The Clarity of Presence: Psychopathy as faux-enlightenment

Only the modern day mystics, rebels with and without causes and the psychologically unstable or psychopathic consciously cultivate a non-normative state of being in the western meta-narrational context which invites the societal mechanisms for out-group labeling to collectivize these diverse expressions of mental and spiritual innovation as outliers along the bell curve of personality construction, thereby dismissing them as aberrations.

Sometimes, the qualitative differences between directed consciousness and psychopathy are the only trustworthy indicators of an individual’s orientation. It is possible to mistakenly equate the words, actions and deeds of the individual who is in the process of mastering mental and emotional control with those of the individual who has considerable mental capabilities but no internal emotional life to speak of.  The mask sometimes worn by one of highly directed consciousness when attempting to appear normal can be mistaken for the mask of the predatory psychopath who has practiced this facade for a lifetime in order to blend in with the prey population. The primary and notable difference, which can be ascertained directly upon review of actions and responses, is intent and energetic conservation.

For those expressing directed consciousness as a form of higher mental and spiritual development, the morality of the world scriptures and law is a near physical imperative. For the psychopathic, they are haphazard and non-binding rulings that constrict their prey only and mean nothing to them in their never-ending quest for self-gratification. For those engaged in the expression of directed consciousness, emotions are purposefully utilized to achieve aims based upon their alignment with their underlying connection with Source/Godhead and their empathic resonation to the human condition. For those without the inherent capacity for deep emotivity and empathy, emotions are either random or egocentrically-related and primarily connected to the achievement of personal goals again associated with self-aggrandizement and selfishness.

Often it serves the agenda of fear and loathing to mischaracterize evolved souls as psychopaths. Their lack of adherence to certain types of social customs designed to reinforce institutionalized behaviors and beliefs makes them seem crazy to those around them, especially if there is well-meaning concern for their welfare. The lack of interest in material reward and personal achievement is sometimes thought to be a sign of mental deficiency or illness and is codified and explained away as a comfortable excuse that satisfies the personal needs of the concerned family members and friends to understand in the context of their shared worldview. The agenda of the psychopathic can also be served in such a way, but instead of being an expression of concern, it is instead an expression of personal animus, a lack of the ability to comprehend such a state of being, outright disbelief in the possibility of such a state even existing and/or hidden agendas as always related to service-to-self intentions and thought processes. The evolving soul thusly compromised materially often goes with the flow, allowing those around them to dictate their perception of reality while knowing it is inherently false, as their natural state of consideration requires a strict allowance of free will choice on the part of others, often even at the cost of their own physical safety. But since they are motivated by such deep and abiding knowledge of the nature of reality, synchronicitous events and happenstance often conspire to transform events in favor of their inevitable freedom from the constraints of low opinion and ignorance, releasing them into the wilds of autonomous exploration and destiny manifest.

The qualitative difference between these two types of individuals expressing nigh oppositional orientations on the scale of personal mental and spiritual development is physically palpable.  Vibrational resonance facilitated by the quality of thoughts and the connection or disconnection with the Source Field and its energetic imperatives manifests as an ambient aura of calming presence and awareness, emanating from the individual so bestowed into their environs, permeating the auras of those in their immediate vicinity thereby inculcating feelings of peace and presence. The tales of such pertaining to the wonder and magnetism experienced by many who have been in the presence of Sages and Gurus the world across speaks to the universality of this Truth. While words and actions can be faked, and are, often, true and direct connection to the Utmost cannot.

The human reality is diverse and meaningful in all stages and aspects. All expressions of life are sublime manifestations of deeper imperatives that drive human industry and experiential diversity. Calm and well-being is our natural state of mind. Peace radiates from the core of our very essence. Everything really is fine.



  1. “Everything really is fine.” The amount of surrender required to achieve that realization is incomprehensible to the mind that chronically picks and chooses, grasps and avoids, cherishes and fears. Nevertheless, it is the bottom-line truth, once all the aforementioned reactivity is discarded. Ironically, it is that very reactivity which defines the human experience for all but a very very few (statistically negligible, as they say).
    Honest and persistent self-inspection can lead to the recognition of a core emotional contraction that generates and reinforces all conflictive and separative reactivity. To arrive at the recognition then that “everythig is fine”, or “all is well”, necessitates penetrating that core contraction at the heart. Paradoxically, such “penetration” is not so much a doing as an un-doing. It involves more subtraction than addition. Letting go. Letting go of everything. Everything. Only then does the natural state move out of the misty background and into the forefront of our experience, and reveal itself as what’s true.


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