2013 and Beyond: Conscious intention and growth

At the end of 2012, many people felt let down. The general consensus seems to have been that the hype surrounding the year had been overblown and many of the predictions and prognostications that had been proffered by prophets and scientists alike had come to naught. People seemed to feel let down, as if they’d been lied to. And yet, while foums and articles the Net across agreed that 2012 was not all it cracked up to be, a quiet revolution in consciousness not only found its space of becoming, but metastasized at the collective level, resulting in an even further weakening of institutional and cultural structures of societies the world across.

Since the shift of December, 2012, the economic and cultural structures of the Western world have continued to buckle and signs of imminent collapse continue to increase. The economic situations in Europe and the USA continue to reveal dire signs of structural deficits that must result in market corrections of up to 90%, which augers a world-wide depression at an almost unimaginable scale. Within societies, the youth and the minority populations continue to experience unemployment rates at unsustainable levels, resulting in an increasing coalescence of purpose as the realization that the systemic instabilities are not ending, but getting worse, becomes more and more undeniable. The cultural propensities toward overt and extreme forms of violence and sexual expression have become mainstays and have resulted in a definitive split in the population between those comfortable in such a world and those who are not. The mainstream media concentration on faux-news and reality-based television continues to distract populations from the visible changes in the natural world occurring without pause from the wild weather to the increasing earthquakes and the continuous pollution of the environment. For those not caught up in chasing after illusory lifestyles of the rich and famous, it is becoming more and more apparent that, in 2013, the changes, rather than decreasing in severity, are instead increasing. The non-sustainability of the current economic and societal model of governance is being revealed day after day.

In 2012, many doomsday prognosticators brought world-wide attention to ideas such as magnetic and geological pole shifts, potential solar storms of unimaginable intensity, mega-storms and environmental catastrophes of world-wide scope. Channelers spoke in the voices of Ascended Masters, Angels and Demons, aliens of the Grey, Reptilian and Nordic variety, all speaking of the coming changes, of the need to cultivate spiritual practices conforming to their own set standards and dependent upon their help as our extra and ultra terrestrial and dimensional bredren and sistren. The call was to look outside of ourselves for salvation, to seek such in the stars and in the disembodied voices of entities who professed a greater technological and spiritual advancement than that enjoyed by mass humanity. Many heeded these calls and engaged in meditative exercises and visualization techniques of questionable origin and purpose, giving their allegiance to what were basically unknown quantities, unseen and mysterious helpers, self-titled guides and professed friends of the planet and its people. At the end of 2012 and into 2013, the chorus of the disappointed and the angry increased their tone of stridency and rejection, resulting in an overall silencing of the channeled voices and the dismissal and blacklisting of those who spoke for the unseen.

In these early months of 2013, much that was on the table in 2012 remains. Tales and sightings of the giant planet Nibiru have increased again, asteroid fly-bys and meteorite strikes are monthly and weekly occurrences while UFO sightings and close encounters of every kind continue to garner attention. The channelings have returned to some semblance of prominence their calls for allegiance to their forms of spiritual progression, alien agendas to include planetary, sub-surface, solar systemic, extra and ultra-dimensional agree that the prophesied changes are now upon humanity and its home planet, Earth. Government and Elite shenanigans have taken over the news presses of the alternative community with the Pope’s resignation and the continuing flight of the Elite from the public scene. Economic turmoil and political infighting continues to sharpen in tone and implication as some turning point seems to be arriving, at which the financial tsunami predicted for so long must indeed arrive upon the shores of prosperity for the few and hopelessness for the many. Depending upon individual standing within the system as it currently is, the alternative community vacillates between feelings of going along to get along and outright revolution against the system and its controllers.

While the majority of the world’s population continues to experience the depredations of this predatory capitalist system and must seek ways to survive daily, those in the Western countries who live under these systems of socialist and materialist comfort are free to prognosticate upon current events while barely hanging on to what little worldly comfort they may have, in part conforming to systemic requirements for their tacit approval and continued consumer support and in part leaning toward the understanding that for things to change for the better for all of humanity, they themselves will have to undergo some form of material deprivation.

That thought of material deprivation is where the fear lies. Where the unwillingness to truly challenge the system is revealed to be an unwillingness for things to truly change. It is true that no one wants to be deprived of the basics of survival. But those basics of survival are actually much more basic than many people are willing to accept for themselves, regardless of the fact that many of the world’s people are currently living in a manner that most in the West would find shocking. Having barely enough to make it through the days. Making each day a struggle for survival. Finding food and water, a place to live in comfort and relative safety.

And so collaboration with the system is implicit within the form of living most of us accept daily. By our very engagement with society we are continually forming it and perpetuating it and its ills. By being consumers we are feeding the corporations, contributing to the Executive bonuses, paying for their mercenary armies and their hoards of lobbyists and payroll scientists. By our very engagement in what we deem to be our necessary choices for survival, we build upon the foundations of predatory social and economic institutions ancient beyond memory and designed for the benefit of the few, rather than the many. The underlying paradox is that we are contributing to our own demise. That we are supporting a way of life that seeks to murder us. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath are all laced with chemical cocktails inimical to our biology and yet we ignore this reality or chalk it up to our just due, perhaps as a form of self-immolation for the oft consciously unacknowledged understanding that we each are indeed complicit within this suicidal endeavor called Western civilization.

So where does that leave us? What are our options as beings of conscious intention choosing life over death, the holism of a world-wide unity paradigm over the separatist death culture of the current world?

The world is shifting almost faster than can be remarked upon. Each day, new signs of increasing entropy and chaos are revealed, that unquestioning faith in the structures of society and its inevitable continuance is being replaced by a pervasive doubt and burgeoning fear that stability in any form is a thing of the past. The changes that are increasing at a seemingly exponential rate give rise to an increasing abandon on the part of the youth and the dispossessed, it seems that society is breaking down, at first around the edges, but increasingly toward the center and this produces an ambient wildness and visceral sense of potentiality that has revealed the doorway, or portal, from one paradigm of reality to another. That doorway remains vague and ephemeral for many just awakening to consciousness, but it is and has been a clear and present vision to those who began the work of awakening years or decades prior to this time.

The truest guides to and through this time are within. From that voice of confirmation or denial, when faced with new information, to that feeling of resonance or cacophony  when confronted with new potentialities, we have, each of us, an indicator of our own orientation and relative truth which either corresponds to or deviates away from the greater Truth of the Cosmos. The extent to which our truth correlates to that Greater Truth will determine our own paths through these times and what happens to us beyond them.

The good news is that our relative truths can be calibrated to Greater Truth. To do so it is necessary to be willing to question our most deeply held beliefs and hold them up as individual experience to be judged against collective experience. Is what I believe according to what others believe? Is what I know according to what others know? What was or is the orientation of those others? What was or is my own orientation? What kind of person, type of information, or spiritual practice is in my own best interest? What is the measure of success?  Who has succeeded with these methods in the past? Which part of these teachings are culturally relative, and which are cosmically absolute? These questions give rise to corresponding answers within ourselves, which we can then project outwards in our studies and attempts to find greater corroborations of our own truths with those of others. When doing so, it is also necessary to take into account the alignment of group-held truths with those deeper, universal truths that determine the course of nature, the planets and the stars. To examine ceremonial and institutional practices and determine for ourselves which ones are really for the good of our own spiritual progression, and which are for the good of others beyond us and, in that vein, determining our own alliances at the ultra-dimensional or extraterrestrial level.

It takes intense study often in order to find where that Greater Truth resides, but, again, our inner barometer of what resonates in our hearts and souls is a sure guide to finding the right direction to go in, in deciding what information to believe and what to cast to the side.  In all of this, our own personal progression can be measured by the changes we witness in our personality expression and also in how others experience us energetically. Am I still the angry person I used to be? Do I get upset at every little thing? Do people like to be around me? Am I still concentrating on non-essential things? Do my emotions ebb and flow with changing events? Am I more stable? Do others come to me for peace or conflict?

What kind of year do we want 2013 to be? Is it to be a doomsday event marked by fear, violence, hatred, world-wide warfare and cataclysmic challenges? Or is it to be a transformational event marked by understanding, peace, love, world-wide cooperation and transition to a new type of planetary environment? Odds are, it will be both, as this is a planet where people and groups of oppositional orientation meet and interact, engaged in the processes of spiritual growth and, sometimes, stagnation.

The question then becomes, what kind of year do you want 2013 to be?

What kind of year will you make it?

The answer will depend upon what you want and decide to make of yourself.

2012 and Beyond: Conscious intention and growth


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