Energetic Portals, Personal and Collective Growth

There are energetic portals that occur as a result of space weather. In these portals, the influx of cosmic energy directly from space and funneled through the sun affects consciousness levels on earth and the rest of the solar system. It is during these times of openness that the Elite often schedule their energy rituals. It is their attempt to marshal the power of lower emotional states which are required at high population levels in order to affect mass consciousness. That lower emotional energy in the form of fear, anger or hatred exists at a fractured and unstable frequency and cannot travel like the smoother more stable frequencies of higher emotional energies like love, joy and compassion.

During the journey of awakening, there comes a point where it becomes possible for each of us to attain the ability to make a choice in that matter. To chose to be affected by collective emotional trends, or not. Depending upon your connection with family and friends, compassion for the world in general and orientation toward individual or collective growth, a conscious decision can be made to either lend one’s energy to certain emotional initiatives or not. The Heart-math institute and other meditation-based offerings are good examples of positive ways in which to direct these energies.

We are individuals but we are also a part of something larger. No matter how much individual work we do, we will always be a part of something greater than us. The Buddha did not want to teach Awakening but was coaxed to by a god. He didn’t think there were enough people on the planet that would ‘get it’. But because of that decision and those of others who have pierced the veil, the collective has benefited from the experience and initiative of individuals. While the journey towards individual awakening and heart-opening remains our individual goals, the process of doing so does result in a wave effect, whereby the immediate environment is affected and ripples of consciousness reverberate outwards from the awakened individual to transform the global consciousness as well.

Being awakened, one is therefore afforded a choice, which is also present for those who are more under the influence of theirs and others emotional states, but less clearly. A choice in how to direct personal energy. The longer the state is abided within, the clearer the synapses become, the more rarified the neural net of the mind, which begins to shine and emit purer and purer energy. Thought process clarifies and stills more and more as life becomes more a function of living in the now rather than over-thinking everything and dwelling in the past and future.

Taking advantage of the alignments of stars and planets and the solar system as it travels  through the galaxy by aligning one’s self with one’s highest potentiality during times when this energy makes that potentiality easier is an intuitive way of coming into attunement with natural forces and one’s body, both grounding one’s self in the Here and Now and, seemingly paradoxically, freeing one’s self from the limitations of the flesh.

These are exhilarating and bounteous times. I hope everyone is enjoying the ride!



  1. “I hope everyone is enjoying the ride!”

    That’s the key, isn’t it — those who learn to enjoy it find more and more to enjoy, and those who resist it find more and more to resist. Funny how that seems to work. 🙂


  2. ThankYou for your Writing !!
    Been Busy at Trucking School
    for -P.A.M.- Transportation ~
    best Wishes to you ‘rakhyt’
    Your inspirating and encouraging
    writing and work is a great help
    to us all, ‘No doubt’
    /// ~i am very grateful~ ///
    Have a Wonderful Day EveryOne.!!!

    1. Good to see you Cirith, I hope that your training is going well, the Big Rigs look like fun to handle! Thanks for dropping by and for your encouragement! Many blessings to you and yours!

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