Realms of Reality: The dangers of reductionism

Reductionism: An attempt or tendency to explain a complex set of facts, entities, phenomena, or structures by another, simpler set.

Along the path to knowledge there comes a point at which the individual determines that there are certain underlying Truths that support the complex array of truths that comprise material and immaterial existence. The years and decades of study and exploration of the Realms of Reality cascade into a rushing stream of information, all of the disparate bubbles and currents of complex datum coalesce and achieve a form of unity and cohesion through which deeper, more abiding trends of Truth can be discerned. The tendency in this instance is toward reducing the infinitely complex to the infinitely simple, examples of which might include:

1) We are One
2) As Above, so Below
3) The System is Evil
4) We are born to die

All of these generalizations, on their face, are true to the extent that they describe general trends conditioned upon the nature of material reality and the individual and collective perception and response to such. The problem comes, when, in the course of living, these truisms are adapted and applied to the variegated issues, problems, trials and tribulations of life to the extent that direct action is scorned in favor of the cynical attitudes of incessant intellectual dissection, non-action and non-participation. When emotionally colored, these strategies also include scorn, sarcasm, irony, egoistic densification and personal identification with alternative viewpoints guaranteed to create division and disharmony when tendered amidst diverse groupings of otherwise tolerant and forward-thinking individuals.

The tendency of reductionist thought to seek ever the simplest explanation of complex phenomenon results in a glossing over of important considerations that span the gamut of human existence and expression. Reducing expression to its utmost basal components minimizes and trivializes the trends, mores and paradigms that the multitudes of humanity live and die by daily. While for those of an inherently spiritualized bent, doing so serves their personal evolution, by proselytizing reductionism and coloring it by emotional linguistic tropes the higher state of being implicit within the spiritual search is apparently absent, resulting in the inevitable conclusion that those utilizing such strategies are instead bent upon denying the ultimate validity of all human aspiration in favor of a studied attitude of non-action and non-participation.

The transparency of such strategies is absolute. The act of hijacking a conversation by engaging in reductionist polemics is a tactic of disinformation-oriented shills and those seeking to apply their understanding of the nature of reality to the exclusion of all others. The ploys and stratagems utilized by such are ingenious to the extent that they stifle discussion and mute participation through an appeal to an incontrivertible “Greater Truth” that, on its face, invalidates the “lesser truth” being discussed, thereby indemnifying those supporting said truth in favor of non-action and non-participation. When employed within a group format of individuals mired within the diverse paradigms of spiritual or political polemics reductionist strategies discount all considered and proven modalities grounded in direct action.

As an example, the unity of creation is proven through the revelations of quantum physics. The unity of consciousness is the state of greater humanity, and yet, it cannot be denied that there are differences in the qualitative expression of human wants and needs at the planetary level. Individuals and groups have different wants and needs that necessitate different strategies in order to satisfy. Levels of consciousness contribute to the expression of these wants and needs at the individual and collective levels. At the level of mass humanity, all of these wants and needs are valid as expressions of the underlying totality and the drive toward infinite manifestation of all potentiality. The Earth as a realm of diversity reflects this underlying, reductionist Truth. From the most heinous evil to the most transcendent good all are valid, all deserve expression; all require manifestation in some form or another.

Language, as the primary mode of human expression, is limited in its ability to encompass and express the totality of Truth as it is related to the truths that bound our perceptive realities. Therefore, it becomes necessary, for those who seek to communicate to the broadest array of individuals and groups possible, to moderate their expression of truth in full awareness of these limitations, allowing for differences of opinion and subjective understandings. This moderation must occur primarily in the realm of emotivity, as the expression of such reveals the egoistic underpinnings of discursive intent. Argumentation, petty sarcasm, boorish solidarity and condescending intellectualism point to communicative limitations that contribute to even greater discord and ideological differentiation.

In the end, and beyond the material realms of incarnation, this experience of diverse incarnative potentiality is designed to reveal the limitations of materiality and points the way to a greater harmonic resonance and unity with the ultimate source of Creation. But within the holographic matrix of this reality, as individuals and soul groups of differing purpose and expression, these experiential modalities are indicative of the beauty and perfection of life and the living process, revealed to be the crucible of purification upon which we are all transfixed, awaiting our own moment of gnosis.

But until then, perhaps it is wiser to be tolerant and understanding, rather than intolerant, base or crass. Rather than reducing our understandings ever to their basest components, perhaps there is validity in broadening our understandings in order to encompass the perspectives of those who have not yet achieved a deeper knowledge of the nature of the world and what lies beyond. The compassionate resonation of a truly spiritual viewpoint is more sympathetic in nature and not overtly disparaging to the extent that all other viewpoints are considered meaningless and pointless. Everything has a point. Everything has meaning.

Our synchronistic interactions are multidimensional and expressive of causative factors beyond our limited ability to understand. There are no coincidences or accidents, the cacaphonic and tumultuous symphony of life – in all of its chaotic simplicity – is perfectly aligned with our highest intent but can also be, simultaneously, in line with our lowest, most emotional desires. Engaging and embracing each other with this understanding can result in the inculcation of greater understanding and lead the way through the mental morass to that higher destiny shared by all who enter this Vale of Tears, intent upon consciously achieving reunification with Source.


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