The Voice from Nowhere

The pleasures of a life are many and fleeting but are as nothing compared to the ecstasy of life. The sublime experiences of the spirit are able to lift one from the midst of the daily grind, eliciting wonder and joy, giving a higher context to the purpose of living consciously and in search of the higher aspects of self versus the gratification of the lower. The juxtaposition of the physical and the spiritual is the cauldron of happiness and sadness we traverse through our experiences, the fixation of our attention and perspective alternating between the higher and the lower aspects of our lives. Navigating the Path between the two extremes requires discipline and dedication, mind control and emotional stability.

Life is both sweet and sour and it is designed to be that way. The Earth experience is not a garden of peace nor is it a war planet. It is both and neither, it is something more and something less. The more is the sum of its parts, the objective manifestation of all potentiality within a holographic material matrix of sensual inundation and psycho-spiritual bombardment that satiates the multidimensional requirements of evolving souls. The less is its relative and subjective nature, its tendency to overwhelm the senses and the mind, resulting in crass debauchery and physical enjoyment to the detriment of the higher senses.

Once you have experienced Oneness, the Godhead/Trinity, Unity, Source, directly and unequivocally, you are forever connected to it from that moment on. It lies behind every thought, it informs every relative truth, it denies all separation. It is the futility of living false lives, of telling lies, of being greedy, of serving the needs of self over others. It is pressing the internal button to turn on the omniversal multimedia presentation called Creation, to connect to it consciously, with the intent and purpose of complying with its directives, which represent the laws of energy conservation and movement at all levels of being. In all actuality, we are never disconnected from it – as it is our Home – but the inculcation of an egoistic personality complex and the mental structures of time and space navigation combine to obscure the deeper currents of mind, where the still and placid immensity of All That Is flow unendingly, ever available to those willing to let go and let God.

The pleasures of life lived for the senses are a mere distraction from the deeper pleasures of spiritual awakening. Going beyond pleasure, beyond happiness, beyond the need for any sort of material gratification or emotional intoxication is the reward of the spiritual quest. Food, sex, violence and all variations and associated modalities satiate the sensual, those whose highest aspirations are material gratification and that is as it should be, as life takes all types and we all co-exist at different levels of understanding and experience. But for those traversing these dales of lustful travails they pale quickly, the call ever heard to seek higher, go deeper, expand vision and experience wider. The quiet whisper of Truth promising something more, something amazing, something lasting, something real. And yet, paradoxically, it is the moderate experience of both sides that reveals the true meaning of life.

Complying with the directives of Creation is following the voice from nowhere, the one that speaks without sound. Learning to still the mind and cultivate the quietude of inner peace. Existing in the Now when necessary, recognizing the Crossroads moments and embodying purest Self in response, thereby fulfilling destiny and the highest potentiality of each and ever moment.

As humans on the journey of self-discovery it is necessary for us to be gentle with ourselves along the path. We will fail. We will backslide, meander, digress for a time, it is the nature of consciousness co-opted to alternate between sleeping and awakening for a time. But there will come another time when you will suddenly realize that you are awake more than you are asleep, that you are conscious of your path and purpose and you are actively manifesting the actions necessary to embody your truest expression of Self as only you can.

But to get to this space of Being one has first to begin the journey.

The gratifying reality of real spiritual advancement is that as you initiate your conscious and directed journey to realization you become aware of the existence of certain markers and signposts along the way. There are traditions that inform the seeker about roadblocks ahead or pratfalls to be traversed. Holy books filled with the wisdom of the ages and oral traditions cached with the truth of eternity. Continued immersion within spiritual themes contributes to control of the mind as contemplative practices such as meditation and prayer rarefy the mental space, making it a fitting abode for the Divine. As the mind purifies, the thoughts purify, as the thoughts purify so do the words and, as a result, the actions.

Jesus can get you there, as can Buddha, as can Muhammad, as can Eckhart as can Blavatsky as can so many others. The understanding that surpasses sectarian subjectivity and cultural relativity is the realization that all speak of the same underlying reality by way of differing perspectives. We each take on the perspectives that are comfortable to us. All who follow the path sincerely and with dedication will arrive at the same goal eventually. The path is an inner one and the religious traditions all possess the keys that will unlock the gate. Choosing to unlock the gate is choosing to integrate the higher and lower natures and to accept life as it comes, forgoing the dependency upon the physical nature to solve our problems and determine our goals in life. Getting past impatience and anger, jealousy and greed. Cultivating patience and tolerance, compassion and altruism. Becoming a complete human being, squaring the circle and enlightening the consciousness.



  1. As usual, a finely crafted rendering of a truly evolved perspective, and I must say how grateful I am that there are folks such as yourself who have been able to arrive at this angle of vision and also communicate it so clearly and effectively!


      1. “….as we grow clear and open,
        the more complete the joy of heaven is.
        And the more souls who resonate together,
        the greater the intensity of their love,
        and, mirror like, each soul reflects the other.”


  2. Thank you so much for All of your help and Inspiration, your encouragement and care is helping so many people on our Lovely Earth..

  3. Hey there, just became alerted to your blog through Google, and found that it is very informative. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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