Space Dust, the MSM and Spaced-Out Days

It’s a shame that the mainstream media (MSM) are not putting the pieces of the puzzle together for those who only get their news from the Television. Sure, they tell us about one super-storm. A sink hole filled with methane and other gases or an earthquake, if these issues are large enough to affect those in their primary viewership region.

What they don’t talk about are the new changes in the upper atmosphere and oceanic circulation that will be long-lasting. They don’t talk about the increasing earthquakes both around the pacific rim and on old, dormant faults, as well as the centers of crustal plates where there have been few historical quakes, located on micro-faults. They don’t talk about Sol-system (our solar system) moving into a new part of the galaxy with increased space-dust, feeding our sun, making it grow hotter, whiter.

Global warming on other planets in our solar system. But we are experiencing all of this all around the world. The experience cannot be hidden. Just not discussed together in the MSM as indicative of a larger issue.

Taken alongside the shift in consciousness currently in progress – which is directly caused by the electromagnetic and cosmic energy increase related to these extra-planetary events – resulting in the waves of unrest and change sweeping the world the way we experience these changes day to day seems so normal. We walk around in a spaced-out daze too often, in a state of cognitive dissonance as what we know conflicts with that which we don’t. Our experiences reflect the inherent confusion caused by these changes in very specific ways:

1. Emotional turmoil
2. Physical symptoms
3. Sleep problems
4. Increased perception
5. Life turned upside-down

The Ancients used to say, As Above, So Below. Our lives are referential of Everything Else. What is going on within each of us, is also going on without. There is only a problem when we don’t know what is going on within us. Then we only have a vague idea about what is going on outside of us. We may visit Doctors who examine our symptoms and prescribe medications to quell them. We may listen to Pundits who bloviate about the topics of the day ad infinitum in order to quiet our curiosity.

We undergo our quiet storms in quiet desperation not realizing that many people across the world are experiencing similar turmoil. We watch the news and shake our heads, not used to drawing the connection between what is going on in the Mid-east and what is going on at our jobs. Our increased irritability and Japan and China fighting over some small islands. The argument you had with your child’s teacher and the argument about education and charter schools.

Our personal energetic fields are inter-connected and our hearts send out magnetic vibrations at the resonance of its emotional state, affecting others. Individuals affect groups, groups affect communities, communities affect nations. The famous example of a butterfly in the Amazon flapping its wings and affecting the weather in New York City seems fanciful but is the same qualitatively as one person in the right position trying to make a change causing a war to erupt.

We are all in the “right” position. Each one of our lives has meaning. Everything we do is important, unto the smallest, most mundane events of the daily grind. Every choice, every decision leads to a course of action that furthers our destinies in the direction of our total and perfect free will expression. Consider our personal limitations, either by birth or circumstance, to mirror the limitations we see in the world around us. The world, as we are, is subject to a certain set of pre-conditions. The world, as we are, is evolving past those pre-conditions in order to manifest a new state of Being. The world, as we are, is changing.

What we individually perceive “out there” in the world around us is really an image we create based upon the limitations of our biology projected on the screen of our minds. We live our lives in our minds, the thoughts we think are the reality that we create.  Our brains create connections between different kinds of information to come to conclusions about the world and we live those conclusions through our decisions. If we are not exposed to as much information as we have access to, then our en-coding of reality is potentially less complete than we need it to be in order to interpret the world as correctly as possible.

The MSM doesn’t help in this regard. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each of us to inform ourselves above and beyond the means readily available to those who are satisfied with the entertainment industry gossip, political maneuvering, reality-based inanity and war-mongering.  There is too much going on to be consciously unconscious. To choose ignorance rather than knowledge.

There may come a time when the knowledge you find, where the connections you make beyond what has been presented to you in the MSM, may be important.  Go beyond what you currently know. Seek information beyond the mainstream.  Seek the truth behind the headlines. Find yourself in others.

Consciousness seeks itself both within and without. Find yourself, and in so doing, you will find the world.



  1. Yes, you are really zeroing in on the substrate now, and it is so gratifying to witness as you peel away the layers of the facade to reveal the beating heart — Thank you for your continued inspired efforts!
    Btw, recently I have been listening to Thomas Campbell discuss consciousness and science from a very profound angle of vision, you might enjoy his ruminations in your leisure.
    Here’s a good introduction to his “Big Picture Theory of Everything”, part 1 of two parts:

    1. Thanks, I will check out the TOE! Think I’ve run across this gentleman before but never really looked into it too deeply, but with your recommendation, I will! Bless!

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