Practical Enlightenment: Dealing with instant karma

A return to the creative void, to Source and the experience of Nirvana, aligns the individual with the All.

The experience of total union, of submersion within Oneness will retaining a recognition of one’s self apart from that Oneness sears the synapses, clearing emotional detritus of a lifetime and allowing the individual to return to mundane waking life. But that does not remove her from experiencing the effects of her actions. Past karma is cleared but current karma in the Now must always be resolved as both the seed and the result are contained within every action. The wisdom of the Ages instructs without err in proclaiming that those seeking to live a higher form of life must free themselves of all attachments, be they good or bad. By so doing, future actions will not create karma that must be resolved in this or another lifetime.

But how can you live a life free of karma?

By being totally integral.

What does that mean?

By living free of obscurations. Totally clear, like a glass of water.

What are obscurations?

They are the expressions of ego. All separateness from others creates obscurations.

What are some examples of these expressions?

Lying, coveting and all behavior associated with these obscurations.

Attachments bind one to the object of attachment. Resultant behavior not in alignment with Source must be corrected to be in alignment. The purity of Source is the ultimate love, an infinite measure beyond that deemed to be human love, an expression of the totality of all emotion underlying the form of creation as the substrate of materiality, the magnetic and gravitational force that simultaneously attracts and repels, binds and releases, causes and results. As the foundational aspect of all being, its precision is mathematical in nature, encompassing all potentiality and probability, according all natural and human laws as dependent variables that range around a median modality of expression materially manifest as the cosmos and multiverse. The energetic reality underlying the objective experience enforces compliance with multiversal law which is experienced materially as thermodynamics and karma.

Human experientiality ranges in the median of all energetic variables. Our senses experience only a small fraction of the total.  We see and hear in the middle of the visual range, our other senses are limited to our perceptual awareness which is all too often minimized due to the distracted nature of our thought processes. The inherent subjectivity of human incarnation is made even more difficult by the isolation of ego and the facade of relativity mistaken as objectivity. The inability to see and experience reality clearly result in obscurations that must be reconciled along the spiritual path. That reconciliation is the goal of all aspiration.

Once the seed of karma has been watered its fruit must be born as it is an energetic equation that must eventually  be solved. The clearer one becomes the quicker the karma is resolved. The less detritus that stands in between the individual ego and Source the more direct the path between cause and result. The emotional return is dependent upon the chosen connections made following Satori, if any. The choice to remain living in the world necessitates the choice of attachments to maintain in order to retain that connection to materiality, or else the call of the formative void is too great to resist for very much longer following the direct experience of it.

What do you mean, the call is to great to resist?

Death calls, ever.

Death is the end of everything!

Death is the end of nothing.

Isn’t death fearsome?

Death is the end of fear.

How is it possible for one to be afraid of a place one has visited previously? This is the primary gift of Satori. The sure knowledge of what lies beyond the mortal veil. From the moment of that realization on, fear of death is done. All lesser fears immediately or gradually fade away as well.

Nothing in this Creation can truly harm any of us. Living life consciously in awareness of Life after Death is to live a life of total Freedom. Realizing that the choices and the conditions of a life are shifting and ephemeral is to take away their power to give rise to fear within and, if and when the choice to live according to full knowing is made, the person so connected to that which lies beyond becomes the living expression of the infinite and eternal and the ancient truisms pertaining to divinity without and within become the lived modality of being. All thoughts, words and actions are then in alignment with Source as Source is the direct knower, manifesting through the material vessel of the individual who has evolved to this state of manifestation. Certain aspects of personality remain, the ego remains, but now as a servant rather than the master of the vessel.

Those who achieve this state of being are often apart but never lonely as their compassion fills the world, connects them to all souls within the world and beyond. Normal relationships may fall by the wayside as people move on, as they are not receiving what they were previously on the emotional side of the relationship. The individual may appear uncaring on the level of romantic love, even though the heart of compassion is alive within them. To old friends and lovers, they may seem like a different person altogether. And they are. The memories of the person they were before remain, but the emotional connections no longer define them. The experience of true unity, true all-encompassing, all-permeating, all-existent love, compassion and one-ness contextualizes human aspiration and life and we incarnate within its grasp become visible at our true scale in relation to all things.

Such  a revelation can be staggering if ego is engaged fully, its impermanence and instability on display as always. But beyond ego there is a space of knowing that we all have. An understanding of where we have come from and where we are all eventually returning to that can reveal the true meaning of life beyond the dramas, the pain and the tears. All of that has its place in our existence and is meaningful to our individual and collective spiritual growth. Everything is an expression of one thing and nothing is separate. Absolutely nothing.

The seed and its fruit are implicit in every thought, word and action. If you do something, what you thought would happen? Will happen. And it will be what you knew would happen all along.

Now you just have to deal with it.

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