OPs, Archons and Flyers, Oh No! Part II

It is difficult sometimes to actualize the information regarding the foreign installation, to make it personal, to get a feel for how it manifests within one’s life. The tendency is to downplay it, to treat the information as something abstract, as something out there, as something that affects other people, but not me. That is a comforting pattern and it is an infiltration. It is the soothing similarity of sameness, the collective hive mind of Archonic control rocking the baby whilst in the treetop, the danger below threatening, yet the voice in our heads telling us everything is alright, everything is normal, there is nothing to be afraid of, this is just another horror movie, another bedtime story, another fable, another myth.

Then, there is the return to slumber. Spiritual slumber, mental slumber and emotional slumber, and then, the return to the patterns of familiarity. The patterns of emotional dependency and energetic vampirism, the patterns of continuous mental chatter, the return to the normative mode of being as experienced by the majority of people on this planet. When it comes to the way we act personally, we prefer to think we are in charge. If there is a predator that has taken over the world, matrix-like, then it must be out there somewhere. Outside of me.

Entertaining that thought gives rise to impressions about society. If the predator is real, how does it manifest in society? If some sort of ancient, collective hive minded and inorganic being is indeed in control of humanity, then how has the world formed in response to this inner compromised state in outer form? What would it look like?

It would look very familiar. It would look like the world we co-create day in and day out. One very important part of its structural manifestation would look like this:

There is racism implicit within the very structure of our shared culture. It is the bedrock. The foundation. One of the major facets of our shared endeavor as humans  is to draw attention to issues of inequality. And yet, every time a discussion on race proceeds the emotional content is raised so high the discussion is derailed, ends in conflict or peters out through non-participation. People don’t like their attention drawn to the existence of racism. Even those who are the victim of it prefer not to talk about it unless necessary. When spoken of, eyes dart around to see who is listening or watching, voices lower, it becomes conspiratorial in nature. Why might that be so? Because the nature of the conversation is implicit within the discussion. And the nature of the conversation is Archonic. Racism is the bread-and-butter of the Global White Supremacy System (GWSS). Racism is hierarchical, racism is separative, racism is reductive. It is also everywhere, in everything anthropocentric in nature.

Racism is so pervasive that many white people don’t even notice it. And at the same time, those same people will state that they are not racist because they do not hold personal prejudice against anyone of a different ethnicity than them. And they will get upset if someone mentions it. Someone reading this right now is upset with me for bringing it up.

But racism is implicit within Western civilization, which is built upon an Archonic structure of command and control. The subtle racism of stereotyping, of feeling discomfort when racial topics are discussed, the overt racism of institutionalization as evidenced by the penal system, the economic system, the social system.

We are all touched by these things. These things make up a part of who we are because we are co-producers of society. We’ve been indoctrinated into the system since we were children. It is a part of “our” mind which is, in all actuality, an expression of “their” mind. Their mind, which is hierarchical, which is separative, which is reductive. That expression of racism, of prejudice, touches us in a way that is often uncomfortable when it is exposed. It gives rise to feelings of perhaps guilt, or perhaps fear, or perhaps anger, when it is exposed. That results in the whole constellation of emotive responses, drama and loosh producing excess that the flyers devour.

Those who express the extreme psychopathic side of the spectrum, Organic Portals (OPs) – naturally psychopathic individuals and the sociopaths that are attempting to be like them – are racist by their very nature. They are egocentrically motivated and expressive, totally about what they want and need, racism just becomes a natural expression of that ego centrism. Because their total concentration is upon themselves, a hierarchical structure, with them at the top, then proceeds from those most like them to those least like them. From that extreme expression there are gradations of expression all the way to the median expression between the extremes of psychopathy and the extremes of empathy. The Archonic system makes it easy to participate in racialized behavior because it supports it. It is based upon collectivization, upon similitude, an hierarchically driven system of sameness where difference is only tolerated for its usefulness in the propagation of the system. Once that usefulness is done, difference is ejected from the system or wiped out, as it is a danger to the collective, presents the challenge of Otherness, of other ways of being not supported by the Archonic stucture.

For those who express tendencies which support the GWSS, which agree with it and carry out its imperatives without question, there is a strong probability that they fall closer to the psychopathic side of the equation than the empathic side of the equation. This applies primarily to the successful psychopaths that make up the Elite factions and the hoards of corporate and governmental managers, politicians and leaders. This also includes the individual OPs of a more normative cast, that barge through the lives of the ensouled, taking, breaking and moving on without conscience, without empathy, without feeling for the pain and tragedy they have caused others. For those in our little sub-grouping of the GWSS – the “Awake and Aware” community – there is also a tendency towards a more separative expression than a more inclusive expression. Racism exists even within the New Age movement. This includes racial genetics, which means bloodlines, or alien panspermia, or grail lineages, all of which concentrate primarily upon European potentialities rather than global potentialities. This is, of course, a generalization and not all-inclusive.

It is perhaps more subtle in this community, but it is there. Here. Elevated with an elitist intellectualism, but still expressive of Archonic tendencies to divide based upon material expression, be that biological or cultural. This is not to say there is no validity in some forms of biological and genetic determinism, but that it is more problematic than helpful and it is also more pervasive among the supposed awakened than many feel comfortable admitting. The oneness of humanity as an expression of diverse genetic makeup may indeed have come from differing star progenitors at different times of human evolution. The evidence of the simultaneous existence of multiple forms of hominids alongside Homo Sapien Sapien and Neanderthal to include the Hobbit-like Homo floresiensis of Indonesia, Australopithecus sediba in S. Africa, Denisov man in Russia and other forms of humans that may have coexisted simultaneously corroborates many ancient tales that speak about multiple creations, about different types of humanity that could indeed interbreed. While this reality may be incomprehensible to some, the homogeneous evolution of humanity from multiple diverse types to one, Homo Sapien Sapien, and the drive within that one type to elevate one ethnic group, white, northern European typology, to the highest pinnacle of human evolution is the most open and obvious sign of the cooptation of human nature by a foreign installation that denies the humanity of humanity, and institutes a drive toward genocide and destruction that perhaps has never been rivaled in planetary history.

We are working to expose “their” mind and free “our” mind. And yet, in order to do so, we have to be able to recognize what is not our minds, but what is their mind. We have to know what are our thoughts as opposed to their thoughts. We have to recognize who we are individually and to do that, we have to go within, deeper than the level of discursiveness and chatter, to find a more holistic understanding of our very nature. We have to, in essence, work through “their” mind to get to the point where “our” mind can be expressed. There is a contradiction here, as linguistic communication has, in large part, evolved in order to express the imperatives of “their” mind. English, in particular, has been evolved to obscure more than it reveals, to obfuscate more than it clears the passage to mutual understanding. Any examination of legal language will make this very clear. So we are limited by the medium of communication itself. But we have to work through it, painstakingly and often with many misunderstandings both purposeful and accidental.

The terms per-adamic and adamic have been used in addition to the terms psychopathic and empathic, non-souled and souled. They are terms. Meant to describe traits, not necessarily to pigeon-hole anyone in particular. The Organic Portal aspect of this discussion can be incendiary. The emphasis upon it being biological and yet NOT being racial in the sense that we generally understand it is a difference that makes all of the difference. There are people today, as well as in the past, who use these terms to describe racial groups. Not too long ago, blacks were considered pre-adamics. Probably still are by many. Whites were considered adamic. Blacks were considered non-souled, whites were considered souled. Blacks were considered psychopathic, whites were considered empathic. Again, these are terms. Terms that have been used to divide based upon physical characteristics when the real difference between types of people is not physical in the sense of how we look, but spiritual, in the sense of possessing a soul or not.

It is said that the OPs possess a group soul, and also that this particular Age is their time to mature into individual souled behavior. That those who currently possess individual souls are about to “graduate” from this plane of existence. While this viewpoint gives rise to alternate visions of spiritual ascension and 3D-5D movement through dimensional spheres, it is possible that the reference to such may be upon the material expression of consciousness as well, the ability to co-create a sustainable society in opposition to the current one, that is as unsustainable as any society can get.  From the literature and from the science, it seems that there are indeed genetic differences, biological differences that can and have been measured and documented. There are viruses that have been within the human genome, hidden within the DNA itself, that have accompanied through our evolutionary changes. Theoretically, viruses are thought to be a collective consciousness, much as the foreign installation is thought to be. Much as the OP soul-group is thought to be.  Over many millennia, humanity has been guided from within to manifest certain types of behavior as opposed to others and there have been examples throughout world history and mythology that document these shifts. From the Mythopoeic Golden Age era of the bicameral mind and the gods and goddesses speaking directly into the minds of humanity, to the formation of the individuated personality and ego-complex, the further stratification and individualization of the human creature has been accompanied by a drive toward collectivization of cultural and institutional modalities and it is this simultaneous dichotomy of seemingly oppositional trends that can be so confusing to anyone seeking to understand these matters at a deeper level.

The entire cultural thrust of our collective evolution has been toward the externalization of ability, there has been a concerted drive to stop people from looking within. For the OP population there is little to find within themselves that is not actually reflective of the souled individuals they come into contact with and mimic for their behaviors and attitudes. But for the ensouled, this impetus toward externalization has been implemented just so you can doubt yourself and your abilities. To stoop you from accessing your spiritual gifts. To stop you from believing that they are even possible. To get you to disbelieve in psychic powers, from telepathy to telekinesis, to far-sight, to bi-location and many, many more. For the non-souled, these things are indeed impossible. For them, they do not exist, because they do not have the ability to access these gifts sans soul. This plays right into the non-material and inorganic hands of the flyers, for whom it is easier to occupy a person who is an OP than it is for them to occupy a person who is a nominal OP by life experience and self and societal training, but who also has the capacity to fully manifest the psychic gifts of the ensouled if they are recognized and cultivated.

I recognize the milieu and the difficulties in categorization especially in light of the consideration that the flyer’s mind reinforces these differentiations for its own gain. That gain is personally favorable for the individual, in that the white or black person that complies with the hierarchical directives of racism “succeeds” within the system. The flyer’s mind gains by interconnecting the individual with others within the system and proceeding along the tried and true path of energy cultivation. The individual gains by being employed and having to comply with the cultural directives of white supremacy, playing their roles and engaging also in the mechanisms situated by the flyers to standardize energy cultivation. In the current incarnation of the system, in the midst of a Barack Obama presidency, the seeming elevation of a black man to the heights of political power are accompanied by the further degradation of the ethnicity of people from whence he springs, as their material situation further worsens. The ranks of white supremacy tighten, it becomes even more difficult for blacks and other minorities to find jobs within the system. For those who like to think of themselves as not being complicit in institutionalized racism, a short examination of personal trajectory through social space during a lifetime can reveal successes based more upon compliance and inclusion within the systemic parameters – by the choices you’ve made to comply with the system –  than any personal traits or skillsets you might have incurred over the years.

By rejecting racism, personal prejudice, and working to remove all benefits gained from living and working within the system of such, we gain freedom. By making choices that conform to higher directives we banish the flyer’s mind. This must be true for either souled or nonsouled. The difficulty in doing so for both groups is perhaps different, but the end result is freedom.

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