The Power of Words

Etymology: the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time.

It is very important that we use words precisely. Because words have meaning. But what is interesting about those meanings, is that words retain their original meaning, no matter what the new context or definition is. I’ll use a very difficult example, just to show the power of words and how the understood meaning can change over time, but how the original meaning sometimes subtly and sometimes grossly can influence the new meaning.

Nigger –> English –> Currently a derogatory or celebratory term used to either denigrate or compliment
Negro –> English –> Member of a black-skinned race of Africa
Negro –> Spanish, Portugese –> Black (as above)
Niger/Nigrum –> Latin –> Black, dark, sable, dusky, gloomy, unlucky, bad, wicked
Niger –> Ibo (W. African language) –> King; Niger-ia (also, N-ga) –> Queen; N-ger-s –> the Goddess Neggur (Hathor); Nugarmatta –> people of the Ghana (W. African) Empire
Naga –> Sanskrit –> Serpent deities in Hinduism and Buddhism; Aboriginal peoples of various Southeast Asian origins
N-g’r/Net-ger/Neter –> Egyptian –> God, gods and goddesses

In the context of Metaphysics, the words we choose to use to express ourselves are often indicative of where our level of understanding currently is. We are all ignorant, period. Lots of stuff we don’t know. Life is a learning process and we are Works in progress. Because English has loan words from many language, the difficulty in knowing the origins of all of the words we use is self-evident. But since words have power, and we often lend personal power to the terms we use through the channeling of our own emotional/pain bodies in the phrases, sentences and postings that we add to the conversations we engage in, the spells we create for and against each other are very clear to those intimately familiar with words and with casting.

Quantum biology supports the notion of entanglement through interaction, minds intertwining, interwoven and interacting. We are, effectively, reaching into others when we speak or write. When we read, we are bringing others into ourselves. As we consider ideas expressed, we are co-creating a current and shared understanding of a form of reality that is specific to the spells we are co-casting, to the Great Work of Alchemy, personal transformation in the spiritual sense.

The sovereignty movement has a correct understanding of the power of words. The Elite have a correct understanding of the power of words. Meta-physicians have a correct understanding of the power of words. Words spoken begin as discursiveness within the brain, the little voice speaking within, for some, a constant chatter, for others who have worked on it utilizing meditative techniques – and who have, perhaps, experienced Kensho/Satori/Enlightenment/Grace events – that discursiveness has been stilled to a greater or lesser degree, and so the words they speak are supremely effective to the extent that they always say exactly what they mean. No more and no less.

Words can work magic upon us, cast spells, when you read certain people’s writing, the precise, formulaic expression reads like a mathematical equation. When you read other people’s writing, it reads more like a stream-of-consciousness ramble. Neither of which is good or bad, they just are, but much of the bickering that we fall prey to comes down to either an incorrect reading of the words and a correct reading of the intent behind the words or the correct reading of the words but an incorrect reading of the intent behind the words. The key word in the preceding sentence is intent, which is important. That is where the power lies that imbues the words with energy.

If we are seeking to build something together, to create, to understand and move higher, together, then the intent will be clear and will infuse all conversations begun and carried out in this vein with a resonant vibratory frequency that will attract the kind of energy that contributes to individual and collective spiritual growth.

And vice versa. Being careful with our words should just be par the course. Understanding what we are saying and really meaning when we share is not only considerate of others but shows a strong sense of self-respect. The emotional/pain body – which is built and reinforced over a lifetime of experience interpreted through chemical and hormonal bodily programming – does indeed just get in the way. Clear communication is paramount, especially when speaking on topics of the utmost importance.



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