Making a Change: The personal choice to combat ignorance

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. ~George Orwell

There is no expiration date for ignorance. As the expression of a manifest desire not to know, ignorance stands as one of the most confounding illnesses that the Awakened have to deal with during this Β time of intense energetic shifting and the manifestation of a new world-wide paradigm.

Ignorance is expressed at the individual level and at the collective level. Ignorance is a part of many personal choices in how to live a life. Whether to become apprised of a certain body of knowledge, let’s say, politics. Or, economics. Or even culture. Stubbornly refusing to learn about both sides of any political argument or how money is created or even how to get along with a neighbor of a different religion.

Ingrained belief systems are often to blame. Being raised in environments where diversity is low or not growing up within an environment where life-long learning is emphasized. Sometimes, ignorance is an expression of a perception of superiority. The belief that one’s own understanding and perception of the world is so right that everyone else’s must be wrong and, therefore, unworthy of the attempt at understanding.

Ignorance is also unavoidable. It is inevitable that every single person is ignorant about something, since it is not possible to know everything about everything. Since some amount of ignorance is unavoidable, the state of humility is an excellent space from which to relate to the world. Understanding that our ability to be apprised of all of the variables that comprise a situation is limited, so remaining open to new knowledge is the paramount perspective from which to view and interact with the world.

Being open to new information allows the brain to function at a higher capacity. The neural net can build new synapses, connecting old information to new, creating more complex networks that allow the individual to function beyond the abilities of those who rely upon old, static information and knowledge. Being open to new experiences allows an individual to grow in ways beyond their ability to predict or even to understand. While it is true that it is impossible to hide from life or to cover one’s head in sand and allow the winds of change to blow over with no personal effects, standing straight up and staring change in the eye is a much more preferable way to deal with the world and take charge of your perception of it.

Too many people are living under someone else’s ideas about what the world is, what it is about and why we are all here. Too many people don’t go out and find out for themselves, instead they rely upon the perceptions and opinions of others, which is fine, to an extent. If those opinions and perceptions are relied upon to the detriment of one’s individual initiative and if those opinions and perceptions form the basis of decision-making, becoming dependent upon another’s perspectives without being fully apprised of their intentions or the perspective in opposition to the one in question can represent the heights of ignorance and lead to dangerous and unwanted consequences.

COre Incorporated beleives responsibility is an important trait in anyone.Making the decision to become personally responsible for our own understanding of the world is making the decision to become a sovereign soul. Making the effort to understand both sides of any political argument, how the world in which we live works and why people different from you believe the way they do is making the decision to become an informed individual who is then qualified to make wise decisions in relation to the world around them. Learning how to navigate the informational highways in all of their personal and impersonal varieties contributes to the educational process as all of the institutional traps and dead-ends also become apparent for what they are.

The world is what it is, our perceptions of it do not necessarily match what’s really going on out there. The extent to which our understanding is limited is the extent to which we have relied upon external input or no input at all in navigating our lives. Living life on auto-pilot only works for a short time. If you encounter a bump or an air-pocket along the way it quickly becomes clear that course-correction is in order. To then return to auto-pilot is the height of ignorance. Unfortunately, that is what most people do. Follow the courses of action laid out by others, responding to emergencies and then returning to the previously unworkable course of action, washing, rinsing and then repeating, again and again and then wondering why life didn’t turn out the way you wanted it.

Take the chance to make a change. Become responsible for your perception of the world by finding things out for yourself instead of relying on others opinions. Go see for yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. Go talk to a Republican or Democrat, see why they think the way they do. Watch a movie that informs you about Modern Money Mechanics. Go talk to the Muslim or Jew or African-American down the street.

Combat ignorance with curiosity and reap the benefits of participating in your world instead of being carried along by it.



  1. Brother, you are one of the rare ones — imagine, encouraging folks to think, to look behind the curtain, to open their eyes! That’s the best service true teachers can offer, and so Deep Bows for your efforts!


  2. Yayyy !!!!!
    Thankyou so much…for writing and sharing
    So glad to have found your work!!!
    thank you for inspiring me!!!
    All the best !
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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