OPs, Archons and Flyers, Oh No! Part III

Often, we come to a point of understanding whereby we may speak of our own personal experiences that are almost exactly the same as someone else’s. An event that occurred in our lives that someone else has experienced in pretty much the same manner. In these instances, it is not a case of my being in “your” mind. But then again, yes, I am in “your” mind. Because we are in “their” mind.

In my life something an event occurred whereby I made a breakthrough in my yoga practice some years ago. I achieved a state of trance in the midst of an Asana only to faintly hear knocking at the door and then my then-wife bursting through yelling and screaming at me. Because I was detached and in a meditative state I was able to just observe her curiously, with no attachment to her or what she was doing. But her programming kicked in at what was, for the foreign installation, perfect timing to interrupt my gains. It didn’t work then – although it had on many occasions previously – but it was a good try.

It is a program. Whether it is the foreign installation at some level or an AI the effect within our lives is the same. Whenever we deviate from the program the chatter-program begins with wordware that has been designed and perfected over millennia to subvert our initiative and bring us back into the fold. Barring that, the program demands our expulsion from the system or death. Depression programs, suicide programs, homicide programs. Whenever you hear a mother who killed her kids saying the voices in her head made her do it that’s part of the program at some level or another. Whenever we find ourselves stuck in a series of negative thoughts that is us being caught in cycling program iterations.

There are the chatter-programs that begin when we deviate from the norm. Then there are the chatter-programs that begin when we entertain certain ideas. If you think a girl or guy is pretty or handsome, here comes the porn-program. If you get angry at someone, here comes the homicide-program. It takes what may originate from our experiences in the Now and, as soon as we begin entertaining them just a bit the chatter-program kicks in and takes it over the top.

Other people, the environment, can be complicit in this as well. The reality that the flyers are a collective mind means that they know instantaneously and can transmit your status to any coopted individuals in the immediate area or even at a distance. Whoever is placed in that instance to intrude upon you and correct your deviation, bringing you back into the fold and initiating a loosh festivus at the same time. Win win.

Don Juan, the Sorcerer instructor of Carlos Casteneda, defined the term “Stalking” as the default mode of interaction and communication with non-Sorcerers in the world. It was an important aspect of Don Juan’s teachings. It is what we have been talking about, in that it refers to how we watch our thoughts. The aspect of stalking that Don Juan talked about most was that of engaging with other people in the world. This also brings into play other related practices that are a part of Don Juan’s Toltec teachings. Those are “Controlled Folly” and the “Petty Tyrant”. Those are important topics in understanding the importance of watching the flow of thoughts and controlling them.

There is this sense of a lurking presence, waiting for an opportunity. But really, it’s like that all the time and everywhere anyway, isn’t it …

It doesn’t help “it”, the foreign installation/Archons/Flyers, when so much attention is being paid to the topic of its existence. This focuses “it’s” attention upon the offending party(s). Calls for a different tactic in order to achieve the ends of isolating the “virus” which, in this case, refers to those who are no longer a part of its loosh production factory and its Ages-old agenda to control the Earth Realm and all who reside herein.

Perhaps it is easy for those susceptible to the foreign installation to say amongst themselves that those who are positing the existence of some entity(s) that watches and influences the mind are über-paranoid. Or, to divert attention from the foreign installation by positing some other source of the infection. Something man-made. Or alien tech. This serves the interest of dismissing and justifying the position of expulsion and censorship. It also serves the interest of the base-level parasitical infection, the foreign installation, that has been around since we have.

Another excuse is to fix upon some perceived sleight and use it to justify all following actions. This is normal in our world. This is typical behavior. But it is behavior that is being dispassionately controlled and played out at levels higher than most care to admit must pay attention to us in our seemingly petty dramas. By ignoring the implications, playing them off or denying them, it is possible to continue in this behavior even when it is known by those involved that is what is indeed occurring.

It is said in mystic circles that we, humans, are “food for the moon”. If one pays close attention to the ancient myths and tales, that quote can be expanded to humanity being “food for the gods” as well as other beings. Being cognizant of ultradimensional potentialities, it becomes very clear that everything we engage in at this level (3D) must have its correlation at higher levels of existence. As we farm, consume, manipulate our natural environment and the creatures within it, so must higher levels farm, consume and manipulate our natural environment and us, the creatures, within it.

Going to the next level is doing what has to be done. What occurs at the level of energy vampirism in the lives of individual and collective humanity cannot be divided into segments as that serves the agenda of the foreign installation. It is not more of a spiritual or emotional thing than a mental thing, for instance. They are all connected. You cannot separate them. The tendency is to try to separate them as we are trained in school about the scientific method which attempts to break things down into different categories. That in and of itself is a sign of Archonic/Systemic infiltration as everything is interrelated and entangled. And while useful, is only one aspect of an overall system of understanding that should be recognized as such. In other words, categorization, listing, looking at discrete aspects of an issue is the beginning – but has been considered to be the end – of a process that should culminate with re-connecting ideas with other ideas, stimuli with other stimuli, systems with other systems. A holistic and circular system rather than a discrete and linear system.

A few examples of thought-contamination:

You live on the third floor of a building. You have a great life. Things are getting better. You’re learning things about the world and universe and you’re waking up. But, every time you go out on your balcony you get thoughts of jumping. You see yourself down there on the ground, broken up. The thought initiates the hypothalamus, chemicals rush into your body and you feel a sense of vertigo and fear. Loosh party on. But everything is fine. You know that. Why are you having these thoughts? They are not your thoughts.

You just got a great job. Got a great gal or guy. Your family loves you. You just learned about 911 and are seeking more information. But every day now, you are overcome by these feelings of depression. Thoughts of not being good enough. That your life is not worth living. Why are you having these thoughts? They are not your thoughts.

You are just minding your business. Just found out about meditation. You think you need some way to calm your mind and you get into it eagerly. You learn to deal with the rushing waterfall of thoughts and one day you have a breakthrough. You experience the end of the chatter in your mind and catch a glimpse of what lies beneath. Then, all of a sudden, you hear your man or woman banging on the door screaming at you to take the trash out and why didn’t you wash the dishes and what are you doing in there anyway? Why is he or she having this breakdown? It is not her or his breakdown.

These are the kinds of things it is easy to get lost in the moment in and overlook as being applicable to the situation of having one’s mind, soul and emotions under constant attack. It is better to consider it as a state of constant observation. Since we live in a surveillance society that is getting moreso every day – as above so below – this should not be too much of a stretch for anyone. Your mind is under constant observation. Has been since you began having thoughts. You’ve been compromised by a consciousness that insinuates thoughts into your mind that sound like your voice, that is the voice that you’ve been hearing in your head since you were a child. Of course you think it is you. Even when you become aware that it might not be you some of the thoughts still get by you. Which is why it is imperative to begin the process of examining the thought process and paying attention to everything that comes through your mind. There are a few key strategies:

1. Is this thought contextual?

2. Does this thought serve my highest potentiality?

3. What are the ramifications of following this line of thought?

Remember that the natural state of humanity is clarity. No discursiveness. Connection to Source, expressing the directives of Being with conscious and subconscious alignment. Language and mental infiltration lead to a state of continuous chatter/discursiveness that is a function of living and communicating in our societies, so a certain level of discursiveness pertaining to the workings of the Ego/Self maneuvering through space and time is necessary. Adyashanti, Tolle and Mooji speak of this in detail. But the dwelling upon past and future, the constant commentary of varying types are indicative of a lack of mental control which points to a subsequent lack of emotional control as the two are interrelated and they feed each other, leading one into the familiar patterns of destructive thought and behavior that we all should be familiar with.

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      1. Yes, I think so, but always a good idea to leave it open, so that as new info surfaces, it can be included in the series as you see fit. As comprehensive as your essays have been, there may still be areas you decide to expand on down the road, and for which your readers will continue to benefit.


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