Of Cats and Dogs: Animal consciousness in the New Age

I’ve NEVER been an animal person.

But recent understandings I’ve come to about who and what animals are to humanity, as put forth here, in this article, Animal Consciousness: The divinity of cats and dogs have me reconsidering this choice as well as looking at my past experiences with animals for clues as to their influence in my life.

My parents are from the deep country in Texas where animals are outside and strays, usually, so I kind of grew up with that attitude. I have had a couple of dogs, but have never really been close to them. My first dog, Scratch, I had when I was about 3. It got sick and we couldn’t afford to get him medicine so my father took me, drove us both way out into the country, released the dog. I remember staring out the back window watching as the dog receded into the distance, running after the car.

My next dog was when I was in college, but at my parent’s house, its mother had come to our backyard to have her babies, 4 little poodle plus something else mutts, 3 black and 1 white. I kept the white one. Actually, my parents kept the white one because I was gone, in college, then the military, then college again, but they always called him my dog. Sooner kept my father company for years, sitting with him in the backyard as he smoked his pipe, lost in thought. He’s buried in that backyard now.

Cat-wise, my oldest daughter Zora had a small stray once that had glowing eyes, but we gave it away when we moved out of the state. My lady, Sirayah, is a cat person. She had 5 cats before we got together but when we did, 3 of them came to live with us. A mother and her two sons. Their father was a stray, so they were really really skittish. The mother would purr and come sit on my lap during meditation, and one of the boys, Ray, eventually would let me pet him on a usual basis but the third stayed in the basement day in and out, only coming out late at night when we were sleep. He was a pest, always bothering his mother, laying on her and meowing at her, so he put up with us, it seemed, since she spent so much time around Sirayah and I.

Needless to say, their behavior got on my nerves. Cats eating food we buy them, living under our roof and then having the nerve to not be appreciative and friendly? How dare they! Obviously, I knew very little about cats.

Eventually, the mother cat disappeared outside and so did the recluse. Only Ray stayed with us during our moves. Last fall, when we moved to our current home, he stayed outside, living under the porch for the most part. He seemed pretty miserable. When winter came, he stayed inside with us, but primarily he stayed in a closet leading to an attic overhang. He would come out at night to eat and roam the house.

Well, that got on my nerves too. We had just had a new baby so we were very sensitive to Ray’s dander getting everywhere and cleaning up after him so I took it upon myself to discipline him. If he would get up on something, getting his hair everywhere, I would go and snatch him by the hair on the back of his neck and put him in the attic and close the door. Eventually, he got to the point where whenever I would come near him, he would myooowr at me and go into submissive position, laying down with his head on his paws, the way he used to with his mother, whenever she would cuff him for being a nuisance.

After the Great Gathering, I did this with him once when he had sat on the couch and gotten hair all over it. But this time, he fought back. He hissed and scratched my finger pretty good. He stayed in the attic without coming out for 2 days and I felt so bad I went in to get him. He gave me one of his querulous myooowrs, deep and low, that he does when he’s upset and my heart just opened up to him. He didn’t resist or try to escape when I picked him up and carried him out to eat. As I did so, I apologized to him for treating him that way. He waited for me to leave the room, crouching submissively, then ate a bit, drank and disappeared back in the attic.

The next morning I was taking a late morning nap with my partner. We woke around 10:30 or so and were talking lightly. At some point I fell back asleep and, when I did so I was immediately pulled to the Astral and into an intimate, seemingly dark space. I was lucid but discombobulated at one level and yet aware of where I was on another. My astral form seemed oriented toward the vertical, as if I were standing. I became aware of not being alone. Lurking down around where my feet would be in the physical was a large – about a meter and a half including its tail – shadowy and smoke-colored cat figure that immediately slipped sinuously up and behind me, snatching me by my ethereal neck and shaking me vigorously about 5 to 10 times! ! !

Sirayah says she thought I was joking around, because my body just started to flop on the bed violently for about 10 seconds! ! ! I sat up, shook my head, blinking and dazed, looking at her as I tried to figure out what had just happened. I didn’t know at the time if it was the astral/shadow form of Ray or if it were some avataric cat god come to show me how it felt to be snatched up, but it didn’t matter. I had learned my lesson.

Next time I saw Ray, I grinned at him and it seemed to me that, in his attitude and demeanor – casually licking his paws and studiously not looking at me while prancing around lightly – he grinned back. The energy between us was no longer tense and he was no longer submissive. It felt as if we had both been freed.

A few days later he went outside for the summer, where he remains. He’s happy out there now, exploring the forest and grass in the back, eating bugs and interacting with the Raccoons and other wildlife in the area. He’s not just staying under the porch this year. He comes upstairs, sits on the yard chairs, and whenever I go outside he’s there, meowing and rubbing against my leg, looking for pats. And when I sit with him his purrs are so very satisfying and he stays with me as if we were old friends who had never had any problems between them.

He’s 16 years old and that’s getting up there for cats, so maybe he doesn’t have much longer. I’m very glad that he’s enjoying this summer and is in such good spirits. I’m also glad he’s around, and glad that we were able to get to know each other so well while we have the chance.

If indeed cats and dogs are separate expressions of an alien consciousness here on earth to help humanity to evolve spiritually, it explains why these two animals in particular have been so prominent throughout human history. The article linked at the beginning of this tale is quite in depth, I highly recommend it to all animal lovers. Knowing that the animals that so many people seem to love have a higher purpose in our lives is probably not a strange idea to many, as there are countless tales about the intelligence of these creatures and their psychic connection and help provided to their human friends.

When Ray gave me a taste of my own medicine in the Astral I appreciated it, as the immediate resolution of karmic interaction between us was and is the best possible scenario. The realizations that those of the animal kingdom here on earth facilitate through their presence and our interactions help humanity move between one stage of awareness and another, despite the reality that this assistance is costly to them, as human ignorance has resulted in the abuse and misuse of their gentle natures and lives for our own purposes. There was a time in human history when this was not so and animal consciousness was much more appreciated than it is now. Perhaps in the near future there can be a shift in our current understanding and things will change for animals on earth in general.

I have a feeling, though, that the cats and the dogs of the world will be alright, no matter what happens to humanity.


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