the majority of Terran-birthed Humans have chosen. That Central Timeline is centered around resolving the Age-old dramas that have resulted in the current constellation of potentialities within which we live our daily lives. It reflects the collective choice of all of us here regarding whether to proceed in a direction of nurturance and sustainability or one of continuing limitation and exploitation. The manifestation of these Timelines that are opening up the future of Terran Humanity to both negative and positive eventualities are equally distant – yet currently trended toward the negative – from the main timeline which is what we are all collectively co-creating and experiencing at the current Now moment and place across Time and through Space.

As things currently stand, Humanity is choosing to experience the reckoning that has been prophecied and mathematically predicted based upon past choices and directions made by individuals and the collectives they comprise. This is primarily based upon individual soul choices that have complied with the group soul choices made upon incarnating within specific bodies in specific times in specific places. What this means is that the dramas that are currently engulfing the planet are co-created entities of very particular psychic and extra-dimensional orientation and that these choices have aligned the planetary collective with certain ultra and extra-dimensional forces that are actively playing a role in making sure that these potentialities play out in real time.

The Moabite Centrix has held material control and maximum sway over collective orientation and technological advancement for centuries. Because of their firm hand and unbending direction toward the co-optation of Terran humanity toward the psychopathic and self-centric, the mainstream media and cultural orientation of the majority of the Western nations have chosen to follow the path of material accumulation and spiritual disslution. This meme has been spread across the planet and has now engulfed a large proportion of the Earth’s population, resulting in a planetary decision to experience negatively oriented realities to the exclusion of positive oriented realities in the near and distant Future.

Under the auspices of the New World Order, the collusion of the Earth’s population has been coaxed into following directives inimical to Gaia and to Life itself. These choices are exemplified by individual decisions each day toward a consumptive and dissolute lifestyle, material glorification and self-aggrandizement. Because of these individual choices, group choices have resulted in a toxic planet where the oceans are threatened by pollution, as is the Earth itself, the plants and animals and the atmosphere. These choices are not irreversible, but this path has reached a stage where Gaia herself, filled with love for her children of all persuasions and orientations, must soon make a decision that will determine once and for all the future of this planet and its accumulated populations.

Because of the nature of the Earth Garden and agreements made by the representatives of collective Humanity in the form of their political and military leadership, certain agreements were made with extra-terrestrial and demonic forces that bolstered their power and access to this plane of existence, this planets full spectrum of life, including plant, animal, mineral, etheric and crystalline. These conscious choices made with the sub-conscious collusion and trust of the planetary population have resulted in a Harvest Scenario, where Terran Humanity is now faced with potential Extinction Level Events that will leave the planet in the full control of extra-terrestrial and Dimensional powers and principalities.

While these negative external forces have been, to a large extent, given a mandate by the Elite, who represent the Earth’s population, to do what they will with the planet and its inhabitants, there remain certain strictures upon their rape of the planet that are in alignment with the Greater Laws of the Cosmos and Creation itself. Free Will remains paramount and societal and cultural memes that work generally at an unconscious level that require agreement are coming to the surface for more and more people to examine and choose to implement in their own lives or not. The influx of Cosmic Energy within the solar system during the current and past solar maximums and minimums have increased the consciousness level of Humanity as a whole which has allowed this potentiality to manifest. Still, the collective choice remains enslaved to the agenda of the Elite, which remains the primary timeline wherein their nefarious agenda is slated to play out to the detriment of Terran Humanity, the Solar System, the Galaxy and the Universe itself.

Everything is connected. Nothing in Creation exists in Isolation. Because this is so, the agreements made by Earth collectives that involve Extraterrestrial and Dimensional interlopers have tended toward the Negative expression of this visitation and assistance, rather than the Positive. As a result, those Extraterrestrial and Dimensional forces that seek to assist Earth humanity currently find it difficult if not impossible to impact the occurrences happening on the planet or to combat those negative forces currently engaged on the planet directly, or to land their ships on Earth in order to facilitate the Awakening Process through the revelation of Galactic Society and Terran Humanity’s inevitable inclusion within it.

Currently, Gaia and Earth Humanity do not support the assistance of Positive Extraterrestrial and Dimensional forces upon the surface of the planet. This is in part the decision of Terran Humanity, but it is also the decision of Gaia herself. It is a choice based upon decades of negative indoctrination. Since Humans on Earth are making the Free Will decision to maintain and support the fear-based memes of the Elite factions that control the economics and politics of the planet, Gaia has assented to its playing out upon her surface. This is not fully Earth Mother’s choice – in that she wishes only the best and highest of destinies for all of her children – but it is representative of her love for her children that she supports their decisions, to include all forms of life currently inhabiting and native to this planet. As a result, she is currently not allowing Positive ETs to land upon Earth. Also, she has limited the ability of Negative ETs to influence the direction the Earth shall take in any way further than the influences they have already had upon the Elite and their goals.

In essence, what it will come down to is a clear choice on the part of each and every conscious entity on the face of the Earth. There will come a moment, a point in time, when every single creature that lives on this planet will have to make a conscious and undeniable choice whether to implement the directives of the Elite, or to proceed according to Life-centric systems that nurture a space of Love that will engulf the planet and transform it into a paradise, relegating the Prison Planet meme to history. This moment may come when the Elite plans for Global War are on the cusp of fruition. It may come when the climate and environmental destruction reaches a stage where life on this planet is threatened with an Extinction Level Event. Or it may come at a point when the weight of sorrow, grief and terror give way to the transcendence of joy and peace that inevitably transforms that individual and collective emotional and psychic state into something never seen or experienced before in this reality or any other.

To reach that point, Terran Humanity will have to share a collective moment and experience where emotional connectivity crests, creating a super-wave of psychic potential that irrefutably represents the full will and desire of the majority of the planet. The strength and power of differential emotional states stand equal to their corresponding psychic potentiality, with positively-oriented emotions producing correspondingly tranquil and smoothly flowing energy patterns and negatively-oriented emotions producing correspondingly fractured and disrupted energy patterns.

The tendency of positive emotivity to overwhelm negatively-oriented emotivity plays its part as well, requiring fewer originating conscious participants than its oppositional emotional and psychic counterpart. If fear and hatred decide the day, then the future that so many have envisioned will manifest.  If love and empathy decide the day, then the future that less have envisioned, but that represents the most sustainable and evolutionarily positive potentiality possible will manifest, given the full weight of where we currently are and where we have come from.

These alternate Timelines, both positive and negative, are currently options that play about the subconscious level of awareness for most, influencing each moment and space of Becoming as a multidimensional collusion of consciousness involving each and every sentient being on the planet. As we traverse the days of our lives, each and every choice we make falls down on one side of this spectrum of opposites or the other, resulting in the often confusing and intimately byzantine and fractal-like meanderings of Fate and Free Will, determined and yet decided in each and every moment.

The combined burden of pain, guilt, suffering, love, compassion and empathy deserve a human-solution and a higher form of Justice beyond the levels of material incarnation and knowing, thereby resulting in a self-imposed planetary orientation of shared culpability and shared resolution.

The decision is ours and ours alone. What we manifest will be what we choose. And we will all know the moment when it arrives.


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