True Awakening: The conservation of energy

What do you see when you look at me?

A soul, incarnate.

What is the meaning of this flesh and blood?

A life, lived.

What am I, really?

Experience made manifest, energy entombed in blood and bone, materialized through time and space.

Each of us has our stories. Every soul incarnate has a lesson and a context within which to learn it. All lessons are one lesson and that lesson is to conserve energy. The conservation of energy is a material energetic law, but it is also a spiritual law. No matter what tradition that you examine no matter where it is across the world, you will find that this law heralding the conservation of energy as the epitome of human development is enshrined at the core of every religion and at the heart of every moral and philosophical code.

It might be nigh unrecognizable depending upon the tradition and the ceremonies and rituals encrusting its veneer, ranging from obscene displays of material wealth to obscure and byzantine chants and incantations all designed to mystify knowledge and the truth of existence that lies within every heart, within every soul, available to whomever delves deeper than the diversionary meanderings of the egoistic personality complex masking as Self. But it is there.

That which I describe simply as the conservation of energy can also be termed Enlightenment. Spiritual awakening.  These days there are many who claim themselves Awakened because they have learned about some of the obscure and relative truths of our world society, or have come upon some of the hidden properties of reality. The term Awakening has been misappropriated to stand for an understanding of the underlying political and economic strata that currently gird our mass media enshrined political and economic carnival masking as the enduring reality of our times. True Awakening instantly minimizes that understanding as trivial and a distraction. True Awakening is the conservation of all energy within a personal system, a human system, a body. True Awakening, or Enlightenment, is the realization that 99% of all thought, words and actions are unnecessary.

Awakening is conserving your personal energy. Not only that, but it is preparing the human body for becoming a portal for multiversal energy.

How can you describe Enlightenment as the Conservation of Energy?

The Awakened think, say or do nothing that is unnecessary.

How does one determine what is necessary and what is not?

By its alignment or non-alignment with the totality of All That Is.

But I’ve heard of and read about supposedly enlightened people who drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes or had sex!

Whatever was done was necessary in the instance of its doing.

But then, how can you tell who is Awakened and who is not if they are not bound by a code of behavior?

You will recognize them when you are in their presence.

Bodies possess energy signatures in the form of auric fields that surround the material form. As a life lived becomes honed in its fineness the energy pattern resonates at a higher and higher vibratory rate, causing that field to express different qualities as it spans the spectrum between the lowest vibratory reverberations and the highest. As energy is conserved and the egoistic personality construct becomes the tool it was designed to be rather than the Master it has become for most people, the all-pervading and encompassing energetic reality, or ultimate consciousness, existing beneath all of material reality shines forth and through the physical body. It becomes possible to literally feel the difference between one who is truly Awakened and one who is not.

There are many who have studied the texts of different religions and spiritual traditions long and hard. They can repeat and synthesize and exhort and declaim spiritual truisms as if they were the deepest expressions of their souls and yet, when in their presence, the simultaneous feeling of lightness and gravitas permeated by beneficence and compassion that marks those who have experienced a true spiritual transformation is missing. The sublime knowing that makes life amusing, the twinkling sprite of love peering from behind eyes deep with the wisdom gained through an  intimate and direct connection with All That Is no longer sullied by the subjective passions and misdirections of the limited and fear-ridden egoistic mind.

The Awakened conserve energy naturally, it is not an affectation. Because they engage in no extraneous thoughts, they spout no extraneous words. Because they do not speak unnecessarily, they do not become committed to actions that do not need doing. Once a certain stage of spiritual development is reached, this occurs automatically and is not something that has to be practiced or remembered. The actual purpose of all religions, spiritual truisms, moral codes and philosophies is to mimic the natural modality that the Awakened live every second of their Awakening. Religions are practice. Grade-school instructions. Moral codes are guidelines describing how one behaves when one has become Enlightened.

How does one then become Awakened?

There are many instructions but only one Way.

Does one specific religion have the answer?

All religions have the answer.

Then why don’t more people become enlightened?

They do not choose to.

People are attached to the world. Religions exhort us to leave it behind, to follow the path of the spirit. But the world calls with all of its attractions. Love, vice, hate, envy, greed, material accumulation, karmic debt, all of it combines to create an intertwined and seductive array of stimuli  that distract a soul complex in lifetime after lifetime, expending energy unnecessarily in endeavors that tie us to one another and the world in an endlessly repetitive pattern of interactions. It is only when we choose to forego the attachment process whether that be to good or evil that we create the space within ourselves to contemplate what might lie beyond the many and varied states of material distraction.

There is, paradoxically, much work to do and no work to do.  Christ says one must become as innocent as a child to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, which is within. The Buddha spoke constantly of purity, which is the state of innocence. The state of an unburdened consciousness, of a life lived within the auspices of the conservation of energy, abiding by natural law at the material and interpersonal levels.  It becomes clear once one begins the intellectual study of the many religious traditions that to act in a moral manner is indeed conserving personal energy, as the destructive and immoral states of being can clearly be determined to be definitive states of unnecessary energy expenditure stemming from distractive and mistaken thought processes and emotional states initiated and carried out by the egoistic personality structure.

Which path is the best to follow?

The path that leads you to enlightenment.

Yes, I know, but which path is that?

The one that takes you to where there are no more paths.

This is so confusing. Could you please speak more clearly? 

There is no real clarity at all until one has Awakened.

But how can I become Enlightened if it is not explained directly?

Only direct experience can provide you with the answer to that question.

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8. True Awakening: The conservation of energy

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