Directed Consciousness: The resonation of material expression

Right now, everything is fine. Peace pulsates at the center. The radiance of calm and well-being exudes an aura of golden stillness.

Spiritual Life CoachingThis is not so because life is perfect. It is not because things are either good or bad. The reason has nothing to do with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, the trials and tribulations of life. The reason has to do only with the fact that living in the Now creates a mental and spiritual space of presence and awareness. It is the total concentration of attention on the Present. It is the living consciousness of complete awareness.

This is not to say that engaging memory or considerations of the future do not occur. Of course they must, as the processes of living require them in order to navigate life and the world. As an example of directed consciousness, the recapitulation process is a mandatory practice in the resolution of a lifetime. This is also not to say that the emotions are stilled immediately, as they are connected to memory and considerations of the future and often arise spontaneously as the mental imagery and habitual sub-vocal discursiveness engage patterns of chemical release in the form of neuro-peptides cascading from the hypothalamus into the cells of the body, resulting in the bodily expression of mental stimuli. But as the habit of living in the Now evolves and deepens, the neural network begins to reflect the mental changes and the synaptic connection between axons and dendrites that form the network associations we call personality and the memory-based, experiential triggers and self-regulating emotional patterns, resulting in a qualitative rarification process that streamlines the physical structure of the mind in response to the new pattern of the thought processes.

The personal experience of this phenomenon may seem curious and improbable when compared to the typical pattern of emotional addiction and mental chatter that typifies the normative lived experience. But it is the natural evolution of directed consciousness and steady insistence upon mental and emotional control. The ability to direct consciousness and regulate attention is concentration. Everyone does it to a certain extent. Through the practice of physical and mental tasks that develop concentration mind control is facilitated. Art, music, sports and academics all require the development of the concentrative faculties in order to excel in these practices. Since most people have participated in any one of these exercises the states of presence and awareness that often accompany their successful and skilled expression may be somewhat familiar. The reality of living in a constant state of presence and awareness is the reality of living in the Zone.

No matter the state of mind, emotion or body, every moment is perfect. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to realize this. Ceasing the constant mental chatter to access the infinite space of presence and awareness that underlies all and looking at situations and the world through eyes bright with the epiphanic wonder of directed consciousness reminds the limited personality construct that our default perceptive modalities are only a pale rendition of what is possible.

In the Now regrets fall away into oblivion, as do worries and fears. It becomes readily apparent that such are the illusions of imaginative dwelling, fed by the emotional maelstrom that becomes the personality construct’s default mind-state due to the habitual avoidance of the present moment. Societal forces are in large part responsible for the individual’s preoccupation with the external reality to the detriment of the internal reality. Societal norms and pressure from kinship and peer groups enforce conformity and adherence to patterns of behavior deviating only minimally from standard medians of expressive measurement.


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