Distracted by Detritus: Don’t fall for the okey-doke

There are only a few real issues that people should be focusing upon.

1. The shifting climate.

2. The widening gulf between the Haves and Have-Nots.

3. The suppression of clean energy technology.

Everything else that everyone else is talking about that does not have to do with these topics is misdirection and is, often, purposeful.

Why is it so difficult for those who hold the reins of power to address the issues that affect the world so deeply and lessen the quality of life for the majority of the world’s people? The answer is simple: self interest.

The structures and institutions of society have been formulated over hundreds of years of the evolution of Western Society. These structures have been based upon a hierarchical scheme where the elite determine the course of civilization based upon their own interests first, and those of the general population second. In the modern era, the elite have expanded their control over resources and the population due to the exponential evolution of technology and this expansion has resulted in the gross accumulation of capital in the greedy grasp of the few. As power and money have accrued in the hands of the elite they have acted to consolidate their control by pulling the ladder of abundance up behind them, making it more difficult for those without the benefits of inheritance or access to gather and wield economic and governance-based tools for the benefit of the majority of the world’s people. This short-sighted strategy has resulted in the destruction of the natural world and the social order as old agreements and class-based alliances have faltered and the interests of the elite have veered sharply away from those of the people.

Debate rages on regarding the anthropogenic nature of climate change. While there is evidence to suggest that the natural cycles of the galaxy and solar system are at work in the increasing climate shifts on planets throughout the solar system, evidence also exists which suggests that human-caused global warming through the continuing release of carbon-based particulates into the biosphere and atmosphere is also a contributing factor.  The concentration of landmasses in the Northern Hemisphere, where the vast majority of the human population lives, has resulted in vast quantities of CO2 and other greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, which has exacerbated the depletion of atmospheric ozone. Holes in the ozone layer have appeared over North America and Northern Europe, increasing the amount of cosmic rays reaching the surface and contributing to the wildly shifting weather patterns that have manifest as powerful hurricanes, tornadoes and storms, as well as droughts and oscillations in ocean currents that intensify El Niño and La Niña cycles, to the detriment of the primary agricultural regions of Western Society.  Methane clathrates frozen on the bottom of the world ocean are melting, releasing the gas into the atmosphere, the Macondo Well disaster in the Gulf has contributed to the near-stoppage of the Gulf Stream that crosses the Atlantic and warms Northern Europe. The interconnection of all aspects of the biosphere is currently beyond the ability of hydrologists or climatologists to fully model, creating just enough diversity of scientific opinion and confusion to allow bi-polar expressions of opposition that effectively ensures that no change at all can be made despite all evidence that something must be done, and soon. The lack of the ability of politicians to deal with these issues has more to do with self-interest and the continuation of our cultural reliance upon fossil fuels than it does with the technological ability of science to alleviate these problems.

The nature of capital and the predatory aspect of capitalism combine to create a vast wasteland of economic privation in the world. The severing of the relationship between money and labor and the consolidation of wealth and power by the Western Banking Cartels reinforce class structures and the rape of the natural world in service to industry. Money-creation as debt is the modus operandi of the Central Banks. There is not enough money in existence to pay off the debt of governments, corporations and individuals. This unrealistic and unsustainable system of fiat money that is not based upon any real value – not gold, silver or labor – is the primary mechanism by which the elite maintain their control of societal institutions and people. Economic Hitmen – corporate and government-designated individuals tasked with lending money to nations for nefarious reasons – have historically brought privation and destitution to underdeveloped countries, making them eternal debtors to global institutions like the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But now that these countries have, on the whole, been relegated to economic obscurity and eternal usury, which has consigned them to hegemonic subservience,  the developed nations themselves have come under attack by the Banking Institutions.  The goal of the elite is to bring the level of general prosperity of the developed nations to the same state as that experienced by the underdeveloped nations, which means they are purposefully eviscerating the middle classes of all of the prosperous nations. Greed and selfishness are rampant in the ranks of those who successfully manipulate the system to their own advantage. Predatory and psychopathic traits are common markers of the successful as the cult of the individual has transcended the needs of the populace as a whole.

Wind, tidal, wave, solar and geothermal energies are among the power sources that have already seen marked advancements in technology. Deployment of these technologies in the solving of the world’s energy crises has been held up by the elite and the vested interests in fossil fuels. The innumerable corporations in the world are interconnected and, when their structures are investigated and teased out of the purposeful obscurity of corporate law and person-hood, it becomes clear that very few individuals and families control most of the companies that provide products and services to the planet. Strategies that the elite have employed in the suppression of new technologies include buying patents and then burying them, moving into clean energy fields and driving the prices up past the ability of normal people to purchase and use them, manipulating political systems in support of their own interests and products, gross intimidation, threats and murder.  Despite these barriers to general acceptance and deployment, scientists and innovators have dedicated and risked their lives to create machines and processes detailing their inventions and the Internet has allowed the widespread dissemination of these ideas and plans. With recent attempts by governments and corporations to limit and control access to the Internet thereby denying information currently available to the people of the world, it has become clear that their ability to control and manage the destiny of the planet has led them to the most extreme and draconian of plans to maintain their current levels of power indefinitely.

Even without engaging in conspiratorial topics, it should be clear to any reasonable individual that the structures of Western Society are in trouble. With the constant threat of economic instability exacerbated by the continuing threat of global climate meltdown, the limitations of corporate and governmental control over the world population are clear. When the air that we breath, the water that we drink and the food that we eat are killing us, it becomes imperative for us, as conscious and willful individuals, to make the changes necessary in order to ensure our very survival. It is clear that the governments and corporations do not have our best interests at heart, even to those who have not delved deep into the morass of information revealing the historical and ideological underpinnings of those groups and families that currently control the world. The complicity of the mainstream media (MSM) in the sheeple-isation of the populations of the Western countries makes them a poor and compromised source of information for anyone seeking to understand the true nature of things, beyond the facade of political elections and shenanigans, manufactured dramas in institutional bodies and the cult of celebrity.

The real issues that need to be focused upon are right in front of our faces. They confront us daily. It is only the distractions that we allow to circumscribe our perspectives and the willful ignorance we inculcate within ourselves that keep us somnolent and passive, awaiting a savior when only we can save ourselves. The good news is that there are many people awakening to the true problems, coming up with solutions, networking and creating communities of conscience that address the issues at hand to the best of their current abilities. Many of these networks are electronic in nature, bringing together people from around the world who find common cause in the midst of common problems affecting the common people no matter their geography. It is with each other, that our hope lies. It is in that Facebook or Forum Friend halfway around the world that the solutions to our local problems can be found. It is in our shared humanity that we find the strength and the capability to stand up to the controllers in our own neighborhoods and cities.

The real boon of the information age and the connective technology of the current era is in the interconnection of people beyond the capacity of the elite to control or manage. By being privy to the depredations being visited upon people in other parts of the world we can see the shape of things to come in our own parts of the world. Foreknowledge is forewarning. Make your connections, don’t be distracted by the detritus and don’t fall for the okey-doke. We are more powerful than we imagine.



  1. A fine article, Son, that goes to the heart of the matter: the greed that is consuming our world…………..Keep up the great work!!!!!! Love you all, momma

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