Understanding Consciousness: Part 1

Why and How We are Connected with All That Is

What is consciousness? From the freedictionary.com:

con·scious·ness  (knshs-ns)


1. The state or condition of being conscious.
2. A sense of one’s personal or collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group: Love of freedom runs deep in the national consciousness.


a. Special awareness or sensitivity: class consciousness; race consciousness.
b. Alertness to or concern for a particular issue or situation: a movement aimed at raising the general public’s consciousness of social injustice.
4. In psychoanalysis, the conscious.
Thoughts are energetic emanations. Electromagnetic and expansive in nature, thought-forms as processed through the biological conduits of neurons and synapsesare the physical forms of creative communication. They can be measured and quantified. The brain’s biological mechanisms, from the amygdala to the thalamus to the pre-frontal cortex, are the structures by which it is wired to process thoughts and create emotions which provide a chemical momentum that powers not only the body but the non-physical energetic coalescence of presence and intent as well.

Humans are multidimensional entities. Consciousness is eternal, infinite and integrally connected to all that is. Quantum experiments have proven the validity of entanglement, which states that all matter in the universe and beyond is interconnected. The double-slit experiment proved that consciousness is an integral part of experience, that the observer cannot be separated from the observed. The existence of multiple dimensions of consciousness is now the general understanding of the nature of creation. All of these facets of scientific discovery are connected and provide a holistic understanding of reality that transcends ideas of a mechanical, objective universe and replaces them with an understanding of a universe, a multiverse, of synthesis, holism and oneness.

In such a creation, consciousness is the binding glue that connects the disparate levels. Humans contain the spark of divinity that connects them not only with all other humans but with animals, insects and plants too. The consciousness inherent in all life also is now beyond dispute, as the intelligence of animals and plants grows more and more undeniable. The ability to think, to reason, to love, to recognize danger and to communicate with each other with a range of emotivity previously relegated to humans alone have all been witnessed and documented as occurring in both the animal and plant kingdoms.  Canines and birds, crystals and fungi, flowers and whales, grasses and machines, viruses and germs all display aspects of consciousness. Humanity is far from alone in possessing the seeds of the divine, it is inherent in all matter, is a fundamental make-up of all of material creation, from the most inanimate to the most animate.

Beyond the material world, into the inter-dimensional darkness of the unknown, consciousness connects our 3rd-dimensional reality with other planes of existence as well. In the realm of psychology, the existence of a collective unconscious has been explored and confirmed, humans share symbols and archetypes across the diverse field of biological difference, no matter what part of the globe any individual or group might be from. This holistic field of shared consciousness can be broken down into cultural groupings, as those who share societal mores form smaller collectivities, still connected to the whole, but sharing individuated markers that make them distinct from the larger groups, to the extent that an individual is ensconced within a family collective that nests within a local collective that is also nested within a regional collective that exists within a national collective which is itself a part of a racial collective.

Understanding that consciousness is not unique to humanity opens the doors to deeper knowledge, prepares the mind for grasping the truths of existence that guide cause and effect upon their fateful courses for all of manifest creation. Communicating lovingly with pets and plants, screaming at breaking or broken machines, are ways of transmitting specific types of energy between different forms of consciousness. The types of energy that we communicate through our thoughts, words and actions determines the nature of our interaction with other forms of consciousness. When it comes to communicating to sensate creation, other denizens of the material plane of existence, emotions flavor our very essence, adding energetic impetus to the force of our thoughts, words and actions. Pets know when we are angry or sad, inanimate objects tend to perform or break coincident to our emotional state.

In the realm of experience, cause and effect also seem to be respondent to emotional states, as internal harmonic resonance often leads to positive life events and outcomes, while internal disharmonic resonance leads to the opposite. How and what a person thinks determines the trajectory of potential outcomes along their life-path. In the daily interactions of the awakened consciousness manifest, individuals embark upon vibrant and responsive patterns of thought and behavior, the holistic nature of their cognitive processes emanating outwards and affecting the world around them in all aspects. In the daily interactions of slumberous consciousness manifest, individuals embark upon repetitious patterns of thought and behavior, the fractured nature of their cognitive processes emanating outwards and affecting the world around them in all aspects. Alert and active participation with life is thusly the modus operandi of all those who have direct control over their thought-processes, words and actions. Sleepwalking through life is thusly the modus operandi of all those with no direct control over their thought-processes, words and actions.

Engaging consciousness actively can only occur if an individual understands the nature of reality. Coming to terms with the power inherent in full intentionality and living consciously awakens the inherent capacity of all humans to control the nature and content of their own minds, which in turn affects the people, the animals, the plants, the non-animate objects and extra-physical realities within which they exist. All denizens of materiality, the created world, must undergo a period of learning during their phase of existential interaction with the rest of creation, the final stage of which must be the harmonic and stable interrelation with all other forms of manifest reality. Moving past stages of fractious and unstable thought processes leading to fractious and unstable emotions, which then result in the vocalization and actualization through actions of such, is the goal of consciousness and the natural evolution of individuals and groups through adolescent stages of interaction to a more mature realization and manifestation.

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  1. Ah, Thank you for your superb elaboration on one of my favorite topics — consciousness! Your prodigious writing skills, combined with a rare and finely-honed insight, make for great teaching vehicles. Much Gratitude, Brother, as always!

    1. Hi Bob, hope all is well with you and yours! This is a difficult and hefty topic, there is so much to cover, and yet I want to stay focused. We’ll see how it goes, your support is appreciated! Bless!

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