The Moabites, the Pope and the Cypriot Model for World Domination

Despite the continued elevation of consciousness the world across, the Moabite Centrix continues its depredations in regards to the world’s wealth and complete, Geo-political, full-spectrum dominance of every aspect of human activity. The increasing coalescence of overt power in the hands of the German nation, as the central and most hegemonic representative of the so-called European Union, has shown its hand as well as what it has planned for the Unite States and the rest of the world as soon as it has brought its constellation of satellite nations fully under the economic and political control of the potential daughter of the 3rd Reich Führer, Adolph Hitler, Angela Merkel, and the unabashedly awakened home of Nazi International – also known as the 4th Reich – Deutschland. A full understanding of the current events at the level of geopolitics must delve into numerous topics of a seemingly unrelated nature, but that are all tied together by the unseen influence of the Moabite Centrix, an ancient evil manifest and unrepentant, wielding unrestrained power in the modern day.

Following WWII and the exodus of important scientists from Germany into both the West and East by pre-agreement with the Allied Powers, the technological sophistication that Nazi Germany had acquired during their world-wide search for ancient technology and their dealings with extraterrestrial/dimensional entities was disseminated into the governmental, intelligence and military communities of the United States and Russia. In the US, this process was implemented through Operation Paperclip, which seeded nascent American intelligence and space organizations with former Nazis who retained their Eugenicist belief systems but who contributed their knowledge of certain then-innovative technologies that would propel the United States to the forefront of the public technological arena. In the East, Russia received a large number of German Scientists who were involved in paranormal and psychic research in an agreement hammered out between the allied forces and what would become the phalanx of German Industrialists who would take the war in a new direction following the formal ending of hostilities.

It is important to note – again and again, as I do often in this series – that the Nazis never surrendered at the end of WWII. As the historical and modern-day representatives of the ancient Moabite imperative, which is anti-God, anti-morality, upon realizing that the war could not be won militarily, the Nazis abdicated power in Germany proper as the war came to an end – under the guise of internecine coups and the establishment of a new, non-or-reformed Nazi leadership for Germany –  instead concentrating their efforts upon moving their bases of operation to Antarctica and South America, in particular, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and other countries. With their primary bases located under ice domes in Antarctica, from which their Foo Fighters could traverse the globe and take advantage of the energetic properties of that region of the Earth as well as continue their technological research and probable relationship with otherworldly Others that alternately take on the guise of alien or demon, depending upon perspective.

The importance of the recently retired Pope Benedict, AKA Joseph Ratzinger, having a Nazi past and sympathies cannot be overstated. While he spent a later lifetime denying the perceived ills of Nazi visions of world domination and their ideological and eugenicist leanings, it is well known and documented that the Catholic Church heavily supported the Nazi agenda before and during WWII. While some Apologists will say that it was necessary for the Church to seem to comply with the Nazi agenda – as the Nazis comprised the ruling party of Germany – the fact that the secret military order of the Nazis was founded upon the exact model and principles of the Jesuit order of Catholicism – as laid out clearly in the preceding link – and included in its highest ranks people who were priests of that order and Catholicism in general speaks volumes. That the new Pope, former Cardinal, Jorge Borgolio, under the name of Francis I, is an ethnic Italian (born of 2 Italian immigrants to Argentina) from one of the primary countries the Nazis retreated to following WWII is also no coincidence. Pope Francis capitulation to his Nazi controllers includes his potential collusion in child-trafficking charges, and who, for political reasons related to national stability and support of the government forces then in charge, potentially sacrificed priests of his own order to those selfsame forces.

That the new Pope is a Jesuit, and that the Jesuits have been the fomenters of hideous orgies of pain and bloodshed throughout the developed world and are in fact currently leading the way in the heralding of a new religious order with the soon to occur disclosure of the alien presence on and around the Earth, goes hand in hand with the end-time prophecies foreseen by so many as occurring in these days and times. Petrus Romanus, the Last Pope, the abdication of Pope Benedict, an event of such rarity it has not occurred in centuries. increasing energetic shifts in space weather, which is drastically affecting the atmosphere and weather of Earth as well as other planets in the Solar System, all lead to the realization that fundamental change  is nigh upon the world. The elite powers of the world, under the direction of the Moabite Centrix, are well aware of this and the mainstream media (MSM) is heavily involved in keeping these truths away from as many people as possible until it is too late for anyone to do anything about it or inquire into the plans and nature of those who profess to rule humanity but who are, instead, hell-bent upon its enslavement and destruction.

The final piece to the current puzzle involves the recent goings-on on the tiny isle of Cyprus, a haven for Russian-money that was in possession of a financial sector heavily over-sized in comparison to its natural population. That financial sector was targeted by the leader of the European Union, Germany which is under the control of the Moabite Centrix, for destruction, the monies of that Russian cohort of “investors” appropriated under the guise of repayment of the bailout given to Cyprus to save it from an exit from the Euro monetary system and the European Union itself. Cyprus, which had been considered a relatively stable nation surrounded by the unstable nations of Italy, Spain, and Portugal, lying as a jewel of the Mediterranean, became the test model and warning for the rest of Southern Europe. A warning that was sent loud and clear, with the threat of personal wealth confiscation in the form of bank account taxing in order to eviscerate these nations at the individual level in response to the ongoing Austerity raiding that has overcome the resistance most of these countries had been fomenting against German/Moabite hegemonic and economic control.

This model of economic control stemming from the premier power in Europe, and the premier economic and political power on the face of the earth, Germany, is slated for North America in the very near future. Already, the winds of Austerity are blowing through the political corridors of the United States and Canada and have been for a while. The agendas of the Neo-Cons and Nazi International, i.e. the Moabites are one in the evisceration of the economic might of the West and the United States in particular in fulfillment of their age-old plan of total world hegemony. It has become very clear that the election and installment of Barack Obama has only been a continuation of policies well in place for over a decade now and continuing an agenda that is decades, centuries and millennia in the making. Once Europe is fully under the control of the Moabite agenda, the United States, Canada and the rest of the Americas are next in line for full-spectrum political and economic domination and the final stage of New World Order implementation. That total control of the immediate neighborhood and hinterlands is finally within the sight of Hitler’s tochter and those who control her.

Bringing it all together, the political and economic hegemonic dominance of the Moabites through Nazi International and their modern homeland, Germany, is the sign that the global consolidation of control under a One World Government is on the verge of being completed. The Vatican and the Catholic Church, as the vehicles of popular religious control of the spiritual meta-narrative and their preparation to introduce an “extraterrestrial savior” to the human family plays into the larger goal of the Moabite Centrix to supplant the worship of the natural deity of the multiverse, known under many names and guises all of which serve only as markers of the All, or Source, with the worship of a lesser entity who, of necessity, is a reflection of their propensity toward demonic and external cooptation by forces in some ways higher than human-kind, but in other ways lesser. These forces can be considered extra-terrestrial or ultra-dimensional even though they have been involved in human affairs for millennia and potentially have been upon and surrounding this planet before the birth of humanity under the guise of the Archons of Gnostic Christianity fame.

And yet, despite the appearance of their overwhelming victory, it shall not be. These are the times of trials and tribulation for many in the human family as we are bombarded from space by energetic inputs that awaken bouts of emotional excoriation that typify the experiences of the ensouled during these trying days. As the Earth itself is changing, humanity is changing. The shifts in DNA, as reflected by the recent findings of quadruple helix DNA, the entry of our solar system into a new region of space, the undeniable elevation of consciousness reflected in the world wide revolutionary movements and the changes being manifest at the individual level of life as lived, for many, are irrefutable evidences reflecting the new state of being. The tide has turned and the impetus has shifted as the Earth has completed the 25,000 year procession of the equinox and now finds itself on the upswing from a negativity-ruled period of 12,500 years to a more positively-oriented time-frame of equal length.  The current period of tribulation is only the necessary cleansing period, the time of the Apocalypse, which really means, revelation or disclosure, when parsed in the original Greek.

It is indeed a time of revelation as our inner truths are laid bare and all that has been done in the Dark is revealed to the Light. The Moabite Centrix, despite their ancient war against God, cannot and will not win.

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD. ~ Isaiah 54:17

RIP Joseph Ehrlich. Your wisdom and brilliance are missed.

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